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  1. Isn't every tour a greatest hits tour?
  2. ashtangi-x

    Got my shirt, horribly oversized. Candle came from Switzerland...still waiting on the rosary. Crazy process...
  3. ashtangi-x

    She’s not talking about herself. You as the listener are supposed to take the perspective of the groups she’s mentioning. Walk in another’s shoes. Don’t judge. Less hate. More love.
  4. I'm out of the loop on modern music, sad because I thought it was original. I prefer original songs over covers and features.
  5. Faz Gostoso is the best track but I am sad as I just learned it is a cover of a song by Blaya... ah well
  6. ashtangi-x

    Isn't he going to be the VIP host when Madame X comes to London?
  7. ashtangi-x

    I’m just shocked Faz Gostoso is the best track. Who saw that coming? Yet she released Medellín first???
  8. ashtangi-x

    ? Bought her record TWICE is wrong? I’m confused. Buying is not stealing. It was just delivered early.
  9. ashtangi-x

    ? She's a multimillionaire...been in the game a long time. How is your or anyone else's life enriched by getting a record to number one?? Have your seen ticket prices for the Madame X Tour? Now who is stealing?
  10. ashtangi-x

    Well you already bought it, so what difference does it make? You are not stealing anything. Many got to hear it for free at listening parties. Go ahead an indulge yourself! It's her own fault for using outdated business models to sell records. If the thing is ready...let it out into the wild...
  11. ashtangi-x

    Don't forget Up Down Suite! It's amazing. Love it.
  12. ashtangi-x

    I live in Japan. It’s not released. Anywhere. I walked all over the city today desperate for it. Someone just took a photo in the stock room of a music store. Over-excited fan maybe. Nothing leaked on Japanese forums either.
  13. ashtangi-x

    It’s not released in Japan. Record shops have it so someone just took a picture.
  14. ashtangi-x

    Don’t waste your time. Don’t react. Don’t feed the mindless morons. An online forum is the last place you’ll find intelligent conversation with nuanced opinions.
  15. ashtangi-x

    Replace "sensitive" with "calculated".