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  1. felipe929

    It sure takes a lot of time to choose between all the instagram filters to apply on the final cut... Please be subtle, I would like to see her nose this time...
  2. She's a judge from RuPaul's Drag Race, Detox is one of the most famous contestants. She appeared a lot in the crowd in the RHT video. They done a lot of Madonna tributes on the show...
  3. Did you guys saw the part where she said she's not releasing BAT because she only filmed the songs for the documentary Way to crush our hopes 🙄
  4. I just hope she doesn't get overly complacent about her own past. The public wouldn't like a self congratulatory biopic. I hope she put down the road tinted glasses and let the screenwriter do her job.
  5. So this basically confirms it's her biopic
  6. felipe929

    It's going to be released in 480p quality, with lot's of Instagram filters, the vocals are all from studio recordings. And the editing it's pretty much RHT Deeper and Deeper.
  7. felipe929

    Pay no mind to suspicious comments, I'm on the forum since 2015, and we've had so much theories or wishful thinking that turned out to be fake so we're kinda used to taking things with a grain of salt. But thanks for all the info shared this week, I'm on pins and needles, waiting for the finished product. BTW, I have a super crush on that actor on your thumbnail, even though he's kind of a jerk.
  8. felipe929

    The way the audio is edited in that Hold Tight video is very interesting. Definitely not the album version with those fades to silence... I wonder if it was put together for this video in particular or is a leftover of the RHT version...
  9. felipe929

    Amazing how good the New Jersey one compares to the Japan in terms of color and overall quality. Now it's officially my go to ponytail BAT concert.
  10. I love her Hamptons manor, looks a lot like the mansion from "Revenge"
  11. From M's last stories on IG, isn't this on the Hamptons house? I thought she was in London...
  12. felipe929

    We thought the same on RHT and the result was way less terrible then expected. Besides some obvious mishaps like LAV, the vocal mix on that tour sounded pretty passable
  13. What about some new leaks to help us spend our time during quarantine? 😆😆

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    2. RUADJAI


      or nudes...

    3. felipe929


      From M or me lol?!

    4. RUADJAI


      I mean... if that's you in your avatar, yes. But just in general... we need more nudes. 

  14. felipe929

    Ricardo's Instagram must be crowded with fans threatening him if he dares to cut a single song from the tour film by now 😆😆
  15. felipe929

    I've been inspired by all the Dream Tour threads. Suppose Madonna's career came to a point where she wanted to say one last goodbye to touring, in a massive World Tour kind of way. What would be the setlist? Would you stick with greatest hits or go to another road?? Loving you creativity in the forums! Show me some love!