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  1. What a BIG bad-taste joke all this matter is.... attention-seekers, hello?
  2. @Dee Jay AI Studios 100 @Jackie up to 200 @shakeyerdix 75 @The Ghost yes (not clear amount yet) @Slut Dragon yes ? @Candy Perfume Boy yes (not clear amount yet) @danielsevilla yes (not clear amount yet) @Angelman60 yes (not clear amount yet) Me 100 Is it good so far? Let's see how many others and the clear amount for those "yes" ;)
  3. I could do that too, definitely! So are we enough to hope for a YES?
  4. We could start making a names list and offers, I see we're some by now... Who's doing it?
  5. Not realistic. This kind of sellers seek a fast and very oriented instant sale. The interested buyer must have all the money ready on his cart. There's no time to organize a crowdfunding (it takes time) and he won't bother waiting dealing times. Also, unlikely he has a wishing well of tapes, there is always a random and causal selection of materials.
  6. Let's try igniting a "Each Tine You Break My Heart" Demo TikTok trend and let's see if she decides to release it on streaming in HQ...
  7. Very very interesting! How come this 3rd song was totally forgotten by WB or Geffen, as a bside either, since from 1983-1985 they were releasing basically anything from her 😳
  8. I think Warning Signs was abandoned at the early demo stage because descarded by the movie producers, otherwise Bray would have mentioned a final produced version in the recent interview about his 80s unreleased tracks (he explicitly did it for Each Time). My personal opinion is that Warning Signs Bray demo may be featured in some film brolls or rehearsals & Gambler Bray mix is obviously in the final movie and they come from the same Bray early sessions, they sound too rough to be a final production by Ramone. Basicly same situation of Into The Groove & Desperately Seeking Susan version. Crazy for you, don't know, since it's a different story, not being a Bray track.
  9. How strange is this buzz & desire, since most people seemed to be very satisfied and all about Erotica Pdk & Everybody 12'' reissue. Someone was even spending a "small fortune" and said we've been got full of treats by WB / Rhino
  10. Yes, I will be glad to be proven wrong on complaining. Sure, now the hopes are near to 0.... but who knows...
  11. I think @wtg1987 was seeing the thing in general. And yes, as I said many times, to me a PARTNERSHIP and a NEW DEAL promises more than what we had till now. We got anything different than what we did before this deal.
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