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  1. Hi! There used to be a topic on this forum called something like "THE UNRELEASED & RARE AUDIO STUFF" .. I can't find it anymore... Is it gone? It was such a help knowing which rare stuff and demos where leaked/official.. GertJan
  2. I found these 2 You Can Dance versions of Think Of Me on my Hard drive... As TOF is no part of the YCD album... are these versions real??? Was TOF intended to be part of the YCD album?
  3. gjhvs

    Sounds cool... But don't know soulseek...
  4. gjhvs

    Hi boys & girls Is there a complete list with all official remixes from the Queen of Pop? I am only collection official stuff... but sometimes it so hard to find out if something is official or a fan-made remix. Kind regards, GertJan
  5. gjhvs

    OOps it expired... can someone re-upload them?