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  1. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  2. Such a powerful video. She really did that. It's just a shame people need to be reminded this is a dangerous problem still happening.
  3. Could someone please tell me how many versions of the cassette there is? I have the black cassette and just ordered the blue.
  4. All my versions of the album finally arrived. Now if y'all excuse me imma continue dancing my ass off to the pussy pop beat drop in God Control.
  5. Yes it does. I bought the vinyl from HMV. It has the standard edition cover but the deluxe edition track list.
  6. It feels so weird to say I haven't given into the leaks. That for once I'm actually waiting. The promo tracks / singles really have held me over. This era feels so right. I really can't help but wonder what Rebel Heart would have been like given the chance. Like what would it's singles / promo tracks be leading up to the album? What would the track list be? I don't know I'm taking my mind off of things while i wait until Friday lmao.
  7. LaraCroft

    I'm waiting for Madonna to find who personal sold copies early so she can hunt them done one by one. Madame X don't give a damn she'll cut them all down 🤣🤣🤣
  8. LaraCroft

    That look she gave when they told her to move back to the spot she was on 🤣🤣🤣 queen. I fucking love her.
  9. LaraCroft

    God she is absolutely gorgeous in the video i can't stop watching it 😍😍😍
  10. LaraCroft

    I seriously want this as the back cover. I'm not kidding if it is then seeing the vinyl in HMV is gonna make my week.
  11. LaraCroft

    Really M? We're putting "Slow down Papi" on a t-shirt now!? How can you not put that on underwear for all the bottoms in your fanbase
  12. LaraCroft

    I mean with demos we already have Back That Up and that's a perfect example of why we don't want demos to leak... We're all scared of the song after all 🤣
  13. LaraCroft

    A big congratulations to all the winners hope you all enjoy the prizes ❤️
  14. LaraCroft

    I honestly hope the album doesn't leak. We're being given enough preview tracks to keep us entertained until the album is released. I wish Rebel Heart had been given this chance because it makes me wonder what the album would have been like without the leaks and panicked rush to throw music at us. As for people being over the album i can only speak for myself when i say the preview singles have me excited for the album. I'm loving everything I've heard so far.