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    Absolutely not 😂
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    Not so brilliant 🤗
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    The charm of the hairy man... 😍🥰🤣
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    Oooook, I will do! 😂
  5. Oops, I didn't noticed this thread. I'm going to do it now. Thanks! 😘
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    Midnight tonight
  7. ❌❌❌WARNING, READ ALL: On June 14th, the Madame X album turns one year old. As we know, in these last days our queen has participated in protests against racism, after the murder of Floyd, putting her face on it. For this reason we want to invite you to join a beautiful initiative of many groups of fans around the world to starting the streaming, listening and downloading of the the song KILLERS WHO ARE PARTYING by this midnight! Come on guys, let's get it on the charts. There is no more suitable song than Killers Who Are Partying to join the Queen's protest and to celebrate one of her latest masterpiece album.
  8. Does anybody know where I can buy or download the full IDSIF remixes pack? 


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      Ooooh, thank you so much. 

      I was looking  for them in the audio section. 


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    4. Rupert76
  9. Rupert76

    She fell on thursday 27th
  10. Rupert76

    I apologize for the delay, but I haven't had time to write before now. Yes, that's exactly what happened: she fell down at the end of Vogue's performance, when she was going to sit in front of the typewriter. We have been so afraid for her, and for few seconds we thought the show was already ended. But, as always, Madonna surprised us and continued her show with great professionalism. It was really struggle to see her in tears on the moment before the Polaroid, sobbing for the pain she felt, while explaining us that she had unimaginable pain and that she would have completed the tour, despite the contrary opinion of the doctors who follow her, even if she had to pay this choice with her own life
  11. Rupert76

    No no, thanks God I will attend the 27th show. So, for the moment, my show is saved Maybe, in a topic where someone asked who would be present at Madame X show in Paris, I replied by mistaken, answering that I would also be present the 20th or 25th, without having noticed that the question had been asked in reference to thoset specific dates. But I thought I had deleted that wrong reply ...