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  1. Until the proper picture appears... I only can make some Drawing from the session!
  2. Wait a minute... did you say that you have waiting all this years just to hear Madame X on streaming? what about a memory card on your cellphone? Personally I have all the discography including some singles and remixes on my memory card and I don't need to stream nything!
  3. Maybe just because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is only money to live! sometimes I think what will happen to all the stuff we buy and save? whoever find our records, poster etc after our dead, end up throwing away to trash our wasted money , cds, magazines etc!!! WHO KNOWS!
  4. not to mention that you spend your money buying her cds, vinyl, merch and other things to support your artist and when you see madonna on the street and ask her for an autograph she just hits you and looks at you saying who the fuck are you? and there was all your love and wasted money!
  5. Thank you for make possible to this forum stay alive!
  6. Madame x Toilet paper with rose mist essence
  7. I think is the Argentinian release along two more cds, the first album and Like a Virgin remastered with extra tracks!
  8. I'm almost 47... My first time Was True Blue!
  9. M.... I don't have the Blonde Ambition... C'MOOOONNNNN! after seeing the instagram video I decide don't believe any word from her anymore! she's so liar!
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