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  1. Yeah, I remember reading on a book that at that time the concerts had that duration for legality clauses and things like that. The book said that that was the reason why the instrumental interludes were cut and with the songs they decided "Angel" and "Borderline" because they were the weakest songs (she only sang half of "Borderline") and "Burning Up" because they were afraid that people find it too hot and they wanted a VHS for all publics. Maybe it was just a theory but I think it could be possible.
  2. Could it be possible that she was trying to play with the words but sometime ago I notice that some artists change the "S" for a "Z" and something similar with other letters like the "F". I asked a friend that works in a studio and he told me that sometimes they do it because the sound of some letters with the microphone is too strong and it's an easy way to make it sound better. Prayer, you're for Spain so you can listen to "Un hombre de verdad" by Fangoria (not the version of Dinarama) and you can hear clearly that she sings "Cin dudar, ire a buzcar, quiero encontrar, ci..."
  3. If it's gatefold too could have some interest for those who have the original vinyl... if not...
  4. I don't usually talk about her face, because I think it's not the most important thing to talk about Madonna but... I hate when people talks about getting old with dignity... What is getting old with dignity? I mean, for me dignity has nothing to do with our body, is deeper than that. Yeah, she uses filters, fillers and all those things but where's the problem? I mean... I have a "good" paunch but when I buy a T-shirt (for example) I don't like it to be very tight. Should I have to hear things like "You're fat!!! Have some dignity and go tight"? EVERYBODY have "problems" with their bodies (bigger or smaller) and for example when we dress we buy clothes that make us look taller or smaller than what we are, fatter or thiner... We use make up, or jewels, tatoos, we go to gyms just to look closer to what we want or like to be. Madonna is a public person yeah, but it doesn't mean that she belongs to us. She can do what she wants with her body and her faces and of course you can like it or not. I don't like her hair so long (I never liked how she looked on the Brits Awards when she sang "Bedtime story") but is her hair. For me, getting older with dignity is learn to respect the others, learn that all of us are free to do what we want as long as it doesn't hurt others and most of all learn that judge other people is what we don't want people to do with us. Dignity has nothing to do with how your face look.
  5. I thought the same when I see that... #justiceforhesaman!!!! :P
  6. I think the problem is not that she does things too late, the problem is that she announces things too soon. It's like she says "I have an idea, a new album of remixes, I'm going to post it on instagram right now!" and after that she starts thinking "Which songs do I have to include? Will be new remixes or old ones? Oh, I have to call a DJ... wait, maybe I can invite others to sing with me. Oh, the DJ is busy, I have to wait..." And all that takes time and people start to get tired of waiting and when it comes out is like "I've been waiting for this a year, I'm bored of it... Next!!!!!".
  7. I'm from Spain (in Asturias) and all the other years I got my copy. The man in the store said that he only could get two copies (it's a very small store in a small town) so I guess you don't have problem to get it. The only one that was not released here was "I rise" because (if I'm not wrong) it was only for the USA.
  8. As long as they do a nice cover instead of doing something like the "Into the groove/Who's that girl/Causing a commotion" star CD is ok for me.
  9. I remember reading in the early 90s (when "The Immaculate Collection" was released) that Warner didn't want Geffen to release the singles of "Vision quest" and that they thought that "Crazy for you" was a risk because it was a song completly different to what Madonna was releasing with them. Maybe before they made the final decission "Gambler" was the one chosen as a single but who knows. I've always find interesting this kind of stories, specially the ones from the Madonna/Virgin era. Now with Internet we have access to a lot of information that in the 80's was completly unknown. Maybe we'll get an answer on her biopic :P
  10. In one way I think exactly the same... But sometimes I see it a little reductive... I was talking the other day with my sisters and some of their friends and they start talking about Madonna and all of them thought more or less this: "I think Madonna is a myth but I miss the time when she was controversial for doing what she wanted to do. Now she looks more like "I do this not because I like it, I do it because it dislikes a lot of people". I think this is the biggest problem she have these days with the general public. They don't see her ass pictures or her grills or... as part of her artistic (and controversial) work. Yeah, there are lots of people that gets crazy in a bad way when she do this but there are millions of people too that think "Is the same ass picture over and over again??? She doesn't have interesting ideas anymore."
  11. Some parts look great but others... The dirt, the stone walls... Seems they don't care much for "Bedtime stories" videos... First "Secret", now "Take a bow"... I'm scared thinking of what will they do with "Human nature".
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