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  1. AcrossTheSky

    Really loving this song and the lyrics. The clean production really stood out to me too, the production on this album is amazing so far.
  2. AcrossTheSky

    What a mess with the tracklistings. I think I'm just gonna preorder the deluxe hardcover from Amazon. It seems to have the hardcover booklet that I was interested in. If the box set had different items, I would consider it
  3. Anyone heard SEX (Mix #8) saw it on a site but it's not available anymore, wondered if it was any different from the album version?
  4. AcrossTheSky

    Her make up could have been done better but I like the overall look! Could possibly look better without her boobs out and just her ass though!Madonna doesn't give a fuck and I love her for that, too many people are taking this too seriously when it was clearly a little fun! People saying she looks old or haggard, this is Madonna with minimal make up, this is how she looks now, what do you expect her to look 20 still? Get over it. People dragging her down are bitter and will never look as good at 57.