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  1. Rupert76

    Guys, do you really love it? Are you serious? If so, it would mean that there is something wrong with you. At firtst listen it sound very similar to the hated Champagne Rosé. At second listen it sound the same. At third too... At fourth too... At fifth too... At sixth too... Then I stopped hurting my ears
  2. Rupert76

    Is it a "song"? Really? I didn't realized it... 😂
  3. How do you know it? Already listened to it?
  4. I was reading that Crave's video director accidentally uploaded the video to his account yesterday. I imagine the video will be released tomorrow, but I was wondering if the final version will be different from this one accidentally (but officially) shared by the director himself. In case there are differences, and ONLY IN THAT CASE, also considering that the video has been officially shared (even if for short time) by Nunoxico himself, @Fighter is it legit to ask if somebody has downloaded it and is willing to share it? If not, please tell me and I will delete this part of my comment. Thank you 😉
  5. Rupert76

    But they say "RAINBOW picture disc". So much confusion...
  6. Rupert76

    So Fnac France and Amazon deutsch still have listed an item that hasn't been manufactured yet and that they can't sell? So strange...
  7. The anger and the disappointment for the choice of a theatrical tour that probably will not arrive in Italy is slowly fading away, so I am now reconsidering the idea of buying the formats of the album that I had in mind to buy for a long time (standard cd, deluxe cd, super deluxe cd, double vinyl) Among these, the rainbow vinyl. So, will be it on sale or not?
  8. Rupert76

    No one, not even a single user, voted for the Girlie Show till now
  9. Rupert76

    Ok, but let's hope this will be a real "SONG" and not only a track
  10. Rupert76

    Listening to some Quavo's songs on Youtube (skipping them all after a few seconds) I can't help but notice how all his songs sound like the hated "Champagne Rosé", and I can't help wondering how madonna could have chosen this collaboration with him. Who the hell is Quavo and where does he come from? What is the crazy reason for what Madonna choose to record another song with him again? I have the feeling that Future will sounds like a Champagne Rosé #2. Hope I'm wrong
  11. Does anybody know when the Crave's video will comes out?
  12. Last few months, several times on this forum i read news about Madonna's new album and about the tour that was supposed to promote it. I remember that a user, whose username I don't remember now, reported that he knew a person, maybe his friend or friend of his friend (don't remember exactly) , who was very inside the Madonna's staff, and that told him news that later, in these last months, turned out to be genuine. These days, the italian websites write about a probable Italian stage of Madame X's tour in Italy in March 2019. I'd like to know it if that guy who belongs to Madonna's staff knows something about it, because from today it's already possible to buy tickets for London tour and the next few days it will surely be possible to buy also the tickets for Paris and Lisbon. So, before losing this opportunity, (as long as the ticket prices are reasonable and allow me to buy them) opting to buy the ticket for an Italian show that maybe should not take place, I would like to have more reliable news even if not officially.
  13. Rupert76

    You didn't guess it just for... a "few seconds
  14. Rupert76

    Nope Look better at the middle of the picture 😉