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  1. Oh, I know you were talking about iTunes. I mean that Bye Bye Baby was a "invisible" single in Spain in 1993. I'm sorry. I should have explained it better
  2. I got my German CD-Maxi from "Los 40 principales" (my ex boyfriend in the 90s worked in the local radio station...) but as far as I remember "Bye Bye Baby" was never played in Spain because it didn't enter in the Top 40.
  3. It's funny. The first time when I played Fever (Radio Edit Remix) in 1993, I thought it was AWFUL. Really Awful. But as a single/maxi-single collector (I mean, as a remixes collector) I wanted all of them from a digital transfer, so I always tried to get the best copy of the "Radio Edit Remix" from my vinyls. For that reason I played the "Radio Edit Remix" on repeat for years (searching the best quality). And then, one day, the miracle happened. I finished loving the fucking "Radio Edit Remix". But this is my story with a lot of remixes (even album versions). I hate them at first but after playing them on repeat I finish loving them.
  4. I wish so much the studio version of Justify My Love... The girlie show version it's the best (and the disco version of Express Yourself).
  5. It's not available at the moment on TIDAL but as @thegoldencalf have said, they never uploaded a vinyl rip.
  6. The House Mixes are the best. I love them (especially the short edit).
  7. Bedtime Stories was the first time that I had a problem being a Madonna's fan. Of course it's a good album but it's really boring for me. Thank God for the remixes, Sanctuary and Bedtime Story.
  8. Let me insert here Like A Prayer and TIC eras (LAP, EY, Oh Father, Vogue and Justify My Love). The trilogy LAP-TIC-Erotica is the golden era of her career.
  9. It's different. LAP and IB are separated albums. Different eras. But if you look the eras considering their singles (their remixes) Vogue feels like a continuation of Express Yourself and Keep It Together. Well, in Europe Keep It Together was the B-Side of Vogue (when Vogue was created to be the B-Side of Keep It Together). So for many european (no-fans) the cronology was LAP-EY-CHERISH-VOGUE as an unique era. Even Rescue Me feels the end of that long era.
  10. No, please. Keep the tours separated from the album re-issues, with its own extras (different tour recordings, studio versions, etc, etc).
  11. It was horrible. Yes, the digital 480p/576p was fantastic for a SD TV, but a lot of animes and tv_series in the 00s were filmed in digital SD and they can't be remastered in real HD. It's ironic... You can get a real HD image from a TV_Series created in 1958 but not from a TV_Series created in 2004 (if the TV_series was filmed at 480p or 576p).
  12. I can't remember the site, Roy. I downloaded that video years ago and deleted it because I hate videos with logos. I remember it because it was the first Madonna's video aired in HD. Sometimes I think that Hung Up/Sorry were not filmed at 1080p, but maybe at 720p. And that could be the reason why the "upscale" are so good... But I don't know. That era was a mess with the digital video (I mean anime, TV_Shows, etc, etc).
  13. No. I was referring to a HD version aired in 2006 (probably later). It was a TV-RIP/SAT-RIP from a music channel, available in different sites to download years ago (with logos, etc).
  14. I've said is not cropped from the 4:3 version because it has more image left and right. The original aspect ratio could be for example 1:66. In 4:3 you loose right and left information, and in 16:9 you loose top and botton information.
  15. https://www.decks.de/track/madonna-everybody_indie/cka-vo
  16. I've bought mine from a German store: 25 € (the vinyl) + 15€ (Shipping cost). I'm really tired of shipping cost, it's too much...
  17. That is my point. The HD 16:9 version was not cropped from the 4:3 version. Maybe they filmed an "Open Matte" version and after that they made two versions (4:3 and 16:9).
  18. "Sorry" was her first real HD video aired on TV (with a 16:9 aspect ratio). Are you sure that "Hung Up" is an upscale?
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