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  1. star guardian

    OMG ALREADY??? YASSSS after yersteday we all knew it was coming but i didnt thought it would be this soon... CANT WAIT!!!!
  2. star guardian

    nice!!!!! can't wait
  3. star guardian

    cant wait!!!!
  4. star guardian

    take a bow looks so flawless... what a highlight!!!
  5. star guardian

    take a bow looks so beautiful
  6. star guardian

    im sooo excited to order my copy but for some foreign reason only the 2cd is on preorder here i cant get enough of saying how happy i am that this tour is even being released on dvd. i dont have time to find negative points on the release
  7. star guardian

    to me, i think she knows that most of the songs in TOAC in melbourne were like a one time only thing and thats why they're not in the release its really sad tho
  8. star guardian

    she literally just posted on instagram that she's making new music and some of you guys are saying that its gonna flop and its gonna look like mdna now tell me, madonna has always been reinventing herself in music and in world tours and in everything that we can think about. isnt too early to say that its gonna look like mdna? and even if it looks, i trust her and i love that she does everything that she wants. let m breathe, let m have time to make a album that she likes as much as rebel heart - which i think its her best album when you compare to hard candy and mdna. anyway, i'm praising that new music - and when the release arrive, im gonna be freaking happy
  9. the best it was about goddamn time!
  11. star guardian

    i just love how m set our world on fire with every small detail.... i laughed so much at our reaction when we found out that TAB will be at japan release ahhhh to be honest im gonna miss this thread so much
  12. star guardian

    omg i just love how professional and perfeccionist she is
  13. star guardian

    i cant believe this tour started like almost two years ago it feels like yersteday! im just happy bc we're getting a dvd
  14. omg i said thank you in a topic and it went 3 times lmao

  15. no take a bow lol but excited for heartbreak city
  16. star guardian

    meanwhile im flipping my hair with like a virgin... what an iconic song.
  17. star guardian

    guys, do you remember when we we're freaking out about not having a dvd? now that we have... why so many critics? why some of you guys just can't enjoy? i just dont get it its better having this release than nothing... chill, lol
  18. star guardian