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  1. I love her Hamptons manor, looks a lot like the mansion from "Revenge"
  2. From M's last stories on IG, isn't this on the Hamptons house? I thought she was in London...
  3. felipe929

    We thought the same on RHT and the result was way less terrible then expected. Besides some obvious mishaps like LAV, the vocal mix on that tour sounded pretty passable
  4. What about some new leaks to help us spend our time during quarantine? 😆😆

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    2. RUADJAI


      or nudes...

    3. felipe929


      From M or me lol?!

    4. RUADJAI


      I mean... if that's you in your avatar, yes. But just in general... we need more nudes. 

  5. felipe929

    Ricardo's Instagram must be crowded with fans threatening him if he dares to cut a single song from the tour film by now 😆😆
  6. felipe929

    I've been inspired by all the Dream Tour threads. Suppose Madonna's career came to a point where she wanted to say one last goodbye to touring, in a massive World Tour kind of way. What would be the setlist? Would you stick with greatest hits or go to another road?? Loving you creativity in the forums! Show me some love!
  7. felipe929

    I came here as quick as I could, maybe it's a good thing they recorded early after all...
  8. The gift shop would sell grillz, for sure!
  9. A Holy Water ride where water splashes on your face everytime she sings the Yeezus part. With climbable poles, of course
  10. A ROL coaster would be soo amazing! An Metropolis inspired Express Yourself ride would be nice too Oh! And a Reductive teacup ride! xD (kidding)
  11. My boyfriend had this dream last night about him being on a Lady Gaga theme park, and we had a laugh thinking about what would be the rides on the park, like a Venus Rollercoaster or The Fame Monster Haunted House. The Britney Spears In The Zone attraction on LA just opened and it's also filled with recreations of the most iconic videos. So I started to wonder how a Madonna Themed Park would be like, with attractions and rides based on songs and albums. Which rides would you create? I thought of a few, like a Ray Of Light coaster and a Confessions disco house.... Show me your creativity!
  12. felipe929

    No way she's pulling that ninja Cirque du Soleil Sky Fits Heaven choreography again. 😂
  13. felipe929

    I hope she chooses Streaming over broadcast tv, so the concert wouldn't have to be cut to fit aritime like on RHT
  14. felipe929

    If the Tour are to be cancelled or ultimately changed, let's just hope they've filmed the entire thing, and not just parts of the concert as previously stated. If this is correct, I wonder how much of it and what songs they have filmed for it... I just hope she doesn't tell us another secret...
  15. felipe929

    Was the Crave number heavy on choreography? I haven't seen much footage of it.