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  1. I mean the HD video is not available on her YouTube channel.
  2. Madonna troll us again A classic
  3. The one that got away... 💔

    I miss so much to my best Italian friend Mattia 😢💔

  4. Obviously It's good to know that you are back!
  5. According to Twitter, a 2 track single edition of Sorry single is going to be released on March 1st.
  6. And this ended up on the vaults as the VT, BAT and RIT DVDs... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Does a full rough mix of Let Down Your Guard exits?
  8. I would prefer that this DVD is set to be released directly on DVD/Blu-ray/CD/2CD now. Just for not waiting too much again. Just saying.
  9. According to our dead source @Clark_Kentthis concert film is going to be released by Amazon Prime Video as the mini doc World of Madame X.
  10. If the editing of this DVD is finished now we are going to wait until she give us a release date on a streaming platform or TV channel.... Another long wait is coming for those who wait!
  11. We had the same feelings when those RIT DVD promo videos were released... 🤣😂😜🤣😂😜
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