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  1. She looks sooo great!!! But also kinda miffed or something. She smiled too much on tour I think LOL
  2. Oooo GURL not the celebration tour studio version in the background 🥹🌈🥳
  3. I don’t know why this made me giggle so hard 😂😂😂 I’m no longer telling people I had sex with one girl ima say I FUCKED A VAGINA!
  4. I hope there’s boobies involved! It’s tradition.
  5. Her pic against the wall is very cryptic. I predict a performance of “White Heat” 💀
  6. I think after this tour she really got her mojo back. I think she was really distraught about cancelling the show that she pushed so hard to not miss any of the shows. But she only got better and better. She’s got the dancing bug! Get it girl. listen to me like I know it’s true 💀
  7. I used it the other day when my caramel macchiato had no caramel 💀😭😭😭
  8. These looks…. Incredible… the hair… magical… the era… what the fuck! 😍😍😍😍
  9. Has anybody made a CT RIO instrumental feed yet? 👀
  10. I think everybody on this planet should experience this tour in whatever form it may be in. I can only imagine if this happened in the future how incredible it could be.
  11. I used to have these recurring dreams she was redoing the BAT. But in like a small venue like an high schools theatre lol. And I remember always being in front row and the curls were curling and the cone bra. So funny
  12. While we can't say or even think of when the official one will be released... we have been so lucky and blessed to have this rio performance. It's giving BAT and DWT vibes. However BAT was so hard to access.
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