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  1. Removed... Not even the time to check how the quality is 😭
  2. The charm of the hairy man... 😍πŸ₯°πŸ€£
  3. In Naples we would say "azz" ("azz" it's a slightly more pronounced way of saying "wow" πŸ˜‚)
  4. Oops, I didn't noticed this thread. I'm going to do it now. Thanks! 😘
  5. ❌❌❌WARNING, READ ALL: On June 14th, the Madame X album turns one year old. As we know, in these last days our queen has participated in protests against racism, after the murder of Floyd, putting her face on it. For this reason we want to invite you to join a beautiful initiative of many groups of fans around the world to starting the streaming, listening and downloading of the the song KILLERS WHO ARE PARTYING by this midnight! Come on guys, let's get it on the charts. There is no more suitable song than Killers Who Are Partying to join the Queen's protest and to celebrate one of her latest masterpiece album.
  6. No, I absolutely didn't think it was him. But whatching the picture of his avatar, I simply remembered, by visual association, the nickname that for a long time I tried to remember, without success.
  7. A few years ago I had the opportunity to converse with a user of this forum. I must confess that initially I didn't love him so much, because he contacted me to ask me if I had rare stuff to exchange with him and I absolutely never loved to trade anything, since I rather preferred sharing for free. But then, we got into confidence and I discovered his human and sensitive side. Than, one night, maybe the same night he was connected the last time on april 20th 2016, I remember he communicated in his status that he was going to have an important surgery . But that time was very dark and sad for me and I never thought about him for the few months i missed from this forum. When after months I came back in this forum, I wondered if this person was fine, but I no longer remembered his nickname and I didn't know how to ask about him. Until tonight, when I saw the same avatar he used on another user's profile, and my mind suddendly remembered the nickname that for years I couldn't remember anymore: @Heartbeat I hope that someone of the users of this forum stayed connected in some way with him and can give good news. Many years are passed, but I was always worried and saddened by the idea that that surgery, of a young man, may have failed...
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