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  1. Some of y’all haven’t released your wiggle and it shows 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 🍑
  2. Madonna posting a video of Queens Remix with Janet showing up in the video call outs. Hell hath frozen (on fire remix) over l, my acne is healed and my overdraft has cleared.
  3. Mariah just feels like a purposeful sidestep seeing as they’re friends and one of the only people Bey follows on twitter which makes me think there’s a Mariah feature incoming further down the line. Beys vocal arrangements on a couple of the album tracks are highly highly Mariah inspired. Let’s sit on this one.
  4. It’s “i luh ya” not Aaliyah. She is mentioned later in the song
  5. I’m positive this ain’t over. I’m imagining a Mariah feature on a remix of Cuff It and maybe even an awards ceremony where a heap of these queens finally come together. The house of Ciccone, The House Of Carey, The House Of Jackson, The House of Gaga, The House of Derion All these historical beefs ironed out in a show of unity to the US when the rights of women are seemingly in reverse after Roe vs Wade debacle. Not even a duet or sing off. Just a catwalk ball style for each house. Gay rights
  6. Katy ain’t gonna do shit for her streams these days tbh but it would be cute all the same.
  7. Girl miss Big Freda is singing “release your trade” over the damn thing and she’s naked on a disco ball horse. It’s gay as fuck 🤣🤣
  8. Nah I think this is better. The robin S sample is cool and paired back but this gives the track somewhere to go and it’s in the vein of late 80’s / early 90’s mash ups and bootlegs which is very much the vibe of the project.
  9. This is also the exact sort of thing I would buy on 12” . Don’t even need a cover as I love the old bootleg style label and plain black sleeve.
  10. I mean. I’m just here to enjoy the music. Let the basics basic.. Did everyone enjoy the Madoncé ? I thought the Madoncé was lovely.
  11. @Arckangel I mean I live in a state of each to their own. It’s not my word to use and I personally would call out another non PoC person for using it. It’s not for me to tell PoC how and when to use a word reclaimed and repurposed. Like .. I’m out of my lane. My personal dislike for the word in any form is just that.. personal. I know it’s spelled differently and has a different meaning to the slur but the phonetics are the same and hits my ear with the same sting. You’ll never hear me say it or sing it to a lyric. It just… yeah it just don’t feel right. To me. on the same token I very occasionally use to F slur when referring to myself and other gay people. In humour and with a sense of irony. But if a non queer person used it loosely or in reference to me It would still sting some. Unless I knew them very very very well and knew their intent. I just find it basic and telling that the n word and f word can often be heard loudest on the dancefloor when white folk feel they’re “permitted” to say it. It’s another complex issue but I think it’s just about policing yourself and what sits right with your soul. My reasoning for not liking it in rap music is because I think it just perpetuates the common use of the word specifically amongst people who it’s not hurtful to when used. In truth id like it never to be heard again but that is non of my damn business….but I’ll call it out from white peeps. Wrong or right that’s my stance.
  12. “Bling” is hyper political. hyper. So many black Americans cannot get legal representation or afford bail and the justice system is set up to work against the poor or less well off which historically I’m the US has meant people of colour. There’s a chilling documentary about it that I fail to remember the name of. Bling isn’t just about “look what shit I got”, it’s literally saying I’m able to pay for my own justice if you come for me. Which is a sorry fucking state. When a rapper is talking about their ice, papers, cars and or whatever it’s not solely about being braggadocious it’s about saying “the system can’t get me I’m now on some sort of equal footing and I can hold my own” Everything is more complex that it seems.
