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  1. She released yesterday her new single "We Needed Time" of her upcoming album "Brazil305" With a lot of love for all that have been forever changed... Thank you, munkyman (Nayib Estefan) for providing the spark that gave birth to this song & for your visionary keyboard contribution. Thank you, Javier Concepcion Jr. for your masterful musicianship & amazing drone skills! Thank you Alfredo Rivero & Dionisio De Moya for breathing life into the guitars... Thank you, Juan Arreguin for pouring your heart & soul into recording and mixing this with me. And last but not
  2. Anyone in the UK can help me to find Madame X HMV Version? DM please. Thank you!
  3. Will the FNAC SPECIAL EDITION CD restocking? Appears as Sold Out.
  4. Apparently, this new Conga version will be on the album. She looks weird, isn't it?
  5. This is not the first time happens, isn't it? I think this album always re-enter on the charts when she released something. Celebration is much better as a GH, but it's true that this is more iconic.
  6. Yeah! Great to have her diva image back. I'm a little bit frightened of how this new album will sound. The Standards was a little bit bittersweet (although she looked fab during that era).
  7. You can see it here: https://www.hollywoodpipeline.com/2019/02/28/exclusive-latin-queen-gloria-stefan-filming-on-the-beaches-of-rio-de-janeiro/
  8. iTsound


    If she has mental disorders, I think is better for her to have someone look after her (for her own good) and maybe retire to live a relax/confortable life without being in the public eye. She did everything on pop music, she can afford an relax life. Yesterday, I was reading "#FreeBritney" and "#FreeXBritney" hastags and for one moment it came to my mind Whitney. Fans saying that she was ok basing on a videos which she appears dancing (she looks healthy and well) but at the end of the day, we don't really know what is behind on her privacy. Anyway, I hope all this has a happy e
  9. She recently confirms on "Hola! US" magazine that her new album will have 15 tracks, four of them are new songs. It also includes "Here We Are" Spanish Version which was wrote back then but never recorded. "I am so excited about this project," Estefan tells Billboard. "We've taken our top hits and gone to Brazil and re-recorded them in completely Brazilian rhythms -- some well-known, some not well-known. It is just a blast for me to be in that studio, re-singing all the songs so differently. 'Conga' is now a samba, and it is burnin'. 'Here We Are' is a sexier song now, with a Brazilian rh
  10. Bull Moose doesn't ship outside US, isn't it?
  11. Sometimes HMV has different cover or same as Target. I don't know what will happened with this one.
  12. Lorenzo Agius is a great photographer, he works with lot of artists in the 90s. I can't wait to see that photos!
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