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  1. thank you very very much for the support :rose:

  2. brazilfan

    Delete it. wrong thread. lol
  3. brazilfan

  4. I wonder why she did cut this scene from original music video. It was one of Iconic choreography. I mean I can watch this scene over and over again.
  5. Thank you very very much for your support @brazilfan :heart:

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    oh my gosh.. that is really piercing? I thought that it is one of filter effect!!!
  7. brazilfan

    I wanna dance with Madonna's summer Jam dance song!
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    Use some MDNA skin care product. You will feel more relaxed. (Until late May.... LOL)
  9. PLAYBOY: You directed some of Madonna’s most stylish videos, such as “Vogue” and “Bad Girl,” the latter depicting the singer as a film noir femme fatale who gets strangled with panty hose. Why do you think that Madonna never translated to the big screen? FINCHER: Madonna is very crafty. She’s street-smart. The video directors who did the best work with her—romantic, amazing stuff like what Jean-Baptiste Mondino did—were the ones she allowed to take risks and the ones who made videos she would throw herself into. I made commercials to make money, but I did music videos as a kind of film school. I learned that the way to be with Madonna was to follow her impetus, because the artist in a music video is not only the star but also the studio. I could say to Madonna, “I need you to do it again. I need you to stop blinking. I need you to get your fucking chin down. And I need you to be better.” Whether it was Madonna, Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck, I’m well aware that the work got financed because of them. But they needed to know I had to get them off their mark, get them to a place where it might get warm, because there might be friction. Madonna desperately needs this kind of director.
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    Summer hits!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!! That is exactly what I'm waiting for so long fuxking time!!!!!!!!
  11. brazilfan

    It seems like we can expecting controversial + erotic stuff in this new era? What I'm trying to saying is when Madonna is in Bad girl + controversial mood she did enjoy to use cigarette as metaphor. So who knows?
  12. brazilfan

    This!!! Very well said!! One single website or 100 website doesn't matter! How reliable source is matter. And the article seems to know many details which can be true. So No one Can't dare say it's fuXking bullshit at this point.
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    Huh? it sound "really Vibrant" sort of "Don't tell me"??? It doesn't make sense at all! I don't bite this one.
  14. brazilfan

    I kinda really enjoy this moment! And most delightful thing is we can have these kind of moment until May at least!!!