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  1. I’m pretty sure I’m a gay man….. My husband says I am at least.
  2. Also: when it comes to art, photography has always had a heavy hand in image manipulation which long pre-dates computers and Photoshop trickery. I learned how to manipulate photos on film in college in the dark room of my Photography 101 class.
  3. Photoshop is a legitimate art form though we see a lot of bad examples of it on the internet. Remember that people said Andy Warhol wasn't a legitimate artist in the 70s because he used screen printing as his medium.
  4. Is it an "exclusive" gift if it's available for purchase by anyone right now before the tour starts? I hope not.
  5. It's not Auto-tune. AI isn't "auto-tuned" since it's not an actual person singing it off-key that's then corrected via the Auto-Tune software. It's literally an artificial "voice" that the computer is generating from thousands of audio snippets as reference. It sounds "wobbly" because the software is trying to map the sounds together and the technology - while advanced - just isn't there yet to be audibly seamless.
  6. I went ahead and bought the bomber jacket. My shows that were supposed to be in August and September are now in February and March so I can wear it to those. Also snagged the white/blue Madame X pullover that I've had my eye on for a few years. Super excited! Says it will ship within 5-8 business days but I'll believe it when it happens.
  7. Here's one rehearsal of "Rescue Me" https://www.facebook.com/madonna/videos/-the-batukadeiras-joining-madame-on-rescue-me-batuka-video-drops-friday-9am-est-/698269140613425/
  8. She rehearsed a full version of "Rescue Me" and posted at least two videos of it on Instagram during the Madame X rehearsals. She knows that fans have been requesting this song for 30 years. I'm not sure why she thought the "breath work" dance interlude with barely two spoken lines from the verses was a better than the ACTUAL FULL SONG for the final show. She loves to be a sadist to her fans.
  9. The American Life video from 13 years later is going "hmmm ..... really?" LOL
  10. Also because she was photographed on a flight from NYC to London last week. But deathproof is right - she's back in NYC.
  11. The stories are actually sourced from the book mentioned at the bottom of the article. The Post is just reporting what the book says.
  12. EDIT: Just realized the Paper Magazine thing is fake. Too bad. Looks like she flew to London to record a new single (!!!!) with Nile Rogers but is now back in NYC to finish rehearsals.
  13. You don't know it's an injury. It's a compression garment. Among many uses, compression garments can be used to help you from getting an injury in the first place. I was a competitive gymnast and wore them on my wrists all the time. More info here: https://www.rentakneewalker.com/stories/what-is-the-purpose-of-a-knee-compression-sleeve
  14. Yes. You're right. Though some of these were reused video and not filmed specifically for the tour.
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