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  1. That would be great... And if she can't upload it the HBO Montage used to promote "The Girlie Show" VHS would be great too.
  2. Yeah, and I understand all of that. The times I watched a live show of Madonna I had to wait half an hour (one of the longest of my life) so I can understand that people gets upset with that. I can understand that for example on the first concert of a tour or in one or two concerts (always having an explanation) but not what happened on MDNA Rebel Heart and Madame X tours. The fact that she says things like "A queen never comes late" doesn't help. I think she uses that kind of things to say "I'm sorry" in a funny way, and maybe her fans understand tha humor, but in the public there's a lot of people that it's not a fan but wants to see her live once in their lives. But even though I can understand that, I don't understand some things. The Who's that girl club mix "Had a bad quality image" or "had better pictures of that session" or "The causing a commotion edit doesn't appear" or "Why didn't she release it on digital or CD?" so... She unprofessional, she's lost her magic, she's over. Finally Enough Love, HER favorite mixes. "Angel is not there", "Why not causing a commotion", "The remix of this song should be this one and not the one added on the compilation", "The artwork is the worst artwork ever, the "Ghosttown" one was much better" (it's a joke). so... she's unprofessional, she's lost her magic, she's over. Look what happened to the Everybody RSD post. It was closed because people didn't like the cover and, instead of saying "I'm not a big fan of the new artwork" was like "I'm gonnna die!!!!!!!! She's so unprofessional, she's lost her magic, she's over. We've had here people (and I think that they are fans too) that worked on her atworks. There were some that they had curiosity for their work, that asked them question with respect and that's ok but, on the other hand there were the drama queens that are always saying how bad their work is and in a bad way. I guess that if you talk with them and say "I recognize your work, but I don't like it" probably they would say "Why?" just to know the opinion. But here are some people that more than an opinion they just insult or, at least they don't show respect and, the sad thing, is that seems that they think they're funny and enjoy this situation. I've been a Madonna fan of Madonna since 1984 (I'm not trying to say that it makes me a better fan than the others) but one thing I know is that I know her work perfectly and if someone is against her I can use arguments to defend her. The same way that some times I've talked with blind fans and tried to open their eyes saying "Yeah, this is great but look that mistakes too". Life is full of oppinions, nothing is completly black or completly white but as time goes by there's less people that see this in grey.
  3. Ooops, sorry... My mistake. If her music doesn't count yeah... I admit it. Madonna is a terrible instagramer! Just joking... I know what you're trying to say but people here are acting like she's completly over for 4 remixes and 3 videos and a half. For me, and I guess that for a lot of fans, the albums (don't forget that after all Madonna is a singer) are not bad. You can like them more or less but they are not bad albums. You talk about this year... I don't think she's done something so bad to see how some people react. What did she do this year? 01. Who's that girl club mix for RSD 02. Frozen remixes 03. Material Gwoooorld 04. Gay Pride Concert 05. Finally Enough Love compilation 06. Hung up with tokischa 07. Erotica picture disc re-realise 08. Everybody RSD I don't think it's bad. About the Madame X Tour I have to admit that is not her best moment. I think the show was good but the last minute cancelations, waiting hours to see her on stage was what made the show a disaster. Of course, it was her fault too but I don't think the show on stage was bad at all. Different to what people expected (same as the new remixes) but not bad at all.
  4. Yeah... But I think that "MDNA", "Rebel heart" and "Madame X" are good albums (an if they were hits most of the haters would have say they are master pieces). The videos were good, the tours too... And now for 4 remixes done without promotion some are acting like if she is completly over.
  5. So, you're saying that on her videos she plays a herself and not a character? I mean, I'm sure she had control about what she wanted to be shown in the video I don't see Tokischa pointing her with a gun saying "Madonna, you have to look pathetic for part of your fans). You can like it or not, but I'm sure she knew what she was doing. So, no in 1993 Madonna was a controlled alcoholic (instead of playing that part on "Bad Girl" video) and in 1987 she descovered she was a "folclórica" in real life. And now for everybody... Come on, I think people is going to far... It's just a video she has made because she wanted to do it. Do you think is great? Perfect. Do you hate it? Perfect too. Do you want to give your opinion??? PERFECT!!!!!!! But to judge her whole career for a 3 minutes video. This is not a new whole era... It's just a song to fill a gap.
  6. I understand what you want to say but I'm old enough to remember that "Erotica" wasn't considered as art 1992. Of course it was millions better than this but was time what made it look like art. I remember the girls in 1992 were afraid to say "I'm a Madonna fan" because the guys would see them as whores. The critics were like "We were right, she's just a striper that can't sing and look what she has to do to get attention because if not nobody would know she has a new album outhere". And the streight guys were happy because they only had to buy the daily newspapers to have pictures of a beutiful girl naked to warm them at night. Anyway, I think the funny thing is that some of the ones that think she's too sex-up are begging and crying for years for a new edition of the "Sex" book... wouldn't if be too much too? Or if she re-release photos of her 30's years body it's ok? Some would say what they said in 1992... She's so desperate that she has to re-realise this piece of art to get attention.
