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  1. Jamesroeni

    Kylie's album is fun and I have been a fan from the beginning, but there is a point where you think can a 50+ year old woman really have nothing to say/share through her music. I've said it a few times when listening to Disco.... Madonna would get absolutely slated if she put out that album. The press would not take it from Madonna.
  2. Jamesroeni

    She should 100% issue new versions in the Portuguese style played before the Madame X shows and release them alongside the tour film.
  3. Jamesroeni

    Just looking at my book and realised Madonna is using a Corona 😱 At least she is wearing gloves...
  4. It's happened in the past with the Music album and would introduce the Madame X album to more people. I think this would be a far more creative way of doing a Greatest Hits and a great PR move at this stage.
  5. I think she should re-release Madame X and add a separate disc of the Fado versions of Like a Virgin, Secret, Don't Tell Me, Human Nature etc. That were played during the documentary and at the beginning of the shows. These would be amazing and avoid the Orchestral Album that others make.
  6. Jamesroeni

    Frozen floored me! I spent the whole thing mesmerised and then completely lost it near the end!
  7. Jamesroeni

    Missed John Lennon out too... she sang his song during reinvention. I really like the song and she can ultimately name check who she likes. These people may have inspired the writing of this album? a lot of them died during its conception.
  8. Jamesroeni

    Congrats to the winners!
  9. Jamesroeni

    Have people heard I rise?
  10. Jamesroeni

    In the video the dancing section with the horse is stunning .... Is it her?
  11. Jamesroeni

    Where about is it? Is there any info on tickets etc?
  12. Jamesroeni

    I think it's insanely good! Personally the 1-2-cha cha cha has me hooked!!
  13. Jamesroeni

    I think we'll get a section per character!
  14. Jamesroeni

    eXciting!! Cant wait...