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  1. M kind of ignore US in the Girlie SHow, after the american press blow madonna in the magazines
  2. I believe it will be that cheesy, like on instagram, cameras going back and forth on the face modified by filters. New remixes...hmmm...ok. New video clip, no need.
  3. the REMIX ALBUM name: THE RETROFUTURE https://www.instagram.com/stories/mirwais.official/2772138181817855118/
  4. Ok......... anyways..... Where's the others maxi singles in the streaming now that she was returned to Warner?
  5. Google it m friend: https://www.instagram.com/nikiharisofficial/
  6. There were seconds in the video that looked like the grainy effect left the scene for a moment but came back. I think the grainy effect of this version has now been put into the master.
  7. And how can "Rain" not be a hit song? What happened to you? In the video, 4 minutes kicks Give it To Me ass......
  8. Guys, i wanted to know from the guys from the 80s forum, if this song was really a success, what was it. I was watching the video below and saw that she was there for a long time in the charts, and I can't see in this song a song that would sell a lot here in Brazil, for example.
  9. Yes, and it's true....was the first time she ever recorded with an orchestra.
  10. Besides Liz....her assistent, she confirmed...so...
  11. Well, Im 37 yo, and I remember to read in Magazines that she re-recorded the vocals...... and I can hear cleary the difference...
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