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  1. It's a blessing. If it was still going ahead, it would push M15 back to at least 2026. And it's not all wasted. If she never ends up making the biopic and it has to be done by someone else decades from now, they will no doubt be using the script she made in 2020-2021 as the blueprint. And its a win win for us as it will still be 'her story' and it will instead be directed by a real director.
  2. I find it hard to believe a new album is ready, but I can definitely see a compilation of reimagined songs with 1-2 new songs attached. Frozen remix, Material Gworl and Hung Up on Tokischa still need homes... And weren't there rumours of Katy/Doja/Miley/Dua working on a Madonna project like a year ago? Jason Lee has also spoken (the other day) about Cardi B jumping on a Justify My Love remix.
  3. Remember when we used to say 'gay' and 'lesbian' and 'bisexual', and we were encouraged to be comfortable and proud of our sexuality? Queer (other than being a slur) is a term that allows heterosexual people to self identify into our community. We didn't fight for equal rights and freedom from harassment to be classified under a vague term that anyone can say they're part of.
  4. The person who first teased that a tour announcement was imminent also said that she will be promoting it with a big awards show performance, no?
  5. My faith in this forum restored!
  6. Manifesting "The 80s Tour" that coincides with the 80s reissues... and then we get additional tours for 90s and 00s in following years.
  7. Just incredible. The box.. the disco ball... the USB reveal!! We need to set up some petition to get you seen by her team. This (and your other designs) would be an all-time career highlight for her.
  8. We're forgetting that Madame X Tour had great live arrangements and proper backing singers and (some) live instruments. Who can say if she'll keep those features for a bigger arena-stadium setting but there is more chance now than before MXT. The arrangements for S&S, MDNA, RH aren't that bad. It's the homemade royalty free drum loop instrumental remakes they did for Tears of a Clown, the Womans March set and Met Gala/Eurovision (LAP) that scare me. The way Mike Dean has more or less overseen every project she has done in the last 4 years, I feel there's a chance he might take over.
  9. Daily Mail commenters are the most miserable people in the world. You should see the dislikes when someone writes something positive. They're not a reflection of reality, thankfully.
  10. It's just a matter of personal taste. I think the moody vibes on Madame X and Music are some of her all-time career highlights. All her greatest albums seem to be very nuanced in style, with light and dark moments, accessible songs and experimentation. But True Blue also stands on its own as an accessible album without any experimentation, and COADF stands on its own as a light album without any dark moments. Not everything needs nuance. And I'd say the messiness of Rebel Heart was the result of forcing nuance into an album that didn't need it. Rebel Heart could've (should've) easily been a 12 track album focusing on the rebel/irreverent/erotic themes and musically work around the PC, industrial and trap stylings of BIM, Holy Water and S.E.X. Madame X having a clear vision and musical theme was a monumental step-up.
  11. I'm with you. You have the right to like it and praise it, just like we have the right to hate it and point out its flaws. I only commented after people started ganging up on those criticising it.
  12. The "fan who got lucky" thing still being said 7 years later just shows that it still rings true. It shows that his designs haven't evolved since 2015. It shows that you can still instantly identify an Aldo Diaz design by how badly made it is.. and how royalty-free and dated the font looks. You can ask anyone with a background in graphic design, or anyone with an interest in graphic design as a consumer, and they will tell you unequivocally that his designs are badly made, from a professional standpoint. It's not hate. Using an AI Remini upscale image... Having 3 different fonts in one artwork... 2 of which are royalty free fonts you can download anywhere, the other being the official Rebel Heart font... The completely unrelated border overlay... The random red-white gradient that isn't even centred, and then the clashing green-red-white gradient next to it? All of which clash with the colours of the M image. It's literally giving WordArt, it's giving 6 year old in 2003. Even the text "the original 2015 demo" - there is only one demo, so 'original demo' makes no sense, and it's from 2014 not 2015. No different to the mistakes on his FEL artwork. Anyone convincing themselves this is even passable let alone GOOD... put down the pipe.
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