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  1. scamper

    Yeah, I know how you feel... It would have been great a video for Medellín with this "man" face instead of Maluma... I'm sure they could do something good with computers and things like that... hahahaha. And that would be the definitive "Madame X" persona... Madame X is a woman, is a man :P
  2. I remember mine... It all happened in Barcelona. I want to see the first two concerst of "The Drowned World Tour" and when I was there I lost my credit card. I want with a good friend there (she didn't like Madonna but she always said to me "The first time you see Madonna I want to be there to see your face so I invited her). She didn't have a credit card, just some money but we didn't had enough to pay the food, just for the hotel... I was like "Wow, I'm like Madonna, I'll eat popcorn and I'll make some nude pictures to survive, hahahahaha). Well, now again in the story... When the second concert finished my friend and I went to a McDonald's with other fans that we have just known. We bought a coke for both and we said we were not hungry. One of the fans (we didn't had talked to him much more) notice that there was a problem so he went and bought us two hamburgers and potatos. Now he's one of my best Friends. The next day we went to the airport and came to Asturias (the place where I live) but the airport was 30 km away from our city. Once we landed we sat on the floor to start thinking in how we could go home... We were talking about that when a man came and said "Hi, I've heard you saying that you were from Gijon (my town). My wife's coming to take me there. If you want you can come with us and you won't have to pay the taxi or the bus". It was like... "WOW!!!!!". I remember that man and his wife. They were very kind.
  3. scamper

    Madonna was a man on "Express yourself"!!!!!!
  4. scamper

    Thanks Unruhe... I think is the same video that I have but in another format, but the quality is the same. I compared it with the movie versión and yes, this one is short, the instrumental break is longer in the movie but it would be easy (if you know how to do it) to make a recreation. Home someone can make it someday and share it with us
  5. scamper

    No, it's not different to the HBO Broadcast, is the HBO Broadcast. I have three or four different rips of ASIAH but all of them shitty quality too. From "Buenos Aires" I think I have one from her site in flv or something like that. I think it was a different edit than the movie one too using the edit instead the álbum versión.
  6. scamper

    Here you are a rip I made years ago (is very bad quality and you can see the end of the previous video and the beginning of the nex one). This was the video they aired here in Spain to promote "The Girlie Show" VHS. The Montage one I think it was used in another countries but I don't know for sure which ones. As you can see it's very similar to the edition we have on DVD but I'm a videos freak and I want to have the exact ones... Maybe someone could make a recreation using the HBO file shared here and clean it and all those things that I love but I don't know how to do it.
  7. scamper

    For me HQ videos with no logos of: "Angel" (US Montage) "Hanky Panky" "Bye bye baby" (HBO Edition used to promote the VHS) "Another Suitcase in another hall" I can't believe that we have unreleased demos, b-Rolls and all that rare things but we can't get something that was shown to the general public. :(
  8. scamper

    I don't know how to choose an artista but I've seen a concert that thought it was a Good idea by a Spanish band called Fangoria. To celebrate one of their annyversaries they made a tour and the idea was this: The have a set list with some songs to sing in all their concerts but they had a Roulette with the name of all their singles (promo singles included) and during the concert they use it to decide which song was next. I think it was a fantastic idea... I wouldn't mind to see a concert like that again by any artista.
  9. I think we have to see how the situation is in Portugal. As far as I know they are better tan other countries. Here in Spain we started to go out yesterday (just for a walk) and if everything goes ok they are saying that next week people can go out to see their families and Friends but not more than ten people in a house. As I said, Portugal has a much better situation than Spain, so maybe they are in the next fase. I'm sure that if she went there is because she could do it.
  10. scamper

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  11. scamper

    I think the same… And the "She's not happy for the footage" story is what people say about everything she doesn't reléase... Always the same story and always people thinks it's true... If she doesn't reléase something is just because she doesn't want to reléase it, that's all.
  12. Ray of light (Great in 1998, now I only save 4 songs (sometimes only three). I find it really, really boring) True blue (love it but I prefer others when it comes to listen a whole álbum) Madonna (same as "True Blue")
  13. scamper

    Celebration is 240p...
  14. scamper

    DickTracy Yes, of course I'm joking :P Fighter, here's the original video, The one in the first post is a videoremix so the line I said was not included on it. I mean the line is sang 23 seconds from the start for the first time. It's something like "That "jierga" is here tha-tha-that "jierga" is here?" I have the "New Faces" CD so if you're interested I could rip it for you.
  15. scamper

    I think the same... The like I don't know is when they something like "That ???? is here?" or something like that. It sounds something like "Jierga" and I think they trie to say "Jerga" (the Spanish word for "Slang") but they don't say it right. I guess is like if you ask Madonna for the lyrics of one of her songs sang in Spanish, I'm sure she can't answer what she's saying. Maybe it was added by someone else to the lyrics and not them, hahahaha... I the Spanish version of the song this line was not translated so I guess it was because the missing word was in Spanish.