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  1. Let's not talk rubbish. Maluma supported her. He only erred in where to position himself when he lay on the ground at the end of Music. Just that. Madonna got a lot wrong, she looked confused on stage, confused about her steps. And she got the lyrics of Medellin wrong and also the melody wronga at a certain point. She also got it completely wrong twice in Music, inserting the vocals in the wrong place. (Very bad).
  2. Listen again to Devil's performance because her voice can be heard very well. There are studio backing vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus, but her voice can be heard distinctly, it is way louder than the recorded vocals. And in the verses it is her voice alone. I just listened to it again myself, though, and vocally it is far from perfect. In You Must Love I wonder how it is possibile. You're right, except in Cardiff and a little bit in Rome (always out of tune but closer to the correct note than in almost any other date), she always sang those notes out of tune. And she did not fix this terrible mistake. I do agree with you, some of her worst in terms on staying on pitch.
  3. In my opinion, her vocals on the MDNA Tour are not to be equated with Sticky's, they are better. At Rebel Heart her voice was even better, undoubtedly. But still not comparable to how her voice was until 2006. She made a lot of repeated mistakes during RHT too and too much reliance on backing vocals and pre-recorded vocals. If you listen to her ears monitors audio you'll notice how bad certain vocals were. Anyway, yes, You Must Love Me was almost always strongly off-key in the concealing/saying/feeling part, it was a drag. I always wondered how she could always mess with those same notes every time. Yes, only in Cardiff and Rome (if I remember correctly, I think she was in tune there too) had she sung those notes correctly. Spanish Lessons was okay, it is true. Devil however was totally live, it was also a decent performance, maybe the best one in the concert. The problem with the S&S Tour was that 80% of the songs were terribly sung.
  4. In 2005 she had only a slight vocal decline, she continued to sing fairly well, during the Confessions Tour her vocal performances were good. Her worst was in Hung Up, always. The Sticky & Sweet Tour was the real disaster, she was out of tune like crazy. She was trying to make a rock voice, all the mid-high notes were waning and flat. On the MDNA Tour and the Rebel Heart Tour she paid a little more attention to her vocals, cleverly using pre-recorded vocals and preparing herself for the songs a little bit. If she studied singing for a year, going to a lesson once or twice a week, she would have incredible benefits. The mistakes she makes are always the same, established for years. She really needs a vocal coach and to work on her voice. But I doubt she will do that.
  5. Totally agree. Her voice has deteriorated quite a bit because she hasn't taken care of it for quite a while, at the Sticky and Sweet Tour she was constantly screaming and shrieking... but with a little attention and study she could easily do good vocal performances, she has proven this several times. Now her technical errors are obvious. I, too, am a singer, and I know that her biggest vocal problems could be corrected in a short time. I think she does not need surgery and I think she has had phoniatric visits. But what she does is constantly relying on autotune in live performances or just lip syncing... She doesn't care about her voice. And by the way she doesn't even mime well, she gets the timing wrong, the words wrong and often forgets to sing when hert vocals are there. Her dancing is a bit clumsy (it's much better here, though) and she loses her breath rapidly, I wish too she would limit it to less movements that are more studied and compatible with her current physical abilities and take more interest in music. We can't ask her to do more with her movements, because she is human and she is getting old, she has had so many physical problems. But we can demand that she be a decent singer. She was never incredibly good, but she was always a decent singer. From the 1990s to the early 2000s (until 2006) she always sang fairly well. From 2000 to 2003 she had a magnificent voice. I remember how good her voice was on the American Life Primo Tour, it was obvious she was continuing her vocal training.
  6. I loved the RHT, even though she was not in the same physical shape as on previous tours, she danced less and was less fluid in her movements. The choreographies were simpler. But it was all studied to perfection and she was still able to impress with her skills and impeccable physical fitness. In an interview during the Rebel Heart Tour, she said she did not train for that tour as much as she did for the previous ones: I haven’t had as much time to train and prepare myself physically for this show as I have in the past with other shows. That’s just because I have four kids, and they take up a lot of time. So I have to choose between working out and spending time with them, and then also putting my show together. I have to find the balance of training enough so that I’m not winded and out of breath when I’m onstage, but also not wearing myself out, and also seeing my kids. I think she knows very well what physical shape she is in, but she does what she can to have fun. And as she has said in a thousand interviews over the last six years, she doesn't train as much as she used to. Fitness is no longer an obsession for her, she is also less careful about her diet and wants to relax a bit. At that age, after a lifetime of sacrifice and crazy training, physical decline happens very quickly. She is getting older, has had arthritis, and we don't know of any other health problems. If she didn't dance anymore I would be fine with it, not everyone is lucky enough to grow old like Mick Jagger. I just hope that she cures her performances, that she knows what she is doing on stage, and that we don't see her anymore as an inexperienced performer like I saw her at the Women's March, in Harlem or at the Maluma concert
  7. Those diapers do not restrict movement, however, they can weigh you down a bit and rarely can make certain specific movements more difficult. More importantly, I'd say they changed her figure, making her shorter and fatter. And as a result, clumsy. Even at the Rebel Heart Tour, her movements were already a bit stiff, but her flawless, slender physique made her look different. Then let's remember that she's getting older, she's had health problems, and I think she had a hip replacement, she had surgery for hip osteoarthritis. It's normal that she doesn't move as well as she used to. The butt implants don't help her, but they're not the reason why she lost the mobility she had.
