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  1. But there was a separate soundtrack album issued of the Danny Elfman score from the film. To me, that's the soundtrack, not "I'm Breathless."
  2. This reminds me of when Meryl Streep took over the "Music of the Heart" role from Madonna, and entertainment reporter Jeannie Wolf accosted Meryl on some red carpet or other and asked her, "How does it feel to fill Madonna's shoes?" And Meryl Streep gave her a weird look and said, "Uh... they're tight."
  3. Both versions of "Lucky Star" on the TM Century CDs are their own custom edits, not from the actual single master. The TM Century library is filled with custom edits.
  4. It's barely visible. The writing is so thin and light. I've got to dig my old German "Like a Virgin" CD case out of the garage, because I was just sure it says it's a only a 12-bit recording in the booklet, but I could have read it somewhere else. At some point I put all my Madonna CDs in one of those CD binder albums and put all the cases in a box in the garage, to save space.
  5. All this prompted me to finally buy the hi-rez release last night, and it sounds great! Better dynamic range than the first-press CD, actually. No clipping of the dynamic range at all, not the slightest bit compressed. (And no truncated song openings.) According to Dynamic Range Database, the same is true for her other hi-rez releases. It seems to be cheaper on 7Digital than the other sites right now. (Only thing I noticed is that the spoken intro to "White Heat" is not quite as bright as it is on the original CD, not that it's particularly bright there. Not sure of the reason for that.)
  6. Yes, we are sure it's not a vinyl rip. It's too clean at the end. It's definitely from a tape source. Spectral analysis wouldn't tell us whether it's vinyl or not, only if it's lossy or not.
  7. Yeah, that's true. I bought the album from 7Digital in flac format. White Heat, Where's the Party, and Love Makes the World Go Round all have clipped openings. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.
  8. That's the average bitrate. Amazon uses variable bitrate MP3 encoding. Some parts of the songs will go up to 320 and some parts will go much lower. The 320kb MP3s are probably from another retailer, maybe 7Digital.
  9. Absolutely not. When I was talking about tape hiss, you can only hear it at the end if you crank the volume up by about 10 decibels, wearing headphones. You can hear tape hiss on all analog recordings if you turn the volume up enough. A cassette source would have much, much more tape hiss than that.
  10. I agree with what others have found: the Open Your Heart dub is from the yellow CD. I got them in exact sync in an audio editor, one in the left ear headphone and one in the right, and not only do they run at the exact same speed, never getting out of phase at any point, they also fade out at the exact same rate and end at the exact same point. The yellow CD is definitely the source of the Open Your Heart dub. I do not agree with one person's speculation that the True Blue 12" instrumental is taken from vinyl. Crank that volume way up at the end, with headphones on. No turntable rumble, no crackles, only clean tape his. It certainly sounds like a tape source to me. I wish they hadn't pumped the volume up so much and put limiting on it, but it's actually one of the lesser offenders on the album in that regard.
  11. I am glad the 12" instrumental for "True Blue" is on it, but I'm just crushed there's no Remix Edit of "Open Your Heart."
  12. It's this, "True Blue" 35th Anniversary. Remix bonus tracks, including the "True Blue" Remix Edit, but nothing that hasn't appeared elsewhere. (Well, except for the title track instrumental.) No "Open Your Heart" Edited Remix. VERY disappointing. https://nz.7digital.com/artist/madonna/release/true-blue-35th-anniversary-edition-17118375
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