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  1. There were seconds in the video that looked like the grainy effect left the scene for a moment but came back. I think the grainy effect of this version has now been put into the master.
  2. And how can "Rain" not be a hit song? What happened to you? In the video, 4 minutes kicks Give it To Me ass......
  3. Guys, i wanted to know from the guys from the 80s forum, if this song was really a success, what was it. I was watching the video below and saw that she was there for a long time in the charts, and I can't see in this song a song that would sell a lot here in Brazil, for example.
  4. Yes, and it's true....was the first time she ever recorded with an orchestra.
  5. Besides Liz....her assistent, she confirmed...so...
  6. Well, Im 37 yo, and I remember to read in Magazines that she re-recorded the vocals...... and I can hear cleary the difference...
  7. The 1995 version is muuuuuuuuuuuch powerfull
  8. Liz Smith, while reviewing the Something to Remember album in Newsday, felt that all of Madonna's vocal trainings that she received while shooting for the film Evita, had "paid off, because the La M's second single sounds wonderful, and is a step up from the previous haunting 'You'll See'".[48] Dorothy Holmes from Telegram & Gazette said that "'Love Don't Live Here Anymore' sounds like her perfect adult contemporary staple".[49] Slant Magazine's Paul Schrodt wrote it was "among Madonna’s more faithful covers [...] shed to the limits of her vocal range, she wisely relies on a tearful, angsty rock delivery as the track builds and the strings undulate, until she’s literally panting for breath".[50] Writing for The Baltimore Sun, J.D. Considine highlighted Madonna's "soulful intensity" on the song.[51] From the Dallas Observer, Hunter Hauk deemed it "one of those Madonna ballads that, when you really examine it, is sung quite terribly. But it still works".[52] Dennis Hunt from the Los Angeles Times opined that "someone with such a flimsy voice shouldn't be singing a sensitive ballad like 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore'".[53] Entertainment Weekly's Chuck Arnold noted that "her best [cover] came early on with her soul-deep take on this Rose Royce ballad".[54] Medium's Richard LaBeau pointed out that it was one of Madonna's "rare but intriguing and largely successful foray into remakes".[55]
  9. The 1995 remix on Something to Remember begins with the sound of violins and Uilleann pipes, followed by Madonna beginning the first verse. As the song progresses, the sound of the violin fades in and the drum machine starts, and the piano is played along with it.[41] As the chorus is sung the third time, a bass drum is also added in the flow. The violin again fades in as Madonna sings "Through the windmills of my eye, Everyone can see the loneliness inside me." Near the end, she utters the chorus a number of times, emphasizing on the word "anymore" and the phrase "live here anymore".[41] It ends with the Uilleann pipes fading out.[41] The song was also treated with remixes which were released on promotional 12" and CD singles on May 6, 1996.[42] SoulShock & Karlin provided an R&B styled remix while Marcus Schulz created a house remix which paired Madonna's voice with an energetic beat, coupled with vibrant organ lines and blipping synth effects. Wikipedia. If you put both acapellas you can hear the difference
  10. she re-recorded the vocals em 1995
  11. How can the world listen to "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and not give it a Grammy (cover wins Grammy?). Madonna sings like any of the so-called "vocalists", as if she had walked into the studio and told the producer "I'm ready, hit it on." Madonna is an excellent vocalist in the studio, she gives it her all. Well, she takes this cover, transforms the rhythm, beats, and even in the colecnea version she remakes the vocals, now powerful due to the vocal study in Evita, puts an orchestra and strong drums and transforms them into an unusual, avant-garde and original ballad. Love Don't Live Here is one of Madonna's best songs to sing, even though it's not hers.
  12. Oh...and Never Let You Go is one one the best songs from her.... and she loves...candy shop
  13. M best MV: Borderline Material Girl OYHeart LAP EY OH FATHER Vogue Erotica Bad Girl HN TAB BStory Frozen NRM POG BStranger Dont tell me WIFLFAG AL Director cut Hollywood Die another day I really like Jump video Hung up and sorry are ok... Ghosttown Dark Ballet God control is good but messy edited
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