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  1. Loving what I'm hearing so far. Very gay. Very "Unholy". And just like "Unholy", every drag queen will be performing this in 2 weeks. Guaranteed. Happy Pride.
  2. They didn't cancel the tour. Only a few shows while they're on vocal rest.
  3. Former Billboard reporting DJ here. Please enlighten me.
  4. The world has moved past the old model Billboard charts. Like a decade ago. It's 2023. The "charts" are 1) not accurate of popularity any longer, 2) not influential, and 3) don't make artists money like they use to. Quit looking at that as a singular measure of success. It's not 1995.
  5. In the video, Sam says "Unholy won't be the last song" at that concert and that they had something special to play after it. Sam Smith's last two songs in their setlist are "Human Nature" followed "Unholy." I don't know why they would play "Human Nature" then "Unholy" and then "Human Nature" again. I don't think it's a "Human Nature" remix.
  6. Well considering he's mashing up a Lynyard Skynyrd song that was released 25 years before he was born with a Madonna song that was released when he was in diapers, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that he heard the original 2002 mashup later and was ... "inspired" lets say. By the way - it wasn't some "random" remix. It was so popular back then with DJs that they went forward with pressing it to white label vinyl and sold it all over the world. I have my copy in storage. Here's the Discogs link: https://www.discogs.com/release/558440-Madonna-Vs-Lynyrd-Skynyrd-Dont-Tell-Me-Vs-Sweet-Home-Alabama
  7. There was a "Sweet Home Alabama/Don't Tell Me" mashup that was a big download on Napster back in 2000 during the early days of music piracy. It was just as popular as "Holiday/Music Sounds Better With You" back then. This is clearly a rip-off of that.
  8. I think we should get back to discussing Madonna and not this issue - BUT - I would implore you to educate yourself. You're asking a lot of questions that are answerable or don't stand up to simple scrutiny if examined further. For instance: gender surgery for children is extremely rare. What is much more common are hormone blockers so that a child who is struggling with gender dysphoria can (as you suggest) wait until they are "of legal age" to make transition decisions. That gender-affirming care is being outlawed state-by-state in the US right now. The conservative party in this country is using trans people as a boogeyman and fanning the "culture war" flames. They are using trans rights as a wedge issue leading up to the 2024 elections. They did the same thing with gay marriage in 2004 with Bush's reelection. Here's some science-backed, fact-based literature on hormone blockers that includes a study over many years with data from 27,000+ trans people: https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2022/01/mental-health-hormone-treatment-transgender-people.html And if you don't want to read the whole thing, here is the major point: "The new study found that transgender people who began hormone treatment in adolescence had fewer thoughts of suicide, were less likely to experience major mental health disorders and had fewer problems with substance abuse than those who started hormones in adulthood. The study also documented better mental health among those who received hormones at any age than those who desired but never received the treatment...."
  9. This is rich coming from someone who has a HEAVILY edited/filtered/Photoshopped/Facetuned photo of Madonna as their profile pic. It's not misogyny. She's 60+. She doesn't look like that anymore. And that's okay. Pretending she does is the actual misogyny. She's older and is human. She's aged. That's TRULY okay.
  10. He's Rocco's boxing instructor. This was confirmed on Watch What Happens Live by the girl he briefly dated who is on the show Summer House (that he also appeared on).
  11. She posted it because of the Tupac documentary that just premiered on Hulu.
  12. I liked it. It fits their vibe right now and I applaud them for giving no fucks. Very Madonna actually. I have tickets for their Nashville show in July and can't wait.
  13. Holy shit. You probably do. What a cross-over event this is! I love the Scream Factory F13 box set!
  14. "Digitized everything"? I have no doubt that the majority of the major things (albums, singles) are digitized and easily accessed. But a lot of the complaints on this thread are about obscure things like dubs, random radio edits, remixes, etc. not being released. That's what I'm referring to.
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