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  1. Don't really know about it but I remember reading at the time that Madonna had recorded two songs for the movie. One was "I surrender dear" and another one called "Big Bucks". On the movie there's a scene where the girls of the club sing "Big Bucks... big bucks" but that's all. Maybe Madonna recorded the song and was cut but the chorush was used as background music. Who knows???
  2. scamper

    I think the concepts have changed through the years. When I was young the thing was: Single: 7'', one song in each side Maxi: 12'', usually with extended versions and two more song (or a remix) as b-side EP: Usually 5 or 6 songs and usually including remixes of songs previously released. That's how it worked here when I was young. In the 80's the songs didn't have lots of mixes like now so that was the difference between them. With the 90's things change and I have not very clear where is the difference sometimes between maxis and EPs.
  3. And now people go to her youtube, see the videos in that quality and will think... "really? She's overrated"...
  4. scamper

    I think they can do more than what they make. I can understand that they don't want to re-release an album for every annyversary and things like that but I feel that the things they do are not good enough. I mean, just look at her youtube. The videos are in low quality, you can see videos that have nothing to do with her and things like that. I know people that doesn't look her videos just because they look too old and most of the times is because the quality is not good. I said this in another thread but I'll say it again. My sister was watching videos from the 80's and when she started with "Material girl" she said "Wow, this video looks too old". She said that because she was watching videos from the same year of other artists and yeah, the effects and things like that were very 80's but the quality of the picture was much better. I show her another version of the video with better quality and she was like "Yeah, much better... Why doesn't they upload her videos in better quality? They don't look good. Madonna was always great because she gave quality. Doing this is like "Well, that was not good enough to spend time or money giving a better quality file, people won't visit the site so this is good enough". That's what I feel sometimes, that Madonna's legacy is treated as if it had been made for some completly unkown singer but the general public right now. For example, don't know if you know the song "Wonderful Life" by Black. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't remember she had a very long career with full of success. He was more like a "One hit wonder" and his video is in 1080 on youtube. Same with other artists... With Madonna is like "Ok, here's what you have and she's not important enough to give you something better". I think today they could do lots of things to let people now what she had made for music, videos, concerts and things like that without re-realising albums, box-sets and things like that. Just giving the general public what they can get for free (youtube, spotify and things like that) something with at least the same quality as other less important artists.
  5. When I was young I remember that everybody talked about Cher and the surgey but no the same way they do with Madonna. Anyway, we have to say that the times were different. I only remeber watching Cher in musical videos, concerts, movies... all was very professional. I think the problem here is that you see pictures of Madonna all the time and you can see how her face change from a day to another. I think Madonna doesn't need all those things and I think she would look incredible with a more natural look but is her life, her face and she can do what she wants. I like Madonna not for her face, I think she's much more than an image and she doesn't have to justify what she does with her body. I have to say that I find stupid when people talks against surgecy. I mean, you can go to the gym to have muscles and have an incredible body... why? I mean... Is your body, eat what you want, get fat if you want, why change it? I think in some way it's the same... It's good to "change" your body because you feel better doing it but it's bad to change your face?
  6. Maybe I'm wrong but I've always heard that the inspiration for the video was the opera "Carmen" (by Georges Bizet). And that the bull-fighter story came from it.
  7. scamper

    Everytime she has to released a tour is the same. Don't worry guys, sooner or later we'll have the... maDAMN X tour!!!!
  8. Yeah, I thought the same... Looks like the same idea...
  9. scamper

    I think that it's possible that the person who uploads her videos to youtube could be around here trying to find videos in low quality to upload them to her channel.
  10. All she has to do is to show a nipple and it will be forgotten in less than five minutes...
  11. scamper

    I think all the versions are the same as the ones from other countries. About the art covers... "Dress You Up" and "Live To Tell" have different logos for the tittle too... I think the only complete different cover (using another picture) is the "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" CD Maxi.
  12. scamper

    Yeah, I know how you feel... It would have been great a video for Medellín with this "man" face instead of Maluma... I'm sure they could do something good with computers and things like that... hahahaha. And that would be the definitive "Madame X" persona... Madame X is a woman, is a man :P
  13. scamper

    Madonna was a man on "Express yourself"!!!!!!
  14. scamper

    Thanks Unruhe... I think is the same video that I have but in another format, but the quality is the same. I compared it with the movie versión and yes, this one is short, the instrumental break is longer in the movie but it would be easy (if you know how to do it) to make a recreation. Home someone can make it someday and share it with us
  15. scamper

    No, it's not different to the HBO Broadcast, is the HBO Broadcast. I have three or four different rips of ASIAH but all of them shitty quality too. From "Buenos Aires" I think I have one from her site in flv or something like that. I think it was a different edit than the movie one too using the edit instead the álbum versión.