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  1. She's had bonding or veneers carried out on her front-most top teeth in the last 10-20 years, filling the gaps a little. Let's face it, when you're filthy rich and bored, teeth jewelry is just another accessory to show off your wealth with. Then there's the ghetto-fly black culture angle that she's obviously tapping into. Real boundary-pushing stuff...
  2. On the flipside, there's something to be gained by having an inspiring break and coming back strong and fresh. M's albums used to come out in quick succession because her contractual obligations required a new one every X years. Less can be more. That's a lesson M can learn from Beyonce when it comes to releases and content in between releases.
  3. I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I'd add that M fans too were once very open to what was considered 'experimental' during previous parts of her career. We are just more fatigued, I'd say; a side-effect of an unusually long career. Let's see what Beyonce is still releasing in 23 years, right?
  4. Best rap... of her career... rightyo! You do you while I keep jamming to Vogue and American Life.
  5. Sure. Whatever. If you actually listened to M's Billboard speech, she makes a big point of criticising other women's attitudes towards her. There's also a chunk of it that Billboard had the good sense to omit from the broadcast, where M tries to self-righteously one-up her deceased idols/contemporaries because she hadn't succumbed to disease or addiction. Real humanitarian. I stand by my opinion that M ending her biopic with this speech would be pathetic and anti-climactic. Anyway, Camille herself said it best.
  6. It wasn't great. In fact, Madonna's parts made it worse, imo. There's a live performance where Britney performs the song on her own and it just works better.
  7. And just like that, Saucy has been reduced to a small tasteless blob.
  8. You guys laugh, but these fans represent the general public. Some people are oblivious to a release if it doesn't cut through and chart high. Think about your brothers, sisters, aunties... You think they care about Formation?
  9. This is awesome, by the way. Beyonce's team knows how to promote things effectively without a waft of desperation.
  10. Well said, but we know that M wouldn't risk being dominated or overshadowed by a collaborator.
  11. It'd be handy to know the age of each member so that I knew what level of life experience I might be dealing with!
  12. Sure. Don't strain yourself navigating this forum's challenging user-interface. And you only quote-replied at least a dozen times in the past in that thread you started... You did mention adding products to your store in that thread, but what's wrong with promoting yourself?
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