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  1. MisterMistere

    Wasn't it later in the fall the Showtime announcement?! She posted about a "Rough Assembly" in september...
  2. MisterMistere

    But wait...we're talking about a "physical" release? I'm looking forward to a broadcast / streaming first. The announcement for that could come really close to the broadcast date. The Rebel Heart Tour was broadcasted in December 2016 and was announced at the end of october. Nothing strange till now. I'm ecpecting for a broadcast date in the fall. For the physical disc release date, I think in 2021.
  3. I perfectly get your point, you were talking about INSPIRATION and not acting with a discriminating behaviour. I was expecting a Chinese/Oriental video the first time I heard the song. The "Evita" audition makes perfectly sense, plus add the fact the Oriental concept could have been too predictable and Madonna does not like to be predictable. She always chose the most unexpected option and likes to mix different cultures inspirations to create something new. Anyway, yes, the song has an evident Chinese / Oriental vibe. In terms of melody and in terms of instruments / arrangements. Even if masked by the r'n'b sound is still evident.
  4. Me too! Come on filtering-engineers, the album instrumental is available 😎
  5. MisterMistere

    I just feel the same!
  6. MisterMistere

    sooo love this!!! :))))))))
  7. MisterMistere

    I just CANNOT believe they used an "original song" (I'd prefer to say, FAKE song). Innocence Lost, again?! And again, even if it was the real snippet, it's totally out of place: she performed 'Heartbreaker' in the Uncle Sam 1981 gig, where the tracklist is spotted in the George Dubose photos.... the "pajama" performance was way before! They have talked with Camille Barbone (remember their early FB posts?!), they had tons of materials from the Gilroys, the result is what? Nearly 4/5 minutes of music (plus a fake song) in a docudrama about a great piece of history IN MUSIC?! Seriously? Madonna is a singer, not a novel-writer. They did a wonderful job in recreating the performances, but... what's the point to include 30 secs of those? Imagine watching Truth Or Dare and seeing 25 secs of Express Yourself or Keep it Together :((( So poor choices. They even showed the wrong Gotham tape, the one they show is a tape sold on ebay years ago, and is a personal Madonna back-up copy, since is handwritten by her on the label and there is Burning Up on it. The distributed-to-labels cassette, and this is history, had NO Burning Up. They even used the e-bay auction photo of it. My God. And, in the end, those horrible WIGS. Defo a product not for me. I'll pass this. Heavily disappointed here, after 3 years of waiting and teasing.
  8. MisterMistere

    Are we sure he is featured in the Burning Up video? I have his book, but there is no mention of this ... also, seems to be a different person in the video, but not sure... anyone can confirm or debunk?
  9. MisterMistere

    What a vague & ridicoulous answer... it should have been included in the project since day 1, the Bros brothers seemed to be part of this thing from the beginning... seriously... they never talked about that? I'm deeply irritated to have a product that works as a "tease" to sell the DVD and not as a complete document as it was presented. However, I first need to see the movie in its entirety to confirm this first bad impression I got.
  10. MisterMistere

    To me she's working hard to finish / mixing / mastering the album within the first half of october. She's not going to preview unfinished material to fans, no way! She wants it to be ready for the exclusive listening meeting.
  11. MisterMistere

    In early 2000s I remember reading on wikipedia's Madonna Unreleased Catalogue of a song from the Bedtime Stories sessions called "Honesty", produced by Dallas Austin, with Ascap registration code. I think "Your" has been added to the title for the 'Remixed & Revisited' occasion, if I'm not wrong.
  12. Seemed to me more an ironic comment than an attack? We are here to discuss too, but sometimes we also need a smile and a joke, let's not take things too seriously guys ;)
  13. Congratulations guys!!!!! :)