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  1. Hi, Have you always in your achives "the Rare remixes of Mariah Carey" posted on the forum by cristiano.

    We are many of us have missed them. I try to ask for help.

    If you could make a link, it would be cool, really thank you very much if you can help me.

    see you later. Nicolas.

    And sorry for my english, i'm from france. :silly:

    1. Craigypants


      Hi Mate Im aussie so my English is terrible nobody can understand us!

      Anyway, Im not sure what you mean about MY ARCHIVES. Do you mean my personal collection or Someone eles.

      I love Mariah and have alot of her stuff. If you need something its fine to ask. What kind of Link do you mean?

      Do you want me to upload my Mariah tracks?

      Hope you are well and staying safe!



    2. nikocyber



      i've ask to 3 user, and i think i've find someone with the ones i've missed. 

      if i search other files, i try to ask again on the forum, many thanks for your reply. :rainbow:

    3. Craigypants


      Let me know what you need i might be able to help. I have a 2T hard drive of Mariah Tracks.

      Stay Safe



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