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  1. I hate Leaving Neverland documentary... all full of lies by Wade Robson...

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    2. RUADJAI


      @RebelMe what do you think father's do with their kids?!?! Can single fathers exist? What about a gay male single father? If their kid gets scared at night and wants to sleep in their bed do they tell them to fuck off cuz the world wouldn't understand?!  :Madonna002:


      A grown man is capable of sleeping in a bed with a child and not having sex with the child.


    3. emanon



      "Like some of u like to involve money... if she was being silenced by his money and his lawyers? The Jackson’s family love to use it against the victims. Silence them too"

      I like people like you. They think, and just because they think it means it's true. Prove what you said here.

    4. Fighter


      This topic already has a thread so Im closing this status since weve bombarded someone with a whole thread.