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  1. Well, at least we got the Crave remix used in the concert in the end, that's what matters the most for me
  2. Ok she got me so hyped right now, don't know how I'm gonna sit through work until 10/8
  3. To be doing all this choreo while in excruciating pain, expecially when she goes upside down in that tube.
  4. Maybe is just a promo teaser. "Madame X is a secret agent" with footage of her being a spy in NY, then footage from the concert.
  5. Yeah but I don't think they will hold up until Everybody turns 40. That's October next year. If they do,we deserve at least a 40 track first album deluxe edition.
  6. I was just listening to the album and came here as soon as I heard the missing bit on the start of Where's the Party. Well, that sucks. I mean, a single person could fix everything wrong with this release...
  7. Well what more did you expect of her? That the climbs the Eifel tower?
  8. Don't worry about that. There will aways be an Aldo Diaz custom bootleg for you to order
  9. All I know is that I can't wait for the Tour release so I can switch the album vocals with the live ones for this specific part of the song.
  10. Can someone just leak some rehearsals already? I remember we had some RHT studios while she was still on the road with the tour. I just want Future and Rescue Me tour demos 🥺🥺🥺
  11. I think they're going for that Film Noir aesthetic...
  12. We're bitches from her gang
  13. I always assumed the sound mix was made first and then the show was edited on top of it. Anyway let's hope it's good. I don't mind her mixing her vocals with some studio vocals If they're not intrusive, but what I REALLY don't like is when they use lots of SFX that weren't in the concert. It sounds ok when you're watching, but MDNA and Rebel Heart Tour albums were filled with super loud metal clanging sounds and unnecessary stuff. And don't get me started on those Like a Prayer sing alongs.
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