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  1. "Easter eggs" by definition are hidden. An "easter egg" is not a tease. It's also not an overt, clear reference to previous work. Example: Madonna singing "you've got to just, let your body move to the music" in Deeper & Deeper is not an easter egg. She's clearly referencing Vogue. There's nothing hidden about it. An "easter egg" makes the viewer work to discover it. Early special edition DVDs had easter eggs galore hidden in their menus. Often times you would navigate to a section of the menu that didn't seem to be an obvious point and you could view hidden deleted scenes or other extras. A perfect example of a real "easter egg" is the "Memento" DVD. It's a movie famously told backwards. A hidden feature (not listed as a bonus feature on the back cover) allowed you to watch the entire film chronologically rather than backwards. More info on that here:
  2. I trust you @bertrand (I remember you from the DJ Rico Mixshow forum days) but I swear I remember being out in D.C. right around when GHV2 was released and Barry or Chris (or both) were spinning and they played a few of the remixes from some of the songs in the megamix. Maybe they were just mixing in and out of the Club Megamix.
  3. Not sure why my reply isn't here anymore. Was it deleted by moderators? I was trying to provide context and additional info: Extended mixes of individual songs from the GHV2 megamix WERE created by Barry Harris and Chris Cox of Thunderpuss. They played them in their live sets back then. And, if my memory is correct, they used to have an internet radio show once a month or something where they played a few of them. There's even an interview somewhere from back then where Barry discussed how he created the GHV2 megamix where he mentions making individual extended remixes from some of the songs.
  4. Pretty sure Diplo is a little bicurious.... I mean, Orville Peck has a song about him that raised a few eyebrows. And Diplo famously has said that it doesn't make you gay to get a bj from another guy.
  5. I'm not arguing about vocals. I don't care. I'm answering his question about why the AUDIENCE is seen seemingly singing out of sync with the performance. That's all. Y'all can argue about polished vocals but leave me out of it.
  6. There is audio delay in live performances. The live feed you hear in the video was a direct feed from the mixing board with no delay. The audience at the concert is hearing an output signal to the speakers - which inherently have a slight delay. That's why it looks like they're singing out of sync when you watch the broadcast.
  7. Pretty sure I entered this contest back in the day. I remember my remix was really dark and tribal - a sound I was into back then. I used drum elements from this track to create the skeleton of the mix. It sounded okay for an (at the time) amateur remixer. I could take a better stab at it today. I think the only copy I have is boxed up in my attic somewhere.
  8. Errrr….. but Nashville was cancelled.
  9. • Unless I just didn't see it, I think she missed the lift in Justify My Love in Pittsburgh. • Dallas Night 1 - her shoe got caught in the big black robe during Take a Bow and she almost slipped. • Not a Madonna blooper but during Night 2 in Dallas, right before she rises up from the floor to start Bedtime Stories a crew member ran over to the stage and wiped the floor down. Not sure if they do that every night or if there was too much sweat that night. When he was hurrying to wipe the floor, he slipped and knocked 3 of the lights at the end of the stage off the stage. A second crew member ran over to pick them up and make sure they were plugged in properly. The fear in their eyes made me giggle.
  10. Can anyone make out what she's saying into the mic between lines of La Isla Bonita? Seems like she's ready for this tour to be over.
  11. Yes. Ugh. It's like she was trying to hype everyone up for a basketball game and not a Madonna concert.
  12. I wish Stuart had been the DJ at one of my shows in Dallas or Pittsburgh. The female DJ that was at both stops was *horrible* and kept cutting into songs to scream at the audience. Everyone around me at all 3 shows mentioned how cringe she was.
  13. It's not Madonna. Those vocals originate from this song.
  14. There should be a picture of every fan who's waited on a proper release of the BAT since 1990. We've been fucked by her the most.
  15. For what it's worth - The watercolor True Blue tshirt online also shows this distressed look but when I received mine it was just a normal tshirt.
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