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  1. mstvn516

    I am currently reading the 2007. version and I am flattered. It is really well-written and interesting.
  2. mstvn516

    They are legit - from this set. The whole session leaked.
  3. mstvn516

    It is official. It is the main picture of Madonna's Facebook-page:
  4. I'm also in - please update this topic with the contributor's list and if anybody could PM the samples please.
  5. mstvn516

    There's a plenty... Accross The Sky, Pala Tute / Latte, Cool Song, Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, Is This Love, No Substitute For Love, Gone Gone Gone, I Can't Fogret, You Are The One, Shame, Dear Father, Laugh To Keep From Crying... just a few of my personnal favourites, but there are much more of course.
  6. mstvn516

    I read somewhere back in 2005 in a Stuart Price interview that the Paper Faces Remix of Let It Will Be was made with re-recorded vocals too... altough it is not as obvious as it is in the case of DCFMA.
  7. The majority of her work after Music album (except Confessions album.. never will understand why is this so overrated to all the following and previous albums, it is fine disco-club music nothing more, so what?) all her songs are higly underrated. Hard Candy stood the test of time, the 85 % of the album still sounds great. MDNA has some treasures like Masterpiece, Love Spent, I'm Addicted, Falling Free and the whole Rebel Heart album (except 1-2 songs only)...
  8. mstvn516

    Well, if these are real it is not impossible that there are digital copies around...
  9. mstvn516

    Maybe an early version, but it is.