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  1. RobertoFer42

    cinema records en 3.500 pesos
  2. Madame x vinyl is out on chile!!! and theres some videos snipets on instagram!


    1. Israel


      he escuchado los trozos de algunas canciones y ufff no se me hace buen disco, quizás - good control

    2. RobertoFer42


      que raro sera este disco!

  3. RobertoFer42

    Congrats to the winners!
  4. RobertoFer42

  5. RobertoFer42

    I want it NOW!!!!!
  6. RobertoFer42

    Wow! now is much better!!!!!
  7. First Notre Dame, now maluma destroying M's new album, behold de end is near!!!!!!:cry:

  8. But i can find it anywhere!!
  9. fake new... yes or no?
  10. RobertoFer42

    i used to get the solid color, but a i trade my version for the swirled version! i dont like the solid one! and i dont like to have many versions just for the different color or stickers.
  11. RobertoFer42

    @groovyguy - @blondebombshell Thank you so much!!!
  12. Waiting for celebration 4 vinyls to be re-released!
  13. RobertoFer42

    Wow any chance to get a scanned copy?
  14. OMG! I THINK THERE ARE TWO SUPER SHORT CLIPS FROM NEW ALBUM! (MAGIC) just look on the instagram profile exclusivemagic, if it's true, sounds Great!

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    2. poserdemadonna


      @AndymadI couldn't help myself :04:

    3. Dazedmadonna


      Wow an insider account on Instagram, must be legit!!!!!!!!!

    4. blondebombshell


      thanks for the link on instagram this song is amazing. can't wait for the new album


  15. RobertoFer42

    is real or made with steams?