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  1. I didn't, I'm all for Material Gworll since it's more unheard studio material
  2. That's the point! Absolute improvement ! She dances, she performs near to 70 years old !! She's Madonna!!! ❤
  3. "Possessive Love" is from the post-True Blue era, not 1985 or 1986; is mostly from late 1987 (post Who's That Girl tour, Jai Winding is also part of the composition) - 1988 early Like A Prayer sessions and, in this place, IT IS a Madonna co-writing. A Madonna demo exists in this case.
  4. I see you guys postilng about TELL ME, but to me a Madonna solo version does not exist. It's not a Madonna composition like Each Time, it's not from a Madonna record project. It's not from the True Blue era (they recorded the vocals for its release in 1988) ad it's not from the Like A Prayer sessions. She only courtesy did the background vocals for Nick (to double the success of Each Time): it's a "Scheherazade-ish" thing. I'd love to hear "Work Your Fingers To The Bone" from that era (Bray - Jellybean final version).
  5. The only thing I can think of now is an installation ala "X-Static Process", video imagery, exposition of new photos in exclusive location and a sort of soundtrack connected to the producers ....?
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