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  1. Betuncba

    I bet you it's gonna be that way!, whne she return from her trip, she's gonna be obsesive thinking about all the money lose on that epic journey, so the solution will be a release of some audio or film or show to try to obtain all the money back!
  2. Betuncba

    I don't know much about Celine shows, i mean, not sure about dates cities etc etc, jus tryin to find the full las vegas show, the one with my heart will go on with the rain falling down on stage in circular way!
  3. Betuncba

    It's amazing! the quality, the show, her voice, Thank you SOOO MUCH!, BY THE WAY...doy you know if exists a complete version from las vegas 2015 show?.
  4. Betuncba

    I'm almost 47... My first time Was True Blue!
  5. Betuncba

    My version!
  6. Betuncba

    M.... I don't have the Blonde Ambition... C'MOOOONNNNN! after seeing the instagram video I decide don't believe any word from her anymore! she's so liar!
  7. Anyone knows how many versions of the backdrop exist? here are some screencaps:
  8. Madonna's pussy in the wrong place!:lol:

    1991 - Madonna by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue - 06.jpg

  9. HEY MR DJ PUT A RECORD ON!MUSIC - CANDY SHOP.mp4_snapshot_01.43.jpg

  10. behold i am coming soon!
  11. Betuncba

    Personally i think M's ideas and projects works like this... if you say all the time: god why she's making such a crap edition or album, She makes that way! i supposed we need to apply an inverse method: ohhhh i wish all the video album in that way! is so great! fantastic! so as we know Madonna dont want our approval.. things may change! just my thougth :)
  12. Betuncba

    I don't care if she's cancel or keep with the tour! I'm just wishing we can get a decent dvd or Blu-ray! fingers crossed!
  13. Betuncba

    I Think it's time to wait for the pro Film to make any objection!
  14. What she does at backstage? just look on the IG stories... those love prayers, meeting with famous people etc etc etc, there nothing more than that! and the answer is simple, there's no technicals problems or perfeccionism details to fix! just wasting time making her ego keeps on the pedestal!