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  1. cedarlake

    He did that with "Pre-Madonna", but at least he included the tracks in their original form as well. The only instance where he scrapped the original was with "Crimes Of Passion". I think that's a shame. I have been curious all these years of what the song originally sound like. I heard it was quite a bit slower. And Steve hated the music.
  2. cedarlake

    Whatever. I laugh when people are pedantic by pointing out the literal technicality of a term used (or in my case, vaguely misused) by those they disagree with.
  3. cedarlake

    Oh, thank you so much for correcting me. I see that virtue signaling is popular in Spain too, huh? Since it's nearly impossible not to offend people these days, I couldn't care less how ignorant or "wrong as fuck" you think I am. I'm referring to the younger generation in general, including people in their twenties. I stand by what I said, because it's true. If you want to believe that I meant every single person from that generation or millennial, that's fine.
  4. cedarlake

    This younger generation has been indoctrinated with GARBAGE U.S. Top 40 nonsense. The only "kids" that seem to like Madonna (and older music) are what others from their generation would call "hipsters" or eccentric freaks. Fuck millenials. They're a hopeless generation anyway. And I don't know if it's sacrilege to say anything negative about Madonna in a Madonna forum, but in my humble opinion I think she needs to stop trying so hard to appeal to teenagers and worrying about current radio success. It is possible to act ones age while still having a youthful exuberance.
  5. cedarlake

    Thank you for this post. It has given me more insight into the various types/copies of multi-tracks that exist. It does seem like only demo ("Live To Tell" and "Borderline" come to mind) and remix tracks ("Holiday" and "Into The Groove" for the YCD sessions) are leaking.
  6. cedarlake

    Ugh. I have to say I hate when people use that stupid term, "butthurt". God is that annoying. It sounds like a term children would use.
  7. cedarlake

    Y'all have made my thread quite entertaining. And a lot of you have a great sense of humor. Thank you.
  8. cedarlake

    I could be wrong, but I would think it's a matter of taste. I have little to no interest in multi's made after the Ray Of Light period. So to me, the older songs are more valuable. I just don't like how some of the people that share want to alter/mix-down, watermark or leave out certain aspects of a recording, then throw the scraps left over out to the fellow fans (i.e. "Holiday" and "Like A Prayer"). I assume this is an ego thing... searching for praise perhaps? If I actually had something "rare" to share, I'd like to think I wouldn't do that.
  9. cedarlake

    I think, in this age of social media, it doesn't take much for things to spread like wildfire. Now twenty years ago (when fans were still trading cassette compilations at conventions and trade-shows), things would have remained rare for some time. Out of all of these you've listed, I think the highlight for me would be "Like A Prayer". Mainly because I'd like to be ironic by completely removing all the choir and backup vocals (other than Madonna's). I've always wanted to hear the song that way. "Into The Groove" would be excellent as well; especially if it's the original version.
  10. cedarlake

    "Who's That Girl" is my all-time favorite Madonna song. And just like you, I absolutely love getting into the mechanics of music; being able to hear the different parts. I have extremely acute, sensitive hearing, and most of my life when I've listened to a song carefully, I can separate the tracks in my mind. For example, the "Vogue" multi-track: In that Shep Pettibone remix, I always loved the dark synth part (track 5) and wanted it to be louder. I'm loving this stuff that these guys are sharing. And I truly appreciate it. I nearly dropped a brick when the "Live To Tell" multi leaked out.
  11. cedarlake

    Hey guys, I'm all for it. This wasn't the point of my post. I'm curious what songs you'd focus on, and perhaps what you might do with them.
  12. cedarlake

    Nah. That's just my humor. I like the font I replaced it with more anyway.
  13. cedarlake

    I did say "I would IMAGINE". I didn't state as a fact that she would not be thrilled. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Whoever has all of that audio probably wouldn't release all of it anyway.
  14. cedarlake

    I'm impressed that you can speak for the opinion of Madonna and "all artists" on that, beyond the shadow of a doubt.