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  1. Wow, this is what I look like right before I douche
  2. My dream for future M... is that she finally sings the bridge in Vogue, and screams NOW I KNOW YOU'RE MINE in the ITG bridge. Why is she allergic to bridges? Sorry I've had many chardonnays. I need to lay down

  3. I personally thought her ass looked great tbh, slay bitch
  4. I need this mix. Pre-recorded vocals seem to be a good sign it might be released at some point. Reminds me of Mariah and Latto's Big Energy new mix recently
  5. I just watched Celebration in full and honestly, I cried. This was what I wanted to see. Sure I wanted her to do Into The Groove, Deeper and Deeper, Vogue... etc. Who cares. This seemed well choreographed, well thought out. This is where she shines. And holy fuck did she shine. Sure her movements were simple, but maybe that is what she can do now. I would take this type of performance over anything that could put her in danger or be too strenuous on her body. She slayed. This was so funners. I'm still mad this had nothing to do with Pride. lolololol
  6. Wait… Finally Enough Love not available on my iTunes (Canada) until August?!? Wtf !?

    1. RUADJAI


      Not even the 16 track?

    2. Andymad


      Nope on Apple Music it says Aug 19

    3. Andymad


      I was wondering why tf it didn’t download, I never payed attention to the release date. I just assumed it was the same everywhere

  7. Wow. I woke up, had my morning coffee and am very pleased to see that Mama served. 10s 10s 10s across the board. was it only 3 songs though?
  8. She goes on stage and is like “where my fans at?” CRICKETS
  9. It looks like there’s like 30 ppl there lol
  10. That ain’t her lips @RUADJAI is plumping up bitch
  11. I did a variety show a few years ago and everybody was so casual and having beverages before going on stage. So I had a few wines. I tell you, I’ve never in my life had such bad anxiety…. Could never do it again.
  12. Omg take that stage MOM and slaaaaaayyyy. Yaaas come on NFT give us that No Fucking Tickets realness!! I can’t wait up for info. Hopefully I wake up and @Frank will already have posted multiple versions for us.
  13. Who knows what we’ll get. If this bitch hasn’t set up a live stream then I CALL SHADE. you think these NFT wallets coming to see the show are fans? Maybe some of them. She’s doing this show for all the wrong reasons and as a fan and a gey, I’m insulted. LOL. Okay maybe I’m being super dramatic but I’ve just had a sip of my morning tea.
  14. https://instagram.com/stories/madonna/2866398552601543500?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= no bitch we’re poor
  15. WOAH Jesus the whole time I was thinking of Mika reading this thread!! Haha so weird
  16. Does everybody actually think we’ll get demos/alternates in this new reissue package…?
  17. The biggest sin of life is not having a pro shot and hearing the first upbeat dancy version of OYH since 1990 😩
  18. What are the chances of this thing being live streamed? Would be rude not to lol. All that promoting only to leave her fans in the dark.
  19. Tbh I really don’t want to hear another re-invention re-hash of the MDNA tour version of Vogue lol.
  20. My setlist 1- Deeper & Deeper 2- Causing A Commotion 3- Love Makes the World Go Round 4 - The English Roses performed through interpretative dance.
  21. Those extensions close to the fan are giving me Saw vibes
  22. I mean, when some fans buy all 47 formats of one individual release, one might see how she would assume we rich af
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