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  1. RobertoFer42

    not yet
  2. Anyone knows how many versions of the backdrop exist? here are some screencaps:
  3. Madonna's pussy in the wrong place!:lol:

    1991 - Madonna by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue - 06.jpg

  4. RobertoFer42

    maybe the big secret is... just look in the air and water??!!! who knows!
  5. RobertoFer42

    I think everyone will be infected... some people will not resist the virus and the rest will be ok, Im still thinking there are things that they has not tell us!
  6. HEY MR DJ PUT A RECORD ON!MUSIC - CANDY SHOP.mp4_snapshot_01.43.jpg

  7. RobertoFer42

    behold i am coming soon!
  8. RobertoFer42

    Personally i think M's ideas and projects works like this... if you say all the time: god why she's making such a crap edition or album, She makes that way! i supposed we need to apply an inverse method: ohhhh i wish all the video album in that way! is so great! fantastic! so as we know Madonna dont want our approval.. things may change! just my thougth :)
  9. RobertoFer42

    I don't care if she's cancel or keep with the tour! I'm just wishing we can get a decent dvd or Blu-ray! fingers crossed!
  10. RobertoFer42

    I Think it's time to wait for the pro Film to make any objection!
  11. RobertoFer42

    What she does at backstage? just look on the IG stories... those love prayers, meeting with famous people etc etc etc, there nothing more than that! and the answer is simple, there's no technicals problems or perfeccionism details to fix! just wasting time making her ego keeps on the pedestal!
  12. RobertoFer42

    The picture in the poster is more uncroped and without the black vignett!!
  13. RobertoFer42

    pride for money! the others who doesnt have a wagon of dollars don't deserve to watch it??!!!! it always all turns to Money!
  14. RobertoFer42

    cinema records en 3.500 pesos
  15. Madame x vinyl is out on chile!!! and theres some videos snipets on instagram!


    1. Israel


      he escuchado los trozos de algunas canciones y ufff no se me hace buen disco, quizás - good control

    2. RobertoFer42


      que raro sera este disco!