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  1. Tbh I think Lil Nas X is the best thing in pop music these days and I would be really happy if they work together. Of course he has no legend status (yet), but he is an amazing artist, creative, intelligent, ironic and is topping every chart. For me it's the perfect collab if she wants a comeback to bring her new young audiences.
  2. I know the topic is not about that, but I never understood why and it bugs me big time. Does anybody have any idea why the hell they did that?
  3. It's a tricky thing, you know? Being a songwriter myself and having to understand the law a little bit to work with producers I can tell you: if you give songwriting credits to someone, this person (or organization) have rights over that piece, as same as you. If they want, they can prohibit you to use it anywhere, so it's highly risky, if you can pay them off, pay them off haha
  4. IT'S A YES FOR ME, GIRL! Go get those ageists, show the world you are always one step ahead, always fighting prejudice and discrimination <3
  5. I don't think he is the epitome of evil, but I believe those two things are not in the same level. The woman was working on a new album in the age of ephemeral music and it was leaked, do you really think sharing a leaked song from 1992 is the same thing? I mean, she had to change the songs, release a part of it earlier, the sales were hurt. I believe the damage was really big. And most fans are not looking for profit, they are just curious. People ALWAYS love spoilers (at least most of them), that peek into the future of your favorite new movie, tv show, etc. There are websites, magazines and tv shows that literally make their profit from this. Imo, the real problem is to deliberately hack into an artsit work, steal it and sell to make profit. And let's not forget that she was planning on releasing that soon after, he stole those songs knowing they were working on them, that it was her upcoming music. I deeply respect your opinion, but I deeply believe these two thing can't be compared.
  6. This one was also a collaboration, right? It was released as part of a benefit album called "Just Say Roe". Was it released as a b-side too?
  7. Fighting Spirit! Gambler (single) or Gambler (Virgin Tour)?
  8. Wow, tough one! But because of sentimental background, I'll go with Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. Pretender or Stay?
  9. This Magnetic Poetry stuff got me really curious. Does anyone have any record of the so-called stolen piece?
  10. Secret Garden Fighting Spirit or Super Pop?
  11. OMFG! Incredible work of art. Congratulations to all ppl involved. I need that! There could be some cards like "sing the entire American Life rap , if you do it right collect 50, if you do it wrong, pay 50" haha Seriously, A-MA-ZING! <3
  12. Papa Don't Preach! Like it or Not or Paradise (Not for Me)?
  13. I think the decision to cut these scenes (the ones where she appears) was wise and sensible. If she wants to talk about what she is proposing on this video (transphobia), she should indeed give the protagonism to Mykki Blanco and step back. I think that shoot where she briefly appears is enough, like a mourning spectator of that barbaric violence.
  14. This is the only record I know. It was around 98 (ROL era) I guess. I love both of them and the fact that they never worked together makes me really sad. :(
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