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  1. I was wondering .... what if Madonna's participation is by a sample of old music?
  2. Hard candy was the first Madonna album I bought. I wasn't a fan until 2009. I remember my ex-boyfriend putting the COADF cd to play and I was enchanted by future lovers. Then I went to a music store and I saw the Hard Candy. I bought it and the Sictky and Sweet Tour Dvd as well. After that I watched the DVD and after that my life was not the same. Hard Candy is special to me because that era was the beggining of the envolving with Madonna. After almost ten year I finished my masters degree in psychology, making a thesis about her. Well, this album is so nostalgic for me... I have an emotional connection with it. Except for Incredible and Spanish Lesson, i love the songs, specially 4 minutes, give it 2 me, Hearbeat, Dance 2night and Voices.
  3. pedrofelipen

    I'm waiting too. I sent another two e-mails and they replied saying I will be refund... Same thing, "wait 4 weeks". It's too sad because that concert would be my first Madonna concert