  7. Come on, guys!!!! Don't worry... I was watching the video and my sisters came and said "Who are those women?" Most people won't recognize her so no big problem :P Now, seriously, I think the problem with Madonna in the last years is that she hasn't a "challenge" anymore. The way music has evolved is very different to what it was, yes, but she doesn't have a Michael Jackson (for example) to "fight" making the most expensive video of all time, the tours and things like that. You only have to look at the starts that you can compare with her... They are all dead or retired. Imagine that you're Madonna in the past and look at all the people that was around her and the life she had with musicians, actors, photographers... I'm sure she had incredible times making photo sessions with Ritts, for example, but I think it was for all the things around it. The light, the make up... now is "Come on, go out of bed and don't worry to make up, we have photoshop". I guess for someone who lived the other way it must be very boring to make her job now. And if you look at the videos... Now there are very simple videos that work pefectly, so why waste time, money and energy doing something incredible that nobody will watch? I think videos like "Medellin", "God Control", "Ghosttown" are very Madonna but people don't want to see that kind of videos now. They prefer a "Bitch, I'm Madonna" video... so I think in some way we are still lucky when she does things like that but, unfortunally, that's not what the general public wants anymore. On the other hand... I think this is just a phase. I see the "Hung up" video as something she's made to fill a gap. To see what happens with her we have to wait and see how her next album is. And I have hope that with all the biopic and the Warner contract and things like that they will try to clean her image and I'm sure we're going to see the Madonna we knew again.
  8. I remember that story but I think it was more a "fan desire" than reallity. It was said that Warner wanted to make a 25 anniversary of the book with outtakes. Who said that? Nobody knows... When it wasn't released people said "Madonna didn't want to do it" but I never heard Madonna saying that, the same way I can remember Warner announcing they wanted to do it.
  9. I think the same... For the first re-release I think the best thing would be start with a hit album full of hits. For the general public the 80's were the best Madonna. So fans will buy "Erotica", "I'm Breathless" but for the general public they need something big to start. I think "Like a virgin" has it all. You can add songs like "Crazy for you", "Gambler" and "Into The Groove" as recordings of that era. Add demos of unreleased songs like "Warning signs", "Desperately seeking Susan" or even "Sidewalk Talk" sang by her and demos of the released songs. If I'm not wrong Nile Rodgers made some remixes for the singles that never were released... Add to all of it a Blu-ray with all the official videos, performance of Like a virgin from Japan, or MTV or TOTP with "The Virgin Tour" (and if it was possible the Keith Haring Paradise Garden celebration with "Like a virgin" and "Dress you up") and I'm sure all the fans would be incredibly happy (Well, not all, I'm sure some would be like "I hate it, is all wrong as always"). What I don't want is a limited pre-order like the "Finally Enough Love". That day was impossible to me to make a pre-order and it's ok if you see that all the copies were bought by fans but when you see one person selling two or three copies with very explensive prices is like "Why? I'm a fan, I want to give my money to Madonna, not the resellers". So better a "Pre-order from this day to this one" without having a limit of copies.
  10. I think more or less the same. "Sex" was incredible in 1992, but for me, what made it so special was the time and the way it was made. It was 1992, Madonna was THE STAR. After "Vogue", "The Immaculate Collection", "Blond Ambition Tour" and even "This used to be my playground" nobody was ready for this. It was like "You have it all and decide to make something like this? You want to finish your career?" And she said "Yes, let's do it". I think nobody has made something so risky in history. It wasn't like when Penhouse bought her naked pictures. This was her (not others) who decided to make it. We were lucky enough that she's still here as the star that she is and that we had incredible moments after that. I think that for most of the people the problem was that she ones the one that made the choice and saw her more "dangerous" than what they thought. Now if they re-release the book I don't think it will get such attention. I mean, of course fans will go crazy and buy it and will be a "success" but the original will be the one remembered so, why touch it? When I talk with people and I say I'm a Madonna collector the first question is always "Do you have the "Sex" book?". If they re-release it I think it would lost part of its magic and its meaning. Other thing is to make some merchandising to celebrate the anniversary. A pillow with an outtake, a candel with the "X" on it, a lithograph or something like that :P
  11. It's very difficult... too much non-single songs. But I will try with one of the fan favorites... Time Stood still
  12. Sure!!!!! Hope someday somebody invent programs with filters and things like that to do what we want with our face. Till them I guess we have to hide it behind letters... :P
  13. Come on! If she gives the back to the camera is because she doesn't like her face... If she was all the time with her face on the camara I'm sure that would be "She's ashamed of her ass". As she sang in "Goodbye to Innocence" "You believe what you want to believe". About the video... First of all I think she looks great. I'll never understand all those filters in photo shots when she looks much better in a more "natural" way. And I have to say that I have no problem with she wearing grills, but please, not when she's talking, sometimes I have to listen two or three times to understand her. What I missed? She didn't used the "Artists are here to..." line. And I know that is something quick but I think she could change some of the answers. I mean, we all know she loves Frida Khalo but years ago was Frida, was Tamara de Lempicka and lots of different artists. Now when she's asked you know she will say "Martha Graham, Frida Khalo and David Bowie". About her zodiacal sign... I don't want her to say anymore that she's tired of answering the same old questions. Come one, you had lots of questions and decided that this one was one of the best 50??? I guess she needed one to answer "Sex" :P
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