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  1. Well, at least we got the Crave remix used in the concert in the end, that's what matters the most for me
  2. Ok she got me so hyped right now, don't know how I'm gonna sit through work until 10/8
  3. Yeah but I don't think they will hold up until Everybody turns 40. That's October next year. If they do,we deserve at least a 40 track first album deluxe edition.
  4. I was just listening to the album and came here as soon as I heard the missing bit on the start of Where's the Party. Well, that sucks. I mean, a single person could fix everything wrong with this release...
  5. Well what more did you expect of her? That the climbs the Eifel tower?
  6. I can just imagine how trippy it would be. I remember smoking a joint and watching the Confessions Tour when I was younger and i was so hypnotized. The seamless edit helped a lot
  7. I'm sorry but this virgin tour 9/11 thing is total bollocks. Next thing people gonna say she's not releasing the Blond Ambition because the only tapes were onboard the Titanic
  8. I also think she's looking a lot like Offer Nissim in this photo. Not sure what's comming up, but they are heavily promoting this new look of her, that's for sure. I wonder if this is also to fix that terrible press incident with the first selfies with pink hair and awful filters? They were all over the celebrity gossip pages....
  9. She's a judge from RuPaul's Drag Race, Detox is one of the most famous contestants. She appeared a lot in the crowd in the RHT video. They done a lot of Madonna tributes on the show...
  10. Did you guys saw the part where she said she's not releasing BAT because she only filmed the songs for the documentary Way to crush our hopes ?
  11. I just hope she doesn't get overly complacent about her own past. The public wouldn't like a self congratulatory biopic. I hope she put down the road tinted glasses and let the screenwriter do her job.
  12. I love her Hamptons manor, looks a lot like the mansion from "Revenge"
  13. From M's last stories on IG, isn't this on the Hamptons house? I thought she was in London...
  14. What about some new leaks to help us spend our time during quarantine? ??

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