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  1. Re-InventionUK

    Why she just cant be herself anymore and just make good music without featuring all these artist's. She doesn't have to prove herself and she's still trying to get down with the kids and be young and fresh but face it Madonna that wont happen for you anymore no matter how hard you try. You have got your fan base stop chasing for more.
  2. Re-InventionUK

    I found it very uncomfortable to watch. She sounded terrible and really think its time she did think about stopping. So glad I wont be going to see Madame ❌ live in London
  3. Re-InventionUK

    So when the singles from Rebel Heart started to be released we instantly had official remixes released. So far we have no official remixes for Medellín. Will we be getting any at all as there seems to be no mention of them so far.
  4. Dont want to be greedy but id love to hear all Maonna's unreleased material especial her version of Alone Again and the Takkra commercial song Broken. Plus all remaining stuff from the Ray Of Light and Music era's. Would also love many unreleased remixes. Rauhofer's remix of I'm Addicted DJ Paulo's remixes of Devil Pray & Love Spent
  5. Re-InventionUK

    @@GamePat Many Thanks.
  6. Re-InventionUK

  7. Re-InventionUK

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you talented remixers out there could work some magic on 2 songs for me. Maybe you Remixers United guys could help?. I would love an extended version of the Rain Radio remix and and extended remix of Fever edit One. Is there anybody that can do this for me I would be very happy. I have the rain extended remix instrumental and Fever edit one Instrumental so thought they could be made using these. If there is anyone who can help doing this please let me know and I have the tracks to send to you if you need them to make the remix. many Thanks in advance and hope someone can do this.
  8. Re-InventionUK

    I loved her performance of Send In The Clowns. I'd really love her to record this song and include it on a new ballads collection.
  9. Now we've had a batch of leaks in video. Wouldn't it now be nice to get some audio for some unreleased gems. Hint hint 😆

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    2. Inco


      Unreleased songs! Maybe an unreleased video like happened to Avril!


    3. Re-InventionUK



      Not tour stuff just unreleased songs.

    4. Fighter


      well they arent allowed here tho lol

  10. Wanting, Waiting, Needing for you, DJ Paulo to Release "Love Spent" & "Devil Pray" Remixes........

    1. Winn


      Is the Love Spent one out yet, I've only been able to find a preview file. On the plus, side I found Paulo's Ghosttown Remix. Thankyou!!!

    2. Re-InventionUK


      No Love Spent has never been released in full. The Ghosttown remix surfaced a few months ago and is obn the forum in the DJ Paulo Remixes topic in Audio's

  11. Re-InventionUK

    I will be wearing my new Rebel Heart T-Shirt
  12. Re-InventionUK

    You've made an error. You have put that I was the lowest voter for Shame giving it a score of 1/10. But I actually voted 10/10 for that song and just rechecked the message I sent you. Love that demo lol. Oh well never mind lol.
  13. Re-InventionUK

    I'm block F, Row L.
  14. Re-InventionUK

    Placed my vote :mama002:
  15. Re-InventionUK

    You have missed off from the Bedtime Stories era "Let Down Your Guard" , "Your Honesty" & "Freedom"