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  1. Now that the album / DVD is out, I wonder what you think of it. After listening to the live album I must say that it's actually enjoyable. The audio editing is not the best but way better than the MDNA World Tour CD and reminds me of the Sticky & Sweet Tour audio editing. I'm just a little disappointed that she didn't take the time to add Love Don't Live Here Anymore but overall it's a great live album.
  2. Well, she said she would go on tour in 2019 so maybe she will tour for two years and the Glastonbury performance will be part of the tour. But i highly doubt it's true, she has never been a festival performer (except the charity festivals and the two Coachella performances but both where not really a 'big thing'). The only way I could see her performing at Glastonbury would be to promote an album but we all know she always misses great chances like that to promote her stuff which is not her fault but her manager's or whoever is responsible for it
  3. Maybe she was just joking when she said she would be touring in 2019. The film is probably still happening 'cause she seems very ambitious directing films. But didn't W.E. take several years to make? Maybe she will start working on the film next year since she's busy moving to Portugal currently and will still tour in 2019 and then go back to finishing the film. I personally don't see a new album coming any time soon, she's probably busy with her two new kids and she wants to give them as much attention as she possibly can. But yeah, I think the film is still happening, it will just take some time making it.
  4. When I think of Hard Candy, the first thing that comes into my mind is that it's sort of unspectacular. But when I listen to the whole album, I realize it's full of bops! The only song I really dislike is Spanish Lesson. It was great on the tour, but the album version just sucks, there's no energy whatsoever. And the only thing that bothers me is that her voice was edited to hell! I don't get why she did that to her voice with HC and MDNA, everyone knows she's not 20 anymore and people would her her real singing voice on tour at the latest. Anyway, besides Spanish Lesson, the album is quite good but can't keep up with COADF, Ray of Light and so on.
  5. She did Coachella in 2005 to promote COADF, now she has nothing to promote and it's very unlikely that she will release new music anytime soon. And she didn't even promote any of her last albums (except COADF) at festivals so why would she do it randomly now?
  6. https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2017/07/24/rumours-madonna-perform-meo-sudoeste-festival-2017/ What do you guys think? I don't know how trustworthy drownedmadonna is but why would Madonna randomly perform at a festival?
  7. I am seriously dissapointed. I know, at least we're getting a 'complete' DVD unlike RIT and BAT, but I really don't get why it's so hard to simply record the show in one city and stop adding fake crowd noises and footage from different shows where she wears different costumes. We are probably the only fanbase that has to worry about the live releases being shit (I know, many artists don't even release tour DVDs, but the artists who do manage to make at least the audio sound normal). She should have done it this way: Record the final shows (and only those shows!) in Sydney, release the whole concert (including speeches and the special performances), add behind-the-scenes footage and document her return to Australia after more than 20 years (she could explain how she feels returning to the country etc.), plus a Tears of a Clown bonus dvd (Either the whole thing or just highlights). The fact that she added the Sticky & Sweet Tour Buenos Aires crowd singing Like a Virgin over the Rebel Heart Tour performance is simply senseless. I can tell by the videos I've watched that the Sydney crowd was very energic and loud. Also, at one minute it sounds like there are like 100.000 people in the audience, at the other minute it sounds like there are only teenagers screaming, it's so confusing. The Confessions Tour audio was amazing. Why doesn't she work like that anymore? She must know that fans were unhappy with the way she edited the MDNA show, and honestly, the Rebel Heart show edit wasn't much of a difference. Don't get me wrong, I love her, and I am very happy that she keeps releasing her shows on DVDs, I love her work, but this really pisses me off.
  8. 'Give It 2 Me' was the first Madonna song I really fell in love with when I was a kid. I remember being in my room listening to that song on the radio, I was 9 at this time. I then went on to buy the HC album so that was the time when I became a fan. It's now been nearly 10 years which is simply amazing. I remember lip-syncing Like a Prayer to one of my friends when I was younger (now that I think of it, it is fucking embarrassing haha). And my mom loves this song, so it has a 'special' meaning... kind of. 'You'll See' always remembers me of my recent breakup, but it's such an empowering song and I love the attitude of it. 'GMAYL' always takes me back to the summer of 2012. I remember standing in front of the O2 World in Berlin waiting for the concert, and fans were driving in a cabriolet blasting MDNA. It's not my favourite album and GMAYL isn't my favourite song, but both bring back beautiful memories of the first Madonna concert i went to. 'Wash All Over Me' and 'Rebel Heart' remind me of the time when the two demos leaked. I was somewhere outside with my parents when one of my friends texted me that Madonna released a new song (we didn't know it was a leak at this time). I went totally crazy and told my mom to drive back home so I could download the songs :lol: There's of course more to tell, 'cause so many Madonna songs bring back beautiful memories, but I can't manage to think of them all right now
  9. Thank you guys so much for your help, I really appreciate it! :-)
  10. Hey guys, right now I'm going through a heartbreak, my girlfriend and I are about to break up after more than one and a half years (yes, I am a straight Madonna fan). I wanted to ask you guys if you could help me put together a playlist of Madonna songs that will help me go through this hard time. I was listening to You'll See all day and also played Unapologetic Bitch a few times, Heartbreakcity also works. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :-)
  11. So let's discuss what is the best and what is the weakest Madonna tour final performance.
  12. DL for all Madonna albums? Got a new laptop and everything's gone

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  13. What is the best and what is the weakest Madonna album (lyrically) in your opinion? Multiple choice!
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