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  1. Andymad

    ARTPOP Movement

    Shartpop, Shartpop, Shartpooo-op
  2. Imagine M on an episode of Botched?! Omg. Bahahaha
  3. Andymad

    ARTPOP Movement

    Child have u forgotten about the MX Tour?
  4. Andymad

    ARTPOP Movement

    @Shoful Baby it’s so funny my relationship with Artpop. Your relationship with Madame X is mine with Artpop. I appreciate how much you can connect to MX while I can’t. And others who trash Artpop, and I feel so passionate about it. It’s crazy how everyone’s tastes differ. I’m slightly drunk but in my mind this post makes sense Bahahaha! ❤️
  5. Andymad

    ARTPOP Movement

    I connected with Artpop on SO many levels, as I still do today. I continue to Stan that album and I GLADLY signed that petition
  6. Jesus do we really have 8,700 members? Like I can honestly only remember 20 of you rn. WHERE IS EVERYONE

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Voguerista


      Btw, I love your humor. You are always cracking me up. Your fun light really helped keep me floating in hard times this past winter. Thank you. :hug:

    3. Fighter


      Most are aliases of the same 3 banned users :ay:

    4. cosmicarlo818


      I'm sure one of the members here is Guy Oseary lmao. Madonna are you here too? damn, hi Mamas!!!  

  7. You know, its incredibly sad and disheartening. That I need to hear it, FROM HERE, ONLINE, that I lost this sale. What a piece of Sh****t motherF**er my real estate agent is. Sure go with the pop icon. I want my Keurig back. Ass wipe.
  8. I mean... true. Sure we want this. Sure she should release this like NOW. Have I gone past the excitement of seeing this show? 100%. But I mean at the end of the day, it's her product. SO MUCH of the things she's done, we've gone without official releases. Why should she start now? Unfortunately she doesn't really care. She is going to go at her own speed, on her own schedule, by her own leisure. It is annoying af... but it is just something I've grown to expect from her. Sadly, I don't expect anything from her anymore. And whatever we get is a gift. It will come when it comes. Obv
  9. I just came here to say hi since its pretty sad there hasn't been a post since yesterday. So, hi. Hallellu. Wheres the party?
  10. Yeah I mean... for a finale I didn’t really get ‘crowned Queen’ title from her. Of course it’s a competition where yes you do compete to win... but as for what she wants to do in the world, I didn’t quite get that. It was the “ima beat these hoes” vibe for me.
  11. I’ve never seen this https://www.instagram.com/reel/CNNg-xdqsC0/?igshid=kvip06h1cpf3
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