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  1. So they have to make a new format for celebrities of Madonna's stature? Season 1x01 Madonna, Season 1x02 canceled, we don't have celebrities to invite to the program that have something to promote... I think what she has to do is to promote her work for the general public and the general public see these shows, that's all...
  2. I love this song but I think the same... I think we'll never see this song in a concert. It's sad it wasn't nominated for an Oscar to see it live at least once...
  3. I'd prefer that if she had to add 1990 footage would be the "I'm not changing my show, Freddy" :P Well, like all her fans, I'd love to see the full concert but is her who has the right to give us what she wants and how she wants. Maybe we could get "Crave" or "Sorade" buying the Japanese blu-ray like we got "Take a bow". But yeah, I hate when she change the set list or doesn't include all the songs... But let's wait to see it before judge it
  4. At least in Spain it was a hit... That summer was played a lot in the radio. I remember a lot of people saying it was a clue of how her next album was going to sound... Anyway, I have to admit that it was a success here but I've never heard it again on the radios and people doesn't remember it... the same happens with "I'll remember".
  5. The moment I remember the most was in "Drowned World Tour"... When she sang "La isla bonita". When Antonio starts to dance all the crowd went crazy screaming "Ole, ole" and clapping our hands... You can see it here (1h23'). Was an incredible moment
  6. I think that if they are going to make a big promotional campaign for the 40 anniversary they'd want to keep all those singles and videos to be a part of it instead of uploading them in a random way. And, on the other hand, as some people say now it's time for the "Madame X Tour" so I guess it's the only thing we're going to have in the next few months.
  7. Well, at least all the news are talking about Madonna and her ass and Cindy Lauper and her women's rights speech... Seems they are the only interested things that happened yesterday.
  8. I remember reading about it (but I don't know if that's true) and they said that when they recorded the video at the end she always made the playback wrong and after making some takes, she was tired of doing the same and they didn't had much time, they decided to make the cuts on the song to make it fit to the video... It could be possible but it could be a rumour too... Who knows???
  9. Well, I love "American Pie" too... and I think like someone said before that "Ray of light" didn't age so well. I enjoyed it in 1998 very much but now, for me, it's her most boring album. I think some people loves it just because it was beginning of her last big years for the general public. And other thing that I hate is when people say "This album/song/tour/performance" is overrated without arguments. I mean, some times a song, album, tour... are remembered for the impact when it was released. I can understand that a 20 years fan can say that "Like a virgin" (it's just an example) is overrated but it's because he only knows the album and saw the youtube clips and things like that... People that lived that time has a different point of view...
  10. I love this song and you've made an amazing job... I remember when the album was out and I listened at home and with some friends, they all talked about this song as their favorite. It's sad that it was never released as a single...
  11. Here I found something... yeah, as you said it was not from "True blue" sessions as I thought https://todayinmadonnahistory.com/tag/possessive-love/ Anyway, the song was released as a single in January of 1988 and seems that Marilyn Martin says that the song was written specifically for her...I really doubt that Madonna made a recording of the song after she finished the tour on September 1987 and before the song was released in January of 1988, but who knows...
  12. I was thinking the same... As far as we know she never recorded a solo version. The Madonna "solo" demo that is shared in some places is just a fan-made version using her vocals from the "Dub". Something similar happens with "Possessive love"... As far as I know it was written in the "True blue" sessions but Madonna thought the lyrics didn't fit on the album so she didn't record the song and when Leonard was working with Marilyn Martin they decided to give her the song but there was not a previous demo sang by Madonna. I'm not 100% sure of this, maybe someone can confirm.
  13. My perfect idea for her 80's work would be something like the Michael Jackson's "Visionary" box but with the videos apart (not a double side CD one with audio and the other with video). They could make a nice box to buy with the first single and releasing a single each month or something like that. The collectors could buy the singles and put them in the box and the casual fans could buy just the singles they want. It could be something like this for Madonna: "Everybody" (with the box) - CD with all the remixes "Burning up" - CD with all the remixes "Holiday" - CD with all the remixes "Lucky star" - CD with all the remixes "Borderline" - CD with all the remixes DVD/ Blu ray with all the official videos and some performances. (I'd love all but that could be really complicated) And finally a remastered version of the album with 2 CDs. The first one the original album. The second one with demos, songs like "Ain`t no big deal) or unreleased remixes. The album with a booklet with info about the songs, the singles, and would be great info of each song given by Madonna or the people that worked on it, outtakes and things like that. The single box could be used for more albums, not make it a new one for each album... With that I would be completly happy and I think is a good way to let unreleased material with the album and, at the same time, the ones who want the remixes can buy the singles and have the official versions. Of course a re-release of the 12'' maxis would be just perfect but I think it would be too much to ask for.
  14. Great news! For me, the good thing, is that Warner is a big company and have money enough to make a good promotion. I'm sure they'll give a lot of money to Madonna for letting them do this so I'm sure they will work hard to get all that money back and win even more. I always thought that the problem with Madonna in the last years was not her work, it was that she didn't make a promotion big enough to make the whole world know about it. If you're not a fan and you're not looking for her it's easy not to know she performed in UK, or in Ellen, or the Brits or things like that. Now with Warner I'm sure that we'll see her in newspapers, magazines, on social media and music plataforms... I think this is a good step in the right direction and, knowing she's working in her biopic, I'm sure that she'll work hard with Warner to be in the spotlight as the queen of pop she is when the movie come out.
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