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  1. RCB

    where is this cap from? a doc I assume? thanks
  2. RCB

    Thanks for sharing this interesting fact, btw I love Rob Zombie's films.
  3. RCB

    Not my favorite album, but an important part in Madonna history I remember being 7 years old and feeling so frustrated that Dick Tracy was not a Madonna movie like Desperately Seeking Susan or Who's That Girl. I used to hate the album. Sometimes I would listen to it but as a soundtrack album. The album does has great songs like Sooner Or Later and More. I used to think an EP (desired tracklist below) should've been enough, used to say Hanky Panky (which later I learned to like) was tacky, and that I'm Going Bananas and Cry Baby were the worst songs she ever done (I really didn't understand the album until now). Besides the smooth transition from Now I'm Following You to Vogue, I still think the song doesn't really fit the album, but who cares? That was one of her greatest business moves! In an alternate reality 1) I'm Breathless EP: 1. He's A Man / 2. Sooner Or Later / 3. Hanky Panky / 4. Back In Business / 5. More 2) Vogue was clearly included to make the album sell but I think it'd be amazing if it had first appeared on the Immaculate Collection. 3) Something To Remember is a beautiful song but a little too slow to me and I like it more on the same title album. Since it's the last song on side A, I have a theory that like Vogue, this was the other 'featured new song' of the album. Please check my I'm Breathless Megamix EP
  4. RCB

    A PUNK or ROCK album?! Yeah!!! I was listening to the rock version (which I refuse to call demo) of "I Love New York" and thought about how great that would be... "Burning Up" from Rebel Heart Tour or "Borderline" from Sticky & Sweet always make me dream of that too. or... A whole DISCO album: "God Control" is amazing, my favorite Madame X track. But I don't mean a Confessions 2.0, please! I definitely don't like the idea of a new "Like A Prayer", "Ray Of Light" or "Confessions"... So... a back to the roots album would be my choice.
  5. RCB

    In my opinion, all tracks on The Immaculate Collection are like remixes, even tho most of them sound very similar to the original versions.
  6. RCB

    My favorite album is (and always have been) Like A Virgin because that's the Madonna I fell in love with - the 'original' one I'd say. I just love the style, the songs, the energy, the mood... The only 'problem' is my favorite song of the album, Dress You Up - a very underrated song - never got a proper video, although the live video is amazing. By the way The Virgin Tour is my favorite too... My dream album tracklist, duration 79:18 (I do have this on my archive): 01. Material Girl 02. Angel 03. Like A Virgin 04. Crazy For You 05. Gambler 06. Over And Over 07. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 08. Into The Groove 09. Dress You Up 10. Shoo-Bee-Doo 11. Pretender 12. Stay 13. Ain't No Big Deal 14. Material Girl (Extended Dance Remix) 15. Angel (Dance Mix Edit) 16. Like A Virgin (Extended Dance Remix) 17. Dress You Up (The 12'' Formal Mix)
  7. cedric

    I post the Broken's Multitracks... Next time ask politely and give me the time !

    1. RCB


      I'm so sorry! Really!!! Most of the times I see people saying they have something, they don't share. Thanks

  8. RCB

    Hey whats up?

    I'm sorry about the backlash you got because of your God Control version.
    I was really looking forward to watch it, because I had the same idea. 

    Could you share it with me? 


  9. OMG I can't believe it! LOL Thank you so much@Fighterand@meeshell OMG
  10. I think so many people hate and judge MP3 (before listening) because they had bad experiencies or don't know how to work with the format. They never understand when I say an HQ MP3 file can sound (I said sound, not be) better than a WAV one. One thing is to listen to a 320kbps file encoded in maximum quality with a good software, other is to listen to a quicky encoded 128kbps file in an ordinary software. You can't put them in the same box. I know people that can't notice the bitrate difference but I can say from my experience that MP3 must be at least 256kbps. Why I have to prefer MP3 (it's not just a choice, it was my only option since the beginning): My entire music collection (all Mp3 256-320 kbps) is so far 417gb, and I only have a 4tb HD. IF I wanted to have everything I have in WAV (considering it would be possible) I would need around 2tb just for my music folder. With the rest of stuff I have (movies, DVDs, etc) I would need at least a 8tb HD, which I couldn't and still can't afford.
  11. "Hung Up" version used in Japan TV Show Smap X Smap, with stronger beats and other differences (it ends like the tour version). I hope a CD rip leaks.
  12. No way, I think you're not getting the idea. Again, I'm gonna use the yellow CDs as an example. Since their volume is extremely low - when you don't have a fancy equipment - even if you set the volume to the max, it won't still be loud enough. In my stereo: Max Vol. is 63, I usually listen between 50-55 (depends on the source), which is fine. If I put a Yellow CD to play, even at 63 it will still sound low. This is why I like remastered material. Now about MP3, it's not that I like compressed files. It's just what works for me, since I don't have lots of space.
  13. I learned about that, very interesting. I guess it was you who sent me this link but I forgot to comment later, lol. I still think louder is better, but a limit must be respected. I think they made a great job with Madonna's Warner Remasters CDs (for someone that doesn't have a fancy sound system, that's amazing). Britney's Outrageous Japan EP for example, has even louder volume (I'd say 10% louder), but is still acceptable in my opinion.