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  1. Hey guys, I was at the concert in Rio and I noticed while I waited for the lights to go off that a lot of M remixes were playing before Wanna Be Starting Something kicks in. It was quite a crowd so I couldn't listen very well, but I've recognized some samples and beats from some dub mixes and they were mixed together very well. Bob comes in with Deeper and Deeper (Shep's Deeper Dub), but I got quite interested in what plays before she arrives. Has anyone compiled a list of songs that were played before the concert actually begins?
  2. The Power of Goodbye played just after the finale. I was quite surprised/worried when I heard it because I thought it was an encore/farewell announcement. But it was an instrumental version playing as the Disco ball slowly disappeared.
  3. It was magical. I will never forget it.
  4. She's doing a full Dress Rehearsal right now but the sound is turned off so the crowd can't hear anything.
  5. I was just there. The energy is amazing. There's party everywhere, Madonna playing loud and all kinds of vendors selling Madonna T shirts, cups, and all kinds of merchandise. It was like a Madonnaland park. When we arrived at the beach she was playing express yourself, and it was so emotional.
  6. They could use a real crane or some other contraption to make her fly above the crowd. Hell, if they're lazy they can just raise the Bedtime Story cube and she can sing it from there.
  7. Cancel Renascer? She will probably hit the stage after Altas Horas 🤣
  8. We did it guys, I'm so happy. This will probably be my only chance to see her live. I'll be there and will bring my mom who introduced her to me. She was also never able financially to attend one of her concerts, I'm so happy to be able to make both our dreams come true.
  9. I imagine it to be like a abridged version of the Tour setlist. Of course she won't have the floating box thingy on the air, but I really wish she could sing Live to Tell from the stage instead. It's my personal favorite and a very emotional part of the concert.
  10. I hope we get confirmation soon. I've already booked a room, bus tickets and got a leave from work. If in the end was just a rumour, at least I will be able to stroll around the boardwalk drinking coconut water like an sad Helena from Rio. (That's a recurring telenovela character reference)
  11. So I guess we'll only know the true ending of the concert once she leaves the UK. Yesterday the show ended about the same time and that could explain why it was so abrupt... Perhaps we can get a proper Celebration/Music mashup on the next venues... I seem to remember Rebel Heart finishing with Material Girl there.
  12. A simple reuse of Celebration/Give it 2 me would have saved that travesty of an ending. It's not like they're not reusing samples from old tours since 2008. Just playback the whole song and use those amazing lights from the ROL performance and you got yourself a nice and satisfying closing number.
  13. Since it's apparently going straight to digital audio platforms there's no excuse to ommit songs from the release. Let's see what happens.
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