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  1. They were showcases, like a kind of album sampler, so the setlists that she decided on were suitable.
  2. Excuse me while I roll my bloody eyes.
  3. While some fans were busy complaining about Ricardo's talent, David decided to shift his nepotism into turbo.
  4. Hung Up thinks she's the jewel in the Confessions crown, but that might just belong to Future Lovers. The way Mirwais allowed that song's soundscape to breathe is just mwa.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling to understand. Note to self: stop trying to reason with *those* kinds of characters.
  6. 'Most of us are talented, that's the difference' has a whiff of bitterness and entitlement to it. What makes you think that Ricardo doesn't appreciate her work? Do you think her glam team are obsessive fans? She likes Ricardo's output enough to keep him on the books for a few years now, and in an increasing capacity. For whatever reasons that she sees fit, he strikes the right balance on professional and personal levels. If you don't like Ricardo's output, then you don't like her current taste levels and aesthetic judgement. This debate could've been nipped in the bud if some fans would just realise or admit that.
  7. Yeh, most of us agree on that, but the real question is who's responsible for it, ultimately?
  8. https://www.britannica.com/dictionary/eb/qa/hear-hear
  9. You need to tone it down a few notches. We're not trying to save lives here.
  10. I get what you're saying but you're also hugely underestimating her. Madonna is not your average boomer, and she would be well-aware of other celebrity Instagram content. Some fans love to push the blame onto the scapegoat, rather than consider the alternative.
  11. So, would you prefer her pre-Ricardo, self-edited Instagram posts? I'm not even on Instagram, nor do I like the excessive editing, but even I can admit that Ricardo has helped to improve her content.
  12. So, who's at fault for that - the boss who hired him, or the employee who keeps giving the boss what they like?
  13. Klein has done incredible work, and most of his W Magazine portfolios with her as subject attest to that, but I haven't been impressed by his lens in many years.
  14. Interesting. I'm getting aggressive Sag or Aries energy from his words, so either could be his rising/ascendant.
  15. Do we know when his birthday is? He sounds like a Sagittarius.
  16. Her underarm area looks totally natural and definitely not Photoshopped.
  17. She wore red multiple times in 2015 during Rebel Heart's promotion.
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