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  1. In my opinion, Dua Lipa has "something" like Madonna. She is the only singer who can be "Madonna #2" but I can't explain exactly why I think that. It's like an intuition.
  2. Aiwa08

    The japanese Box set is a compilation, so a mastering (not re-mastering) is a must in order to create cohesive sounding Discs. EQ and processing is necessary to get it all to fit together (you know, "Burning Up" must sound like "You'll See" and vice versa).
  3. Aiwa08

    For me, Barcelona Blond Ambition Tour. It's identical to the Express Yourself video.
  4. Aiwa08

    If the name of the singles were the official ones, I would buy it with my eyes closed: Express Yourself (Local Mix Edit) <- WRONG, Express Yourself (7'' Remix) <- RIGHT. Like A Prayer (Extended Mix Edit) <- WRONG, Like A Prayer (7'' Version) <- RIGHT. Open Your Heart (7'' Remix) <- WRONG, Open Your Heart (Remix Edit) <- RIGHT. etc, etc, etc-
  5. Aiwa08

    Don't kill me, but from "Burning Up" to "Give It 2 Me" I find the radio edits and the remixes better than the album versions. I am a fan thanks to her singles. I don't know why I've always found her album versions too long or (I don't know what is the correct word in english) too "empty" if you compare the album versions with the single versions because the singles versions usually adds new elements to the original song (Examples: Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Open Your Heart, Cherish, etc, etc, etc). Yes, the album versions are masterpieces, but the singles version adds new layers and enhances the original song (of course, in my opinion). And many remixes turns a really good Album Version into an amazing song (examples: Express Yourself, What it feels like for a girl, Keep It together, Don't Tell Me, Ray of Light, Frozen, Fever, Bye Bye Baby, Nothing really Matters, Beautiful Stranger, etc, etc, etc). Again, in my opinion. From MDNA to Madame X I prefer the album versions.
  6. Aiwa08

    The "Physical Attraction" version on "You Can Dance" is the album version, just mixed at the beginning with the end of Everybody. But you are right, they have uploaded the "unmixed" version and not the "mixed" version available on "You Can Dance".
  7. Aiwa08

    But they don't need the original masters. They can do a digital copy of any CD (they are not streaming songs with the original master quality).
  8. Aiwa08

    I think it is intentional. But I don't know why they do that
  9. Aiwa08

    The Immaculate Collection on Spotify has the 12'' version of Lucky Star.
  10. It's a forgotten gem like Gambler, Rescue Me, Secret, I'll Remember... She never performed "Human Nature" live and she never will.
  11. With a very good turntable, many people will say the same. That CD has the dynamic range compressed to the maximum. The problem is the "loudness war" not the original recording.
  12. The worst album infected with the loudness war is "American Life". It's almost unlistable on CD. At least we have "American Life" on vinyl.
  13. I can hardly remember it. It's been almost 30 years. If my memory is not mistaken, It was a program dedicated to live shows in "TVE2" at night or late-night. I coudn't record it because I didn't know the tv schedule (so I don't know if the show was listed properly in tv schedules). I was zapping and I found the show when Madonna was singing Open Your Heart. The other thing that I remember: they aired the full speech before "Where's the party" without any break commercial. But they never aired the full show. I can't remember the last song (maybe "Papa don't Preach" or "Like A Prayer"). Now in Spanish, I'm sorry: A ver si lo explico mejor. Lo pusieron en "La 2" en un programa dedicado a conciertos en directo. Por tanto seguramente venía en la programacion el nombre de ese programa, pero ignoro si se anunciaba lo que iba a emitir el programa (en este caso parte del concierto de Madonna). Yo lo pillé zapeando cuando ya estaba por la parte de Open Your Heart. Y la parte que no se vió porque pusieron anuncios la primera vez que emitieron el concierto en "Where's The Party", aquí sí se pudo ver sin cortes. Como el programa dedicado a conciertos, que no recuerdo el nombre, tenía una duración limitada, es por eso por lo que me imagino que solo pusieron la primera parte del concierto, pero imposible de recordar cual fue la ultima canción que pusieron. En resumen, que no es que emitieran por segunda vez el concierto y lo cortaran, es que lo emitió un programa concreto que uno de sus episodios estuvo dedicado al Blond Ambition Tour de Madonna. Pero duró más de 30 minutos segurísimo. Me dió mucha rabia no poder grabarlo. El año de emisión creo que fue alrededor del verano de 1991, pero segurísimo que fue antes de 1992.
  14. In my humble opinion, the japanese CDs are not remastered, just properly transferred to CD. Maybe they turned the volume up a little, or similar, but I wouldn't say they are properly remastered (like "Madonna", "Like A Virgin" and "True Blue"). "Mastering is about optimising audio for best performance on given media or format (Vinyl, Cassette, CD,...) Ideally, remasters are old tracks that go through that same final process that they went through before, with newer technology. Remasters are often louder than the original tracks. However, some would consider the original masters better. Depending on the engineer who does the remaster, the song may sound “squashed”, because the engineer tried to bring all the levels (lows, mids, highs) up too much. However, this is not always the case. Not all remasters are louder, some do improve the clarity and sound of a song (or album). Again, that depends on the engineer and their taste." I always say this: The album "Like A Prayer" needs a remaster because you can't hear the bass (the singles doesn't have this problem) and the album "Ray of light" needs just a little more treble. The rest are perfect (I'm not talking about the horrible loudness war present in every album after "Music", I'm talking about the original recordings.)
  15. And they said the truth, because many mastertapes at the beginning of the 80 weren't mastered for CD. It was just the mastertape used for vinyl or cassette digitalized. The best example: Madonna's yellow maxi-CDs. The sound is awful. And check the quality sound of the Japanese box with the 40 singles mastered (not to be confused with "re-masterered") to be on CD. The japanese singles sounds perfect.
  16. Well... The Spanish television is a piece of shit. Only reality shows with stupid people and political discussions... Zero international music. Madonna sells well in Spain but that it's a miracle here because the spaniards only buy music with spanish lyrics.
  17. Aiwa08

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I know it's no easy but, please, be strong. Hugs.
  18. I would say the opposite. They didn't broadcasted the full show because the programming schedule was too strict. It's not the first time that TVE do that... For example, they by mistake repeated the penultimate episode of a tv show, and they didn't aired the last episode because they didn't have a free gap to air it...
  19. They broadcasted the first hour in TVE2 a year later in a special program. I never understood why they didn't broadcasted the full show again.
  20. If you want to see the one minute clip, here it is: [Hidden Content]
  21. In Spain you can broadcast small clips without copyright problems (less than a minute) for informational purposes.
  22. Don't worry. It's only the first minute of Express Yourself. But this confirms that the BAT show is digitalized in TVE.
  23. Maybe TVE could re-broadcast the show on TVE2 at midnight or later. But without the rebroadcast rights is very difficult. At least I'm sure TVE digitalized the show years ago (If I not mistaken, I've seen scenes in "Cachitos de hierro y cromo"). EDIT: YES, Express Yourself from Barcelona in "Cachitos de hierro y cromo" at 56:00
  24. Express Yourself, Celebration, and Hung Up.
  25. Searching for Madonna singles on compilations, I've found this 4:54 version of Express Yourself on this promotional brazilian vinyl. By the running time could be the "remix edit", but I don't know. Anyone has this record? What version is on the record?