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  1. felipe929

    She will record it, even if she has no intention of releasing it, not in it's entirety anyway...
  2. felipe929

    Everybody Knows The Damn Truth

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    2. poserdemadonna


      Please don't drag this into the forum. This is our sanctuary, politics free.

    3. star guardian
    4. drcosmonauta
  4. Anyone from Southern Brazil? :)

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    2. felipe929


      Cool, where from? I'm from Curitiba :)


    3. poserdemadonna


      Does south-east count? SP here!

    4. karlafalves


      Segura essa marimba, monamu!

  5. Months without any decent leaks, winter has come indeed...

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    2. Andymad
    3. poserdemadonna


      The leak of Rebel Heart demos made people very wary of leaking stuff nowadays

    4. isaac003


      RHT studio versions pleeeeeease!

  6. What songs were cut when the previous tours first aired?
  7. I still think we're getting the full show within the documentary. Since the whole concert without the long speeches lasts for about an hour and 20 minutes, and cable TV is known for having short commercial breaks, or none at all, there's plenty of time for her to show us more about her views on life and politics. I just hope that Hanky Panky survives the final cut.
  8. I a way, but since she keeps filming new material, and this kind of biography docu don't usually have a pre defined script, there's a possibility that she could sent a revised version to Showtime. Or maybe I'm just reading too much between the lines, and she's just recording for her archives
  9. It wasn't suppossed to be off topic since this event clearly brings more fire to this already extended portion of the Rebel Heart era, there's the possibility that she's still updating the Documentary portion of the DVD to keep it up to date until the release date. The ending won't be as joyful as she originally intended, but there's always hope for a rebel...
  10. She's probrably pissed enough to make another "American Life"-like political statement I would love it, and maybe this time the american press wouldn't disagree much with her point
  11. God, a commentary track on the DVD would be awesome, Madonna and the show director talking about the artistic background of the concert would be so much better than a documentary...
  12. felipe929

    The church segment from Blond Ambition. It was iconic from start to finish, and also very personal. "Live to Tell/Oh Father" is like she's singing about the abusive relationship with Sean, and is something I can relate deeply with. The Geisha from DWT and Transgression from MDNA are also memorable.
  13. Let's keep hope alive, maybe they produced a mini doc to be aired before the concert, with alternate cuts of the performances or whatever, after all there's loads of material performed beyond the Sydney setlist (TOAC, the paris square performance, etc)
  14. Beyonce is finally using her stardon to make powerful artistic statments, but I'm afarid the US will start to boycott her like they did with Madonna after American Life. (Sorry for being off-topic)