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  1. Great to see the site back online again!!

  2. How can the album flop if it's #1 in almost every country? No, don't think so....
  3. Superb album from beginning to end! Can't get over how incredible it is!
  4. Superb album, absolutely incredible!!! Best since I don't know when!! <3
  5. Listened to the full album last night. It is really really well put together. The songs are very different from what we're used to, and I love it! She took a risk with this one and it will pay off! There's one song, can't remember which one now, that reminds me of A Clockwork Orange, got those vibes. Really good album!!
  6. She looked just as good when she had a bit of weight on.
  7. I love Future, it's a fantastic song, she did it really well.
  8. I've just listened to the song. I like it. I think this is going to be an amazing album. She sounds quite different in this song.
  9. Can anyone send me a link please? I've been looking everywhere...
  10. OMFG this is amazing! Goosebumps. What a great voice she's got here.
  11. Just watched it. Absolutely love it! Really great video! This new era is going to be amazing!
  12. Amazon UK always seem to lower the price when you get to checkout. Happens to me everytime I order from them.
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