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  1. Maybe ridiculous to say on a Madonna forum, but I think a greatest hits tour is coming. She said this year that she intends to return to stadiums and I'm sure she's aware another studio album won't enable that after Rebel Heart and Madame X were downgrades to arenas and theatres respectively. The soonest I see it happening is 2026 if she starts working on once the biopic era is over, and with a stadium tour (and another infamous post-tour 3 year drought) it could be 2028. This is all assuming she will take 400 years to cast, shoot and edit the film. She may surprise us all and drop something before the biopic anyway. Madame X would be a wonderful way to end her discography, but the way she finally tapped back into her 1994-2003 creative peak, it would suck to never have a follow up. I agree she still needs to dedicate an album theme to ageing.
  2. The Mother of Technology one sounds so much like her 1992/Erotica voice?
  3. The black/brown NYC gay community, no? When did it turn into trans? It's politically incorrect and offensive to many, sure... but is it wrong? It's yet another nuanced topic - the gay men who end up transitioning tend to have physical and behavioural traits that resemble the stereotypical 'female' gender role, while the straight men who transition mostly have to actively learn new behaviours (ie makeup, nails, behaviour, posture, vocalising, hobbies and interests) and persue things that wouldn't otherwise come naturally to them in order to perform the gender role effectively. In fact, that is what a lot of the culture is centred around. To say this is "like black-face" ("used predominantly by non-Black people to portray a caricature of a Black person") is just a controversial observation. I'm not in defense of his comment/s but as I've said, anyone using "transphobe/terf" lightly needs to have an objective understanding of the nuances of the topic first - and denying any similarity or validity in that observation screams biased and detached from reality.
  4. I don't think so. Firstly, her stance (or lack thereof) on extreme radical trans activism has nothing to do with trans or LGB individuals and their respective communities. As for actual trans people, there is very much a generational divide between the rational and levelheaded (pre-2010s) and what we have now. Most older trans people will agree that the cult-like self ID/neopronoun/endless sexualites/gender conformist/witch-hunting women mentality that has taken over is unhealthy, delusional and regressive. Reminder that JK focuses on the latter issues and not trans people themselves. Not to mention the modern culture of self ID has become a trend for vulnerable neurodivergent (cis) teens, a tool of conversion therapy for gender-non-conforming (cis) gays and lesbians of all ages, as well as an opportunity for (cis) men to scam their way into the LGBT community for personal gain, oppression points and/or raping lesbian women. People who work to prevent those problems are labelled TERFs and yet none of these people are trans. I encourage anyone flinging 'transphobe/terf' around, especially towards people like JK to really educate themselves on the topic and form their own opinion, outside of social media and virtue signalling propaganda.
  5. My post detailing everything wrong with the design was before I found out who made it. What now?
  6. As we should. Impressive artwork made by a competent and talented designer is the bare minimum. If you're happy to accept less than that, good for you.
  7. Not really. The reason it was picked apart was to show how amateur and badly made it is. Aldo had his moment with the awful Bitch I'm Madonna artwork and is sadly taking work from talented graphic designer fans - props to them.
  8. This artwork is so depressing. The horrible picture, the 3 different clashing fonts that all look cheap and dated, badly edited, singles in a completely random order, the 'list' of songs being repeated 5 times on the cover, the list being in a completely random order, the additional text detailing how many weeks it was No.1 for whatever reason? Even the single covers weren't done properly, with the BIM image being low quality and distorted. The other artwork is considerably better but has been circulating on Instagram for months. It's literally a remini edit of one of her Instagram posts by the way. The artist who created it actually has many Madonna artworks that are 10x better than that, and some which would've become one of her best album covers. Happy for anyone who is pleased with this, but this isn't even scraping the bare minimum for me.
  9. Maybe this is why she had braids in... She always takes them out to show off the curls.
  10. I was gonna say her best hope at the moment is David. The only people she will be forced to listen to are her children and David seems to really care about her. There is definitely hope.
  11. Same opioid eyes as the disturbing Tiktoks. She is off her tits. This has become seriously scary now that its obviously more than recreational fun. This is her first stadium performance in years and she couldn't spend 1 day sober for it. It may sound dramatic, but I have thought for a while that she needs a Free Britney movement. Her team are made up of either enablers (Ricardo, Klein), those actively allowing her legacy to be destroyed (PR team) and the worst of all, Guy. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they are being paid to 'destroy' her from every angle. Whoever is prescribing her pills 2 years after her MXT injury and performing whatever procedures she sees on Instagram... need to be named and shamed. Most of all, she is clearly struggling emotionally and physically. Do her friends and family care at all?
  12. That was absolutely awful, but it could've been a LOT worse. At least there were no legitimate disasters.
  13. I can't see Madonna having the last song on a Maluma concert? And where is Music?
  14. Anyway, BRITs 2015 was one of her greatest performances of all time.
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