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  1. yeah thanks that's great news
  2. She should dump Klein. This is so deja vu. I was expecting something fresh.
  3. Favorite are MM Interview, MM Pop, Meisel LAV, Testino Versace, Cameron GHV2, Ritts WTG tourbook, Lindbergh, Klein RIT, Testino ROL, Dah Len, Meisel Vogue 92 (and many BUT many more) Less favs are mostly Klein (no light no pose, no nothing) , especially DG 2010, MDG, Hard Candy, Rio. Meisel Vuitton 2008, Testino Versace 2006, Ritts WTG promo (and not many more in this category)
  4. As the Daily Mail beautifully puts it: "Her toned abs and geometrically improbable derrière were silhouetted perfectly against a white background. " This made me laugh. However I do not like the new derrière.
  5. Ray of Light American Life Music Madonna Erotica
  6. Favs GGW Some Gils I'm Addicted Love Spent Masterpiece I used to love Beautiful Killer but it faded over time.
  7. 1. Ray Of Light 2. American Life 3. Music 4. Madonna 5. Confessions On A Dance Floor 6. Erotica 7. Rebel Heart 8. Like A Prayer 9. Madame X 10. True Blue 11. Hard Candy 12. Bedtime Stories 13. MDNA 14. Like A Virgin
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