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  1. Because they are waiting to add the correct files as the surprise of the 40th annyversary :P The edits and remix edits will be for the 45th and "Ain't no big deal" probably for the 50th
  2. DickTracy is right. I've took a look at the original CD bootleg and talks about how women should be free to take their own decitions and not the law. I think the album is like a new "Papa don't preach" thing but as an album and for charity,
  3. I love comics too... When I was a child I used to buy all weeks Disney comics (in my town it was not easy to find other things, just Spanish comics and some superheroes ones) and that's how I started. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with some animes like "Saint Seiya" and "Ranma 1/2" so, when I saw the mangas were released in Spain I was like "What??? So there are japanese comics too???" :P Now I have a nice collection. I have mangas from Pokemon to Tokyo Ghoul. Junji Ito is one of my favorite "mangakas" (don't know if you use this word in other countries), and I have titles like "Bakuman", "Kids on the slope", "Innocent" (this one is incredible), Beastars... Now I'm reading "Adolph" by Osamu Tezuka... About other comics, I'm not much into superheroes but I absolitly love Harley Quinn (my friends say that I'm as crazy as she is and that's why I love her, who knows) but I love her as a comic character, on movies she's ok but that's all. I love Mike Mignola too (I think she's known by "Hellboy" but I think his other works are more interesting), love Spawn too and comics like "Lock and key" (I had the comics before netflix started the TV serie), Harrow County, Monstress... I have lots of terror comics but I can't tell the names in English (I will try to find out). When I was a child I wanted to be an illustrator and I admire their work very much. I still make drawings of my favorite characters but I think it's really hard to work on it, so I enjoy so much reading the stories made by others
  4. I have a friend who loves classical music and knows much about it and I asked that question too... He said that it didn't sound familiar to him, that for him it was something done just for the tour.
  5. Because she makes rehearsals for months befor starting the tour... And it's not a new song, there was a time when she knew the full lyrics... She don't have to learn it again, just refresh her memory. Anyway, I think when she does it on tour is just to make people sing the song, not because she forgot the lyrics. And if she forget it, she has that guy on her ear saying the words.
  6. Maybe it's just the "clothes" she's wearing... For me on videos like "Turn up the radio" they look too up, and I think that she has great tits in a more "natural position"... but she wears what she wants and if she likes that way for me it's ok. In JPG runway her tits were not on her chin... :P
  7. I didn't write in this topic before because I wanted to see what happened before writing something... What I think now is that the only problem was they way it was announced. If it was something like "Come see Madonna in the club and help her with a charitable act" I think it would have been better. The problem for me were the expetations with all that "God is cuming" and talking about art and things like that. People started to think "Is Madonna, so it will be something really big for her career". I think it was just a nice moment to the people that was there and I think they have so much fun (Madonna included) doing this and that's how people should have been seen it. Is not the first time Madonna makes this, we saw her going to clubs to sing "Hung up" with the confessions, she was in a club when "MDNA" was released but it wasn't promoted this way. I think that's the only problem with all of this. To talk about if she's lost her magic or that she is not what she used to be watching this, I think it's just stupid because I don't see this as part of her career. I see this as something she wanted to do and that's all. I don't see this as part of her work, I don't know if you know what I mean. About the pictures... I think she looks great and I can see her face on it. Yeah, she's done things on her face but when I look at them I can see Madonna and her attitude. Some are ok, some good, some great but I see Madonna the Queen of Pop in all of them.
  8. So now people see that they promote things that never get uploaded... So the general public who was waiting for "Justify my love" and now "Papa don't preach" are thinking "Wow, it must be true that Madonna is very professional and has all the control in the things she does with her work"... I see all this more like a lack of interest in doing things right than something done to promote the June 24th...
  9. It could be the reason but, what about "Justify my love"? This is not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last... I can see what you say if she was interested in uploading something new, for example a video for "I don't search I find" and suddenly appears the other project and she says "I want all the attention in the new thing" but with "Papa don't preach"? I think only fans will be interested in going to see it in the moment it's released. The general public won't go to her youtube channel saying "Wow! Finally Papa don't preach in HD, I have to see it". About the "June 24th" thing... If she didn't know 10 days ago when the announced of "Papa don't preach" was done that she was going to do something new is because it's not something so special, just something done in the last minute...
  10. I think the same... Nobody was waiting for the video, if they say nothing there would be no problem at all... That's what I don't understand about this... First "Justify my love", now "Papa don't preach"... It would be better say nothing and have the surprise like they did with other videos that we didn't expect...
  11. I was thinking about it and I guess when she says "I lost my shoe" she's not talking about the moment she take them off. I think she throw the shoes and when she was down on stage she didn't find one of them and, in that moment she saw, it and when for it rolling on the floor... but with Madonna, who knows? I think is more strange when she talks about Martin being on stage with her...
  12. I think that would be great if she uploads the GAY Pride performance she did two years ago the same way she uploaded the MET Gala on her birthday...
  13. I think that's a good interpretation of the song... What I'd like to know is what "Brain inside, my only friend" means and "Hope it gives me birth each new"... I'm from Spain, and I think this is the first time I have a problem trying to understand what she means
  14. Rusty Egan is the DJ who made the UK remixes of "Everybody". About the info, I'd like to know too...
  15. OK, I always read "Worst than baddie so", didn't know about Buddy Sue...
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