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  1. Wow! Thank u so much Went to her Beautiful Trauma Tour in Europe so this is nice to have. I might just fix her vocals a little bit
  2. Thanks but I just found a good rip of that tour here https://1337x.to
  3. Yes sadly it's hard to find.. Maybe someone here have a secret treasure
  4. I'm looking for this show in high quality or at least better than this one YT. Do you have it or know where I can find it?
  5. Thanks for this! Her voice sounds good, maybe this night will be on the dvd
  6. Her studio vocals sounds like her talking voice in many songs. Maybe she just talk the lyrics in the studio and than they speed it up/makes it fit to the audio? Okay maybe not.. But I always wondering how she can sing and sound so different live compared to her album vocals. Not saying I don't like that.
  7. I'm happy if she does Power of Good-bye, Secret and a acoustic version of Don't Tell Me
  8. Is there any official ticket prices yet? Do we know what they will cost? Guess it will be a little bit cheaper in EU if she tours here
  9. But "madonnalatravel.shop.ticketstoday.com" is not "www.livenation.com" and why would Live Nation leak tour dates when it will be official on Monday? Just wondering, not saying you are wrong
  10. She got asked before Rebel Heart if she thought about doing smaller and more intimate shows. But she did tour arenas. Let's wait and see.
  11. I don't listen to rumors until we get the official news on Monday. Don't think people should get upset yet, wait and see
  12. Does anyone know when the interview starts? Or does it start right after the song is played 17:00 London time?
  13. Yes I was wondering the same thing? It's this right? Beats1 Radio show Link: http://applemusic.tumblr.com/beats1
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