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  1. star guardian

    a BEAUTIFUL collection!!!! ♥
  2. yas gurl now we're getting this BAT dvd!


  3. star guardian

    LOLLLLLLLL hmmm, i think sky fits heaven! and pls no guns!
  4. star guardian

    hmmm i really like these three in their own way HAHAHA for example, i really fell in love with spanish eyes from my first listen - it carries so much emotion, and the spanish vibe that this song has just makes it more impossible not to fall in love with. sky fits heaven is such a powerful song, i really started liking even more after i watched drowned world tour (which is not my favorite madonna tour, gotta say this) but the sky fits heaven bit it is i think my favorite part of the whole show. i really love the nobody knows me performance at the re invention tour, and it made me like the song even more!
  5. star guardian

    Pray For Spanish Eyes, Sky Fits Heaven and Nobody Knows Me.
  6. star guardian

    re-invention tour im BANISHING you right now dont you guys even mention her right here for gods sake i NEED to see frozen and extreme occident in HD please god im begging youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  7. star guardian

    oh.... if it really ends tonight, well, it was a long, unpredictable, messy but fun and enjoyable trip. i hope she gets better and focus on healing after the tour is over, and this virus gets controlled because this situation around the world is really worrying :( anyway, here's to madame x era! it was fun! can't wait for the dvd lol
  8. star guardian

    thank you soooooooooooooo much!! @Fightercould you remaster this one too?
  9. star guardian

    madonna tribe posted a picture on twitter aaaand i think somebody posted here also in the previous pages
  10. star guardian

    i'm so curious to see how tonight's show is going to be! also im in love with last night polaroid lmaooooo she looks so hot
  11. Girl Gone Wild Crave Masterpiece Ghosttown I Rise
  12. 1. Sorry 2. Hung Up 3. Celebration 4. Miles Away 5. American Life
  13. star guardian

    guyss im am so sorry if i sound desperate but can any of you who recorded london shows post the recording for us? i've been dying to hear it, especially the smaller version of the show
  14. star guardian

    so we can probably assume that when two concerts in a row are happening one will start with god control and the other one with vogue, right? i mean this is what have been happening for the past days in london
  15. star guardian

    yassss!!!!!! pls share with us whenever you can!!!
  16. star guardian

    please do! share your point of view with us!
  17. star guardian

    i can't wait to hear the recording of this show lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo im laughing just thinking about her singing future piano ver. in a hurry
  18. star guardian

  19. star guardian

    yiiikes.... i wonder what happened? lets brace ourselves for another long discussion about the tour and its progress yall! im joking btw
  20. star guardian

    this maks me remember when she finished MDNA in london in a hurry because of the curfew if she went on late i think she cut the first few songs because of that maybe?
  21. star guardian

    oh boy this isnt good... ): just cancel everything already and focus on getting better
  22. oh man i had a good laugh with the replies!!! i WISH she would do a erotica rock version tho, it would be dope! and for those who doesn't like those types of threads, i mean... don't click on them? we're on a forum discussing about madonna, right? not everything is about downloads and stuff
  23. My MDNA standard edition which was given to me by my mother, and my Rebel Heart Tourbook that i won as an award at this forum
  24. star guardian

    and at least the show is filmed, so maybe everyone that didnt get to go or had their concert cancelled will get to experience the tour somehow ):