  13. Madonna journey with the gay community has been authentic and lived through. Even before she was a gay icon. We all know this. Yes there have been appropriation claims because it is actually right to question these things and have the dialogue, but no one brought more attention and centred queer people of colour in mainstream culture more than Madonna up and to that point. Periodt. An artist at her peak powers. This remix straddles the line between a thank you to an amazing and pioneering ally and recentres people of colour in the call outs. It couldn’t be more perfect in that sense. Like… couldn’t be more perfect. Ain’t no shit to stir here. I came up through these times and I never remember any PoC queens from my house having any kind of problem with Madonna or Vogue. On the contrary. They were out there on the dancefloor maybe even moreso in a “ok this my moment clear out I’m coming through” kinda way. It was powerful and celebratory and the lyrics to Vogue were inclusive too to make sure people knew everybody was invited. Madonna has proven her credentials and commitment to black culture, women, and queer culture repeatedly since day one. There is zero slight or shade from Bey here. It’s all love. Get into it.
  14. This is gold dust for Madonna at this point in her career whilst trying to hawk her greatest hits to a new generation. She’ll be fine with it.
  15. If this is a Bey store only purchase and doesn’t come to streaming ! This would be the single biggest bump for M’s streams in forever. Watch it flounder on a webstore exclusive.
  16. Madonna being called the Queen mother though. All praise but a displacement of sorts. I know Bey don’t mean no shade.
  17. The lack of Mariah feels … odd. And Tina too tbh as she’s her idol. But I suppose you can’t list em all eh.
  18. The biggest gag of all is that mom managed to keep her mouth shut and keep it a surprise 🤣🤣🤣
  19. The rap being homage to all the amazing queens of colour while Bey and Madge host the cookout. This is gay fan fiction and I fucking live!
  20. Christ alive the dark clouds are rolling in overhead again. Imagine being that much of a willingly active kill joy. Couldn’t be me. Some boys cry and some boys wry but I don’t let them play No way. you should have just sat there and ate your cereal….gworlllll
  21. They way I’m a Material Gworrlllll but I can just about afford cereal Gworlllll
  22. Like A Virgin rerelease would be a Damn curve ball at this stage in the game. But maybe people are right it’s defo her most widespread and breakthrough moment. but I’m struggling to see the timing in terms of anything whatsoever anniversary wise. I think Nile think is most likely because of the Disco revival, he’s a part of her history and this is an album that is celebrating her being queen of the dancefloor 50 times specifically. I wouldn’t read much more into it than that tbh. He’s the perfect choice and in terms of the early part of her career the most prominent and active collaborator who is still out their doing his shit in his own right. He’s a hussler and can always be counted on for good energy and positive and celebratory words. Who else would do it? Jellybean? I don’t think .
  23. I mean. If you want more stuff y’all better stream. The more business this does the more little nuggets we’ll get. Like… If stuff like this does well the label might consider additional streaming only content for the special editions. Imagine them digging out selected studio versions of tour songs related to that specific album release. A collapse. I’ve previously felt quite cautious about what the return to Warner would bring but honestly look at where we were a couple of years ago. The EP singles been uploaded the videos being remastered True Blue Digital Edition Like A Prayer digital edition a 50 song greatest remix collection Frozen remixes Material Gworllll remix A Madonna biopic Mom playing us her PreMadonna demos Knowing reissues are coming The Everybody remixes being collated Wig flew The old me couldn’t relate tbh. I think we’re gonna get way more than we thought about. We don’t know how time sensitive this Warner Deal is. If it is a only a Ltd five year deal they will absolutely rinse everything they can get they damn hands on. They will have been itching to do this for absolutely years and years. Possibly decades. The first Thriller rerelease was 2001. I’d bet the industry is also wondering just how long the vinyl resurgence will last specifically as prices are becoming ludicrous now. And I mean ludicrous in some cases. The more they can get on streaming and digital only the better. Sit on the shelves in the vault or get it out there generating revenue. If I was Emily, (am I though), I’d be ransacking the damn stock cupboard and shoving everything I had in my bra and clutch and making out like tour dancers with hotel bathrobes. Madonnas fanbase is getting on a bit and Warner have already missed out on 20 yrs (half her career) of recashing old cheques. Gimme that wet Tuesday Spotify Only 13 track Love Hurts demo EP. The lot. Done and done.
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