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  1. Rupert76

    I partly agree with you. I am sorry, even though I am aware that by saying this it will generate a swarm of hostile comments and I will be even more disliked. Limited movements due to normal age-related degeneration are absolutely normal, you can't go against the laws of nature ... And it is also right and sacrosanct not to give up the pleasures of life forever, like food ... But fuck, after 4 years away from the scene, in which she could enjoy life eating whatever she wanted, she could do at least a bit of healthy diet to get back in shape before returning to the stage with the next tour.... Another small note: someone please tell her that with those braids she used on several performances (not on this, thank God) and interviews, she looks like a silly idiot child, and that eye patch at every performance starts to be a bit annoying too ... Instead, a complete change of look , as it could be if he chose to wear a dark wig, would be really appreciated.
  2. Thank you guys. The billetcollectors are arrived
  3. This is a big problem. So, in case of any problems do I have to lose 470.00 Eur? This is crazy
  4. Rupert76

    Thank you for your answer! I really hope you're right. Anyway, I paid with Paypal
  5. You risk to receive your merchandise in condition like this... I bought the Madame X Clear Vinyl (amount :39.69 GBP) and, as could be foreseen, considering the bad cardboard packaging (too thin and unsuitable to protect it from shocks, crash and bending) the cover of the double vinyl was conspicuously damaged on two different corner (a big bending on the left, and a small bending on the right) and I'm starting being aware they won't replace the item I bought, and that they won't give me my money back. It seems that the replacement or refund in case of damage are not at all contemplated among the site conditions... Scandalous. I don't know what to do with such a damaged vinyl, I'll have to throw it away ... and I won't even be able to buy it again, otherwise I will run the risk of getting another item damaged the same way ...
  6. Thank you. Have you got a tracking number from ticketmaster for the registered mail? I haven't received anything...
  7. Maybe I posted this in the wrong section... Admins, please feel free to move it in the right one if I mistaken. Thank you
  8. Hy guys, I would like to know if any of you, residing in a European country (not France) , has bought tickets for one of the shows in Paris, in billet-collector format, from ticketmaster France, to be sent by registered mail (hope the translate is correct...) I'm really worried ... I read that in Europe deliveries are made in two days, but after two weeks have passed since the time of purchase I still haven't received anything.... And I still haven't received not even the tracking code for the shipment ... Can anyone help me? I have another question to ask to you soon, about how to make returns damaged item to Madonna shop UK. I received my clear vinyl with two damages (two different showy folds, the 1st very big, and the 2nd small) on two different corners ... and I fear there is no possibility of being able to make the article back and replaced it, or get my money back. Thank you guys in advance for the answers you will give me.
  9. Rupert76

    No doubt : the powerful and energetic WTG performance
  10. Thank you! But... where is the golden area? Is it the orchestre area? 🤔
  11. Rupert76

    Amazing video, perfectly directed. Too bad that Madonna appears only for 2/3 seconds ... WHY????? I wonder what is the reason of this choice...
  12. Rupert76

    Actually, in the last few seconds of this song, I hear an angry cat that is suffering. I don't know why, but that sound you're maybe referring really reminds me of my cat's growl when it had to be visited by the vet. I hope it's not actually a cat. We will know maybe when we can watch the video
  13. Rupert76

    Ok. I hope is already allowed to share it, otherwise we have to wait patiently. Thank you for your answer 😉