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  1. Don't worry about that. There will aways be an Aldo Diaz custom bootleg for you to order
  2. All I know is that I can't wait for the Tour release so I can switch the album vocals with the live ones for this specific part of the song.
  3. Can someone just leak some rehearsals already? I remember we had some RHT studios while she was still on the road with the tour. I just want Future and Rescue Me tour demos 🥺🥺🥺
  4. I think they're going for that Film Noir aesthetic...
  5. We're bitches from her gang
  6. I always assumed the sound mix was made first and then the show was edited on top of it. Anyway let's hope it's good. I don't mind her mixing her vocals with some studio vocals If they're not intrusive, but what I REALLY don't like is when they use lots of SFX that weren't in the concert. It sounds ok when you're watching, but MDNA and Rebel Heart Tour albums were filled with super loud metal clanging sounds and unnecessary stuff. And don't get me started on those Like a Prayer sing alongs.
  7. La isla totally broke the immersion for me. I didn't bothered much with LAV or LAP and the hair swap thingy, nor Rebel Heart for that matter. But La Isla was awful to watch.
  8. Those absurdly loud fake cheering sounds won't mix in by thenselves, won't they? xD Jokes aside, i really hope they take it easy with the crowd noise. RHT was a step in the right direction compared to MDNA.
  9. Amazing, the final cut ended up looking like something shot exclusively on an iPhone 4.
  10. And don't get me started on that butchered RHT album transition between Music and Candy Shop. I never touched the official release again and went right back to my BDrip audio.
  11. I can just imagine how trippy it would be. I remember smoking a joint and watching the Confessions Tour when I was younger and i was so hypnotized. The seamless edit helped a lot
  12. I said she could, not she would.
  13. If we weren't in a global pandemic, she could premiere the concert film in a Theather.
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