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  1. I'm the opposite. I prefer the RHT version. She seems to be enjoying the song much more, the arrangement is more fresh, and she looks badass through this performance. I've never loved anything about The Girlie Show and it's a bottom 2 tour for me, but Deeper and Deeper is one of the best numbers in that show, I just don't like how it was performed.
  2. Barcelona is probably some inside joke between M and the dancers/band that we don't know about lol
  3. One thing I do like about this DVD is we get to see the signals that Madonna gives to band and dancers really well. For example, the nod she gives Aya and Bambi at the start of LFL so they know she has her cape undone. We even get to see them nod back to her that they understand. I know it's something small but I love seeing it.
  4. So...now that it's out and we've all had our bitchfests...what now? We're entering into what I call the Silent Times (a.k.a. the time between eras)....
  5. Yeah that's probably right plus even her English speaking fans can't. understand. with. the. fucking. grill.
  6. It's very pretty and we get some amazing shots of the enormity of the stage. And they left her vocals the hell alone. They're imperfect, but that's why it's amazing, it's live. Perfectly imperfect. It was more than I expected. I was expecting just a rip from the screens in Sydney.
  7. I know I've been critical of this pre-release but @@Fighter was right (as usual) and there is a long list of things that I love about this release and I'd like to share them here to point out all of the amazing things we did get here! Rebel Heart Tour Main Show -The intro is presented in a very dynamic and exciting way. We get to see a lot of glory shots of the stage and the power of the screen. -The way Iconic is edited really makes the first moments of the show exciting. The camera work is a little jarring, but it really makes your heart pump, especially the shots we get of the crowd going insane for her! -Holy Water was captured in the best way that I think it could have been. You really got to see the cool moments and the effects worked to really add something cool to this song. -Body Shop looks great to me. The editing is calm and we get to see her choreography, especially when she's dancing against the screen. And she looks absolutely radiant throughout this song. -True Blue is beautiful. Plain and simple. -I know that everyone is pissy about LDLHA being axed, BUT it's removed so smoothly. You really wouldn't know anything was between the end of HBC and the start of LAV if you'd never seen the show before. It was trimmed seamlessly. -Like a Virgin has one of the best audio mixes of any LAV performance she's released to DVD/Blu-Ray -La Isla Bonita is a lot of fun to watch and she looks like she's having the time of her life. -Rebel Heart is just as beautiful to see as it was in the trailers. Though it was taken from different performances, the energy is so consistently through the roof that it really doesn't matter. -Candy Shop looks good and we get some of that iconic "Madonna Fierce Face" that we all know and love. -She picked a fucking hilarious MG wedding monologue. -La Vie en Rose looks absolutely stunning and we get some amazing shots of M and the huge crowd. -I love the UB montage. It just makes me smile. Bonus -LAP is simply the most amazing live performance she's put out in my opinion. The energy is incredible, the crowd is electric, she looks so happy, and it's very emotional and lovely. -The jokes we get in TOAC are really cute and enjoyable. -Borderline is so genuine and she looks happy to be performing it. The Case and Art -We got a high quality digi-pack. It's not flimsy cardboard, it's really tough and durable. -The booklet, while edited in an odd way, gives a good overall view of the show. -This is probably the best live cover she's ever had.
  8. I don't think this is the case. In the modern industry, it's actually really common to filter this way, not because the artist wants to hide imperfections, but because it adds more vividness to the image. The trend started in the early 2000's has ballooned since then. It's for image appearance to make the visual pop, not for anything else
  9. I know that everyone was kind of bummed out that Like A Prayer was being included but watching, I felt something that I've not felt since I saw the show in person. It was so incredible. The energy of the crowd was insane, M look happier than I have ever seen her. It looked amazing, it sounded incredible. It's the most powerful version of LAP I've seen on film and I can actually say it's my favorite performance of LAP that she's ever officially put out. I think that performance alone excuses a lot of the other shortcomings of the release.
  10. I sadly couldn't be specific because I don't remember off the top of my head where the things I mentioned took place but I think you'll notice them if you're looking out for them when you watch it. All in all, even if you don't notice, it's still enjoyable to watch and we get to see M incredibly happy which is always amazing to watch
  11. I do not know how to do the side to side comparison for you (wish I was that tech savy lol) but there has indeed been changes made from the Showtime version. This is what I've noticed, but there could be more: The audio track has been changed. They added much more of her live vocals, presumably from the Sydney show, so the audio track does now match up to the visual in most places. Her vocals are still edited in some places, mostly on the older songs, but overall, it's much less studio sounding. The visual presentation has been altered. There are still filters applied throughout, but they aren't as strong and overbearing. I'm sure you noticed on the Showtime presentation that sometimes the contrast on the picture made certain things blurry. Well, that has been corrected. It is still bright, but it is blended much better so things don't get washed out. They slightly tweaked some of the over zealous editing. It's still a tad chaotic in spots, but they did slow down some of the camera movements. They still use a lot of the backdrop overlays, but it is much easier to see what she is doing on stage behind them. They have also slightly toned down some of the more questionable visual oddities. They're still present but they aren't as jarring and flow much better. The big one is that they made it look much clearer. It isn't difficult to see what's going on as it was in the Showtime edit. They've corrected some of the visual imperfections and made the whole thing look much smoother.
  12. I honestly love the menu. And say what you will about what she did include of TOAC that intro is on point
  13. I purchased my pre-order the day it was put up, but I don't even have an email confirming a purchase. What's going on? EDIT: I found it never mind
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