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  1. anaglyphx

    I was on the waiting lis for London, totally gutted and disappointed. Then suddenly off the list after an hour and BOOM! FRONT ROW! Row A total shock...
  2. anaglyphx

    "Citi® is the official credit card of the Madame X Tour" Madame X truly IS a prostitute.
  3. anaglyphx

    And lots of people still on the waiting list...this should mean they move up to get a chance. If not that is not fair.
  4. I think the whole album is buffered with spoken word tracks. Madame X is a teacher. This is her sermon. I hope this is the case as I am expecting an experimental album, the released tracks don't do it justice yet. Albums shouldn't be teased piece by piece, just release it!
  5. Met Gala wasn't broadcast to millions around the world. It was a small private show for the rich and famous. It was later put on YouTube. This wasn't a rehash, just another chance to make her statement to a bigger audience. It was powerful in a very religiously divisive part of the world.
  6. Remember, there are millions of cows glued to their phone screens for a specific reason. Businesses and governments need to keep people under control so use non-controversies and hate to create storms of distraction. Hate whips people up instantly and social media acts like an echo-chamber so it seems like it is bigger than it is. The cows at home love to tear people down because they are trapped in their sad lives with nothing to show for it. Not once has Madonna ever said she was a trained singer. I'd rather hear an untrained voice with personality than an overly trained boring voice, like most on the contest that night. Get off social media, it's not real and not needed. The real world is actually a lot more quiet and nice.
  7. I literally jumped out of my chair when that happened. I was shocked. It was genius. That is the Madonna I had been waiting for. Totally went over the heads of the average viewer.
  8. If you look very carefully there are some members of this forum who write and sound the exact same, which lead me to think they have multiple accounts on here. Just look at the dates they joined. The recent ones with thousands of posts have a lot of time on their hands to endlessly post nonsense. They also suspiciously look like previous members who also spent their time poisoning the place with negativity. Sad ageing empty narcissists have way too much time on their hands these days.
  9. That's my girl. I knew she was still in there somewhere.
  10. I thought she said she was thankful for Madonna's attitude?
  11. Abso-fucking-lutely. And I wasn't talking about people on here. I meant the mass of zombies on Twitter who just sit around and tweet hate for no reason.
  12. He’s a moron. He’s not a dancer. She’s a perfectionist. She was watching him making sure he didn’t miss his mark. After the brits she’s hyper cautious. This is what happens when you try to appeal to kids today by featuring rappers of the week. It should have been her only. But ah well. Still amazing.
  13. Amazing. THAT is the Madonna I love. So happy to see the Palestinian flag. I knew she was still a rebel. I love the Medieval Joan of Arc Crusades in the Holy Land realness.
  14. Well everyone seems to forget that all things happen because of money, not artistry. Israel rigged the Eurovision win last year so their new tv channel could get exclusive rights to air it this year as well as promoting harsher Israeli etnocentric-identity. They wanted to put it on in Jerusalem but after much backlash it was moved to Tel Aviv. Madonna has deep ties to Israel via Kabbalah and her many Jewish business associates including Guy Oseary who has many friends and investors in the Israeli medical and tech industries. So yeah, you can understand why some would get upset about a "freedom fighter" promoting a country that has some unfortunate war crimes unaccounted for. As does the US, but nobody screams about being banned from the US. Israel is complicated and some artists should really at least address both sides and give an honest opinion. The REAL Madame X would ruffle feathers, stir things up and speak against the Israeli government's policies. You can still love Israelis and Israel without agreeing with the ethnocentric nonsense. You can't steal land, kill the natives and set up a new country and get away with it...oh wait #AmericanLife
  15. anaglyphx

    You know exactly what you were doing. Everyone here knows exactly what kind of person you are.