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  1. Not some of you acting like you're above 'fan behaviour' whilst posting on a Madonna forum? You spend the same amount of time admiring Madonna as Britney/BTS/Gaga/Taylor/Beyonce fans... The difference is they work together to achieve more for their idol. If their idol is under attack, or unfairly reviewed, or 'cancelled', or going viral for the wrong reasons... They get unified and fight for their Queen. Madonna fans use their platform to attack eachother, attack her and rate her work 5/10 on public sites. See the difference? If you can't be bothered to do right by her, that is your choice. But don't delude yourselves into thinking it's beneath you.
  2. Rated it 5/10 on IMDB too, not even as a personal rating. This idiot is actively trying to lower Madonna's public rating. Beyond disgusted but not even slightly surprised at it coming from him. You have to be a certain level of braindead to spend most of your waking hours posting on a forum dedicated to a woman you openly despise.
  3. It's thanks to them that she is being freed... She literally thanked them for it
  4. I'm with you. Never been more tempted to create my own Madonna forum lmao
  5. Understanding her art ≠ worshipping the ground she walks on. It's actually you who is judging her entire career/art/personality in 2021 through the lens of your own biases. Either way, it is still better to blindly worship than blindly hate.
  6. Also this weird elitist heirarchy among fans, where people can be unnecessarily rude and hostile and sometimes team up to bully other fans, but still get support from other fans because they are popular (I assume). One being the Inside the Groove guy who regularly provides a new hot take on why Madonna actually isn't very talented/smart/deep etc and seemingly gets more fan support than Madonna herself in any given scandal. And not only are most Madonna fans not prepared to fight for her on social media, but I have experienced loads of fans actually turning on the few people that do defend her. This is a perfect example of @madonnagreece point. Madonna has evolved since the 80s/1990. If you haven't, that is not her fault. Much of her work, legacy and reason to continue her career is intrinsically linked to her political art (female empowerment, sex positivity, fighting ageism) and it has been that way (on and off) for at least 30 years. You don't have to engage in fan forums or even view her social media if you're only interested in her 80s persona. But to come out and attack the woman she has evolved into just because it doesn't suit your personal expectation of her, is not "a healthy way to react". If you don't understand the depth of her provocative art and how it addresses and challenges misogyny/ageism, maybe you should educate yourself before casting judgment. To call it cringe is just embarrassing for you, especially as a Madonna fan.
  7. I think its wise to end with Ray of Light. It also leaves enough good material for the eventual sequel that covers her 40s-60s and beyond. The Music era, AL scandals, the Britney kiss, Hung Up/Confessions era, fitness journey, divorce, Super Bowl, Brahim drama, Brits fall, Drake kiss, Rocco drama, Lisbon, being hated by the world and everything that hasn't happened yet, could easily fill up another 2 hours.
  8. Not strictly true. Most of her features in the past 14 years have been with artists with little or no chart success and some completely irrelvant (M.I.A., Chance the Rapper, Mike Tyson, Nas, Anitta, Maluma, Swae Lee) None of them had hits when Madonna collaborated with them. Hard Candy definitely applies, as do the Nicki Minaj and Quavo features. But that's really it. And she hasn't released a lead single with 'the next huge pop girl' since Britney in 2003, and that was the only time she did it, and it wasn't even for her own album.
  9. Mirwais and Shep Pettibone. I don't usually wish for her to repeat herself but it would be so interesting if she revisited other older producers like she did with Mirwais on Madame X and Orbit on MDNA.
  10. Expected you to jump in. Jimmy Fallon isn't the only show in the universe... and shows aren't the only form of promotion.
  11. By your logic maybe. My logic said specifically that doing Jimmy Fallon is beneath her. 'Every celebrity' - So name the celebrities of Madonnas stature that use his show to promote their projects? And then use that promotional slot to do awkward dance segments and kid theatre bits with the host? I'll wait.
  12. Not only is she above doing Jimmy Fallon but this kid theatre idea is so unnecessary. It's the kind of gig Ava Max or Bebe Rexha would be doing... not the most successful musician alive. I hate seeing her sell herself cheap like this.
  13. Anything but IDSIF please. Hope it will be Crave.
  14. What is with this strange elitist bullying mentality on M forums. We're all fans - equal. If you don't like someones opinion, log out.
  15. After seeing Ricardo's edits and fan edits (roberxavier, mymadonnaluvin, beautyofmadonna being the most derranged), Mert & Marcus are editing gods. It could be so much worse considering Madonna has made fan art official in the past. At least Mert & Marcus allow her face to remain human and not a shapeless cyborg.
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