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  1. scamper

    This... "American pie" and "Die another day" were songs made for their movies and they were included on the album soundtracks. On the other hand "Live to tell" was released on "True blue" album for the first time (I'm not counting the singles and maxis) making it a song for the album. I think the real problem is the video. If they made a video only with Madonna singing the song everybody would be thinking that it was a "True blue" single but they added the movie scenes and I think that make us feel sometimes that is not a proper single.
  2. scamper

    For me the only answer for that is "If I were Madonna I would... BE A WOMAN". As easy as that...
  3. scamper

    I think it depends of the way you look at it... I think "Like a virgin" is bigger as a whole. The album, the singles, the videos, the tour the soundtracks... Everything on that era was iconic and if you lived it you know what I mean. But, on the other hand, I think as a song "Like a prayer" is more iconic. Of course the "Like a prayer" era was big. "Express yourself" was a very important song on her career too but "Cherish", "Oh Father", "Dear Jessie" and "Keep it together" (even though some are hits too were not as important as "Into the groove", "Angel", "Crazy for you", "Material girl" or "Dress you up". Of course after the "prayer era" was the "Vogue" and "Blond Ambition Tour" thing that make the everything look bigger but, if we talk just about the albums I think "Like a virgin" had a greatest impact on its own.
  4. scamper

    Uma Thurman and Courtney Cox
  5. scamper

    I'm sure she'll film the show... She has recorded everything in the last years, her birthday and things like that... why not filming the show? Other different thing is if we will see it released soon or not... I think could be interested to show people how the show is (now that we know that it will be almost impossible to see fan recordings), I think would be great to film some of the songs and upload them to her youtube channel. For example if she performs "Faz Gostoso" with a good coreography and things like that could help her to promote the album, the tour and the song without making an official video... Maybe that, two or three songs during the tour on youtube and when the tour is finished the whole show in blu-ray I think would be perfect.
  6. scamper

    Well, is all about a personal taste so don't hate me for what I'm going to say but mine is "Ray of light". The same way I didn't like much "Hard candy" when it was released as time goes by I can say that I like it (not my favorite but I enjoy it),,, "Ray of light" was the opposite to me... In 1998 I was all day listening to it and all the songs were incredible and was almost the perfect album... Maybe I listened to it so much that I got tired of it. Who knows? And though it's not a studio album I think that "Celebration" is the worst of them all. Not because the songs, but there's something on it that it doesn't work... In fact I did my own "Celebration" compilation and I think it's much interesting using almost the same tracklist.
  7. Here you have a topic with all of them
  8. scamper

    I'd be happy contributing too...
  9. I have two in mind... The first one is the Madonna/Like a virgin era. I think it was very natural. I think it was fresh, wild and sexy and not "calculated". I mean, now she knows lot of designers, she has stylist, people to make her hair and her make up and all those kind of things. At that time she was starting so she worked with friends and "normal" people. I don't know if I'm explaining myself right... The second one is all the "Hollywood Style". I think it fits her perfectly. "Material girl", "Sooner or later" from the Oscrs, MTV 10th Annyversary speech..., I think when she's inspired by Marilyn, Marlene and all those great celebrities she looks incredible... Just like a goddess...
  10. Time for Madonna to phone all the nominies to say "If you can't go to the ceremony I'd love to go there to take the Oscar for you" like Crawford did with Davis... :tongue:

  11. Of course I'd love to see something like that but hey, if they (Madonna, Warner, Guy O, whoever) don't care about uploading an official video in good quality on her youtube account, if they don't care about selling her videos in good-quality (I'm talking about "Celebration" DVD), if they don't care if the re-released albums have bad quality covers that sometimes look like colour photocopy why should they worry in looking for demos, listen to them to see which one is better, cleaning and mastering them to make them sound good and things like that??? While the fans still buy all the bad quality re-realises they won't think about making something special.
  12. I think that is Madonna who has to decide it. There are lots of things we don't know about their relation as Star/Manager or what Madonna really wants. I remember reading some place that Guy was the only person that was on her side on the "Erotica" era. Warner went crazy, they even wanted to take the "Sex" books from book stores and wanted Madonna to go to TV and radios saying "I'm sorry, it was a big mistake". Guy was the only one who says to her "If that's what you want keep on going". About "Material girl", "Hard candy gyms", "MDNA Skin"... I'm sure they have everything calculated and that they don't want those things to last for long. They see the business and they do that and when they get what they want they go to another thing. This is how I see it. Finally, I'd like to say something about the "ass" thing. People is going crazy about that. I can understand people who says "Now, everybody is talking about her ass, not about what she did" but hey, that happened all the time in Madonna's career. If you read articles from the early years til now, lot of people was saying "She wants attention, but she's over". She was over with the "Madonna" because she was only a one hit wonder, over with "Like a virgin" because she was a bad copy of Cindy Lauper, over with "Erotica" because she "needed" to be naked to get attention because she wasn't a good singer and she had to do that to sell records, desperate with "Bedtime stories" because she just wanted to make people forget "Erotica"... all the time the same. I think people who only talks about her ass and uses that for the headlines in their articles doesn't really know much about her career and they don't have something good to say. It's very difficult to people to say the good things in the real life and I guess that's why all the negative coments (not just for Madonna, for a lot of people) in magazines, Internet or TV. I don't like her ass in the Stonewall concert but it's HER ass and is HER life so, for me she is the only one who have to say something about that. I admire Madonna as an artist and as long as she makes good music (don't care how much she sells), keep doing incredible tours, saving Malawi, defending the things she believe in and being a strong woman who doesn't care much what people say about her I don't care much about how big her ass is. And, by the way, just say that maybe her jeans doesn't help her much... You only have to take a look to the "MDNA Tour" and compare her ass in "Girl Gone Wild", "Vogue" or "Celebration"... It doesn't look the same depending of the trousers...
  13. scamper

    Blond Ambition Tour from Nice has different camera angles too, And The Who's that girl tour broadcasted shows were the complete shows from Tokyo and Turin and the one released was a mix of Tokyo, Turin and Florencia.
  14. scamper

    Didn't know Spotlight was aired on MTV Japan. As long as I knew it was only released in UK music stores to promote "You can dance" but it was never aired on TV channels...