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  1. How I wish Veronica Electronica saw the light of day. I wonder if there are any remixes that were made for the project that we've never heard. I can just imagine some incredible trance remixes of ROL songs from the golden years of trance. AT least we have the Sasha remixes and the BT remix!
  2. That's unfortunate, I'd probably listen more if it was mixed. So basically we're getting remastered remixes.
  3. This has probably been discussed a lot in this thread, but do we know if this compilation will be mixed?
  4. Wow so I'm offline for a day and I miss the whole thing lol. Does anybody know where I can pre-order the vinyls in Canada? @ScottyX?
  5. I was always judged for being a Madonna fan, even when I was very young. In school, everybody thought I was weird for liking her music because "she's old, nobody listens to her anymore" -- and this was in like 2005-2009. I didn't care though, I knew she was an amazing artist and I never stopped listening. Even my parents (specifically my mom) was wary of my admiration for Madonna. I guess I can see where she was coming from, seeing as I was young and M has often portrayed a very sexual image. I remember in 2003 she bought me the American Life CD and then when they found out she said "fuck" in the title track, they took it away from me To this day, though, I don't really care what other people think of her or even me for enjoying her music. The music may not be as amazing as it once was, but there's still something very exciting about having a new Madonna album. I think her albums these days appeal mostly to the long-time fans like us rather than casual listeners.
  6. I've been going back and listening to a lot of the remixes from Confessions and damn, there are so many amazing remixes. I still remember begging my parents to take me to the mall so I could go buy the maxi singles Hung Up (SDP Extended Dub) 10/10 Hung Up (Chus & Cebellos Remix) 9/10 Hung Up (Tracy Young's Get Up and Dance Groove) 9/10 Get Together (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor KinkyFunk Mix) 9/10 Jump (Junior Sanchez Misshapes Mix) 8/10 Sorry (PSB Maxi Mix) 10/10 Sorry (Man With Guitar Mix) 10/10 Sorry (Paul Oakenfold Remix) 10/10 American Life, Music and ROL also have some amazing remixes.
  7. She was just following the lyrics to his song
  8. I wouldn't mind a remaster of Hard Candy, as long as they fix the production on tracks like Voices where the distortion is a little too much. As much as I would love there to be remastered unreleased songs, unheard demos/tracks and new remixes, I'm not going to get my hopes up for it. At this point, we have no idea what these re-releases are going to look like so I'll wait for the first one to be released before I get my hopes up at all.
  9. If they really just made a cheap Into the Groove instrumental remake and put it out without crediting her, then seriously wtf? It baffles me that artists think they can get away with this kind of thing.
  10. My collection is a complete mess, I'm running out of space. Does anybody know of any decent looking shelving units that are a good size for CDs? @bertrand, it looks like those shelves are the perfect height for CDs.
  11. Oh nice! How is the sizing?
  12. Is that tour jacket new? I actually really love it; it's a more subtle merch piece. Debating getting it.
  13. This list is generally a mess. But, as expected; I'm pretty sure they included The Immaculate Collection in their top 500 albums list
  14. I would 100% love that, as I'm sure we all will. I think it would be a missed opportunity to not do something like that. However, I don't want to get my hopes up too high. You can never tell with M & Warner.
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