  8. It scares me to know that she will perform with him at Pride. Lately Madonna's performances are a bit like that, they sound like improvisations by someone who is not a singer, has never been on a stage and has never sung with a microphone.
  9. If I had seen the post and participated I would have given Shanti/Ashtangi a 10. A lot of people don't like it, but to me it's just as good as Frozen or the most beloved ones.
  10. Three times she has been great there. In 2011, she was elegant as hell, in a dress that very few people could wear because it highlights every curve and you must be very lean. But she wore it divinely and with class. In 2013 she was one of the few who represented the punk theme. And she was so cool. In 2015 on the other hand, the dress wasn't anything amazing, but she wore it perfectly and most importantly, she looked stunning. Maybe she had never looked so "perfect" and youthful, not even at 30. Now she has aged, physically she is completely different and very little slender. And she no longer has good stylists to advise her, but still I would be curious to see her.
  11. Of course you lose the ability to play an instrument after so many years of not playing it, but when you start playing it again you relearn very quickly. I played piano when I was a child, and I was not very good at it... when I was 15 my parents sold the piano. Now I'm 28, I haven't played piano in over 10 years, but when I tried to play one I still remember some of the songs I played (Für Elise). I don't perform them very well, but I can still play a little bit. During Madame X she used to play just three chords. Even a person who has never played the piano can play it on stage without rehearsing not too much. Someone who has played the piano before in their life, even at a beginner's level, should be able to do them almost with their eyes closed. I agree, more or less. On the Drowned World Tour her guitar sounded pretty good, she was committed. At Reinvention her right hand was maybe still a little better, you could tell she kept trying and improving. After Re-invention she maintained more or less the same level. But from the MDNA Tour onwards she always played super simple things, showing less confidence, she probably got worse. I think she likes to play, but for her nowadays it's a little game, not a passion. I agree with you when you say it was a phase for her. By the way, she has had very long fingernails for two years now, I don't think she can practice and play decently with such nails.
  12. I saw this post and feel like contributing, since as a musician I've always paid close attention to these aspects. She never pretended to play guitar, she often played the same notes Monte Pittman was playing but with a different preset, so her guitar sounds different. And obviously her guitar was lower than Pittman's. Even in Burning Up at the RHT she was playing and you could distinctly hear the sound of her guitar, in fact once for a technical problem she had entered late with her guitar and her guitar was also loud. Her band can always be heard too, she always had great musicians who mixed perfectly with the recorded sounds. On some occasions her guitar is actually not so loud in the mix, but if you pay attention you always hear it: even when she makes mistakes you notice that. As for the piano, I don't know, I haven't seen her live at the Madame X Tour and I've only seen the DVD. But since she played three very simple chords that even a five year old could learn in a minute, I highly doubt that she was faking it or that she could miss even one note. More than anything else it was ridiculous that they brought the piano on stage to make her play three chords, when in the rest of the concert you can feel the absence of a band.
  13. Blah blah, you are one of those Nazi-fans, I've been reading similar comments since when I was born. Those fans who think that no criticism can be made of Madonna because she is like a deity, absolute and unerring. I argued what I said, explaining how I interpret what I see. And anyway, beyond my interpretation which I wrote in my previous comment, there are some aspects of what she does that I don't like, even just the fact that the way she looks in social media is totally fake (maybe the fakest celebrity ig profile I know) and that conveys an absolutely negative message that leads more and more people to dysmorphia. She's not the only one who does this, she’s not the one responsible of that, but when it comes to her I just say that I can't appreciate this. I expected her to be more careful about body positivity. I've always supported Madonna at so many times and appreciated the Madame X era, however, she's a flawed person and one I may not appreciate everything about 100%. And I'm not talking about a reinvention of her like the many she has done in the past. I don't expect to see her dance like she danced in 2012, I don't live in the past, you get older. It's just that I feel like she's totally deconstructing her image. And she can do that, but I may not be totally convinced by the way she's doing it.
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