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  1. I quite enjoy this boot, Under The Covers https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Under-The-Covers/release/14251167
  2. Crazy for you was one of my favorite slow songs, but it does change all the time.
  3. oh boy... Borderline, Bedtime Stories, ...... ok this just so difficult..lolol
  4. my answers... 1-Let Your Guard 2-Impressive Instant 3.Shanti / Ashtangi yes,,,,, copy & paste, .lololol 4.Think of Me 5.Love Makes the World Go Round 6.Love Profusion 7. Spotlight 8. gambler 9. sidewalk talk 10. bad girl
  5. ok this is "my first time" so please be nice.. lolol 1. scream 2. Spinning 3.caranaravinde 4. track 5. prejudice 6. under 7. goals 8. advances 9. misery 10. lips
  6. Definitely Patrick Leonard, Then, omg.... This is a hard question... | I'll get back to you on this...
  7. I wonder if she ever really does miss these early years?... I myself love all of her looks but.... the 80's were my ultimate favorite.
  8. this song will always remind me of my niece... she was born about the time the video premiered on Mtv..
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