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  1. Can you just SEE the video before juldge?
  2. OMG guys.....2023 and u stilll complainingabout the artwork? The art it's fun, Aldo is getting better every cover single.....and the music is great Can we have ALL a goood 2023 with a lot o good feelings? Luv U all
  3. I've seen several cases where Spotify uses the wrong versions on albums they don't belong to. The Corrs has several examples as well.
  4. Like a Prayer @ Super Bow Halftime was playback?
  5. I don't know why, but there is an exaggerated charge with Madonna. Man, she's delivered a lot in the last year, whether you like it or not. She could do absolutely nothing else. Take it easy.....
  6. What is the difference between the EPIX version and the normal one?
  7. I know that..... i REMEMBER that...i was there..... but MAYBE someone got the masters? maybe? Or would we be so arrogant as to think that no, that we are the original keepers of the archives? lol...... just kidding
  8. I mean.....When REVOLUTION ends matchs perctly with Back That Up
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