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  1. Great to see the site back online again!!

  2. For me LAP and Erotica are the best - plus I've always loved You Can Dance (although it's more of a remix album).
  3. I'm amazed LAP and HC are mentioned in the same sentence.... Well, I'm just going to say it: Like A Prayer is EVERYTHING!!!!
  4. I watched it yesterday and I loved it! Really well made. Jamie Auld is fantastic as Madonna. I think I might get this one on BluRay (or DVD).
  5. True Blue, it is gorgeous - after that: LAP then European version of the First Album.
  6. I agree, I absolutely love Causing A Commotion, one of my favourites.
  7. I've always loved the YCD album cover. One of my favourites from her.
  8. That's nice! We got Cotton On here as well, need to check if they have it.
  9. I'd love to see a few pages of that book.
  10. She doesn't have to go dark brunette. She can soften it a bit, medium brown, I think it would suit her!
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