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  1. Nick

    EU only then? I tried to check out on the site but couldn't find a spot to enter country. If I just enter my address in Canada will it recognize it?
  2. Nick

    Does FNAC only ship to France? I want one of the editions with that deluxe cover (Target edition or FNAC edition), but shipping from Europe is always way cheaper than shipping from US.
  3. I didn't watch the leaked version of the video, but I'm glad to hear that the final video is better. Curious to see the leaked version though, is it allowed to be posted here?
  4. Damn, what can I say, she looks amazing in the video!
  5. Future was not the song to perform here.
  6. So is she performing one song, ie. Future?
  7. Nick

    Alright, I don't mind the song. I think the bridge is the best part of the song, and the melody of the chorus is pretty good. I don't know though, the songs with features seem to fall flat for me, even though Medellin and Crave have grown on me after a few listens. What I'm excited about is to hear the Madonna solo tracks, and the tracks she did with Mirwais. These songs she's releasing are probably just purely for hype since they have these popular rappers on them, even if they're not the best songs on the album. We have less than a month to go to hear the album now so I am getting hyped for it. I'm hoping there isn't an overuse of vocal effects on the solo tracks, because I think there is on Future.
  8. Nick

    Thanks guys My brother got me this gem for my birthday
  9. Nick

    Those VIP prices are absolutely ridiculous for what you're getting. For $2k I'd expect a meet and greet. Not that M makes the prices but damn.
  10. Nick

    I haven't had a chance to log on here and share my thoughts yet but damn this song is great! I like the production and her vocals are great too! Also, that vocoder in the latter half of the song is giving me Music vibes and I'm all here for it!
  11. Nick

    Ahh I can't watch it now but whoever posts the MTV interview & video here will be my savior.
  12. Wow, that new teaser! I think the song sound really cool so far, but I can't wait to hear the whole thing. Sounds like she is really telling a story with this album
  13. Has there been any news on a CD single for Medellin yet?