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  1. All of your life, was leading up to this very moment. “Absolutely no regrets”.
  3. Omgggggg @Shoful I’m so happy for youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! So weird they cut Crave though, wonder why. But yayyyy!! So funners
  4. Andymad


    Actually he’s on vacation in some random super Mario Odyssey land. Allegedly. Stay tuned. Waiting to confirm if this land has cable. Of Wi-Fi. I hear the local abandoned shop sells poppers. But you didn’t hear it from me.
  5. Wait are they just playing the trailer in Times Square?
  6. I have learned to cope with love and hope, that’s why I am here now…

    1. proxy


      Don't shut me down already a classic :fire:

  7. Holy. Sheet. I can’t wait. WARNING possible spoilers.
  8. Dance. Disco. Pop music. Why the hell not. Ballads. Epic house beats like IDSIF. Looking for Mercy Live to Tell vibes. I WANT TO DANCE. But I'd also appreciate fun bops like Future and Born This Way . So fun.
  9. I know why she won’t perform it. She could barely remember the words to Material Girl on the RIT . TUTBMP is a thousand minutes long she wouldn’t remember the 6th verse bahahaha. But I love it so
  10. I mean it makes complete sense to edit performances for films like TOD and IGTTYAS. And to be honest I really love the behind the scenes footage. But. To not officially release the show as a full concert boggles my mind. It’s weird how she’s never spoken about it other than “I’ve lost the footage” lmao wtf. LIES! Liza Minnelli LIES!
  11. To be honest, I’d be bummed if it was cut. It was limited audience, small venues… how can we appreciate such a thing as fans (myself who was not able to attend). Has to be full.
  12. Well, she IS back with Warner… perhaps a little treat for us is in store.
  13. Reading Infinity comments: Disparaging comments about M. Me: screaming “NOW I KNOW YOU’RE MIIIIIIINE…. Now I know you’re mine, YOU’VE GOT TO”
  14. Jeez. She MUST be waiting for retirement to release those gems in 76K in 2050. Seems like the smart thing to do.
  15. Oh honey. Torrenting is necessary sometimes if you can’t find something available online :). But I have no idea how to use it outside of the Apple world lol
  16. I guess we don’t know if it’ll be streaming in 4K…
  17. I wonder if it’ll be available on iTunes day one… just a thought…
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