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  1. al4realz

    My friend was part of the crew when they filmed back in Lisbon.
  2. al4realz

    I don’t think It matters because the rebel heart tour was released on the side with Eagle Rock and Semtex Films. And it includes songs from Warner and interscope with no issues.
  3. al4realz

    I wonder how her recent switch to Warner will affect these release, or maybe it won’t...
  4. al4realz

    By the time of filming the show in Lisbon, Amazon Prime was supposed to own the show for steaming. I really don’t know if that has changed.
  5. al4realz

    From what I know it will be streamed before the end of the year. I think everything is already planned for it to be released. Otherwise Ricardo and Madonna wouldn’t be teasing us with videos.
  6. al4realz

    I have high hopes because she already started teasing it on Instagram, She posted something for rebel heart the first time late September saying that It was gonna be ready in 2 months. I think we should have a release date soon for late august or September.
  7. al4realz

    Time goes by so slowly for those who wait..
  8. al4realz

    I’m more thinking about a release for her birthday. Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed.
  9. al4realz

    I know we should question every info, but nobody really has any official source. If someone comes here just to share info because they can, just be grateful. I can verify that mostly everything that has been said by @Clark_Kentis true. I have a friend that was part of the crew when they recorded back in Lisbon. If someone comes to share info, just don’t treat them like s**t.
  10. I just came here to say. #JusticeForBatuka
  11. al4realz

    I’ll take cherish!
  12. al4realz

    I think it was. If you see the official DVD/Film, all the songs show footage from Paris. Maybe expect for Like a Virgin/Love Spent.
  13. al4realz

    Yea, you can totally see it in Vogue for example. When she starts singing her corset is different from the rest of the performance. And if you see the Lisbon footage it is the totally the same shoot. Same with American life, and also Imagine you can see they used footage from both shows.
  14. al4realz

    It is funny that they decided to abandon that project even though they included some Lisbon footage in IMGTTYAS. At the end the final product for the documentary includes both shows, Paris and Lisbon. I think it was more of a "we can do a documentary or release the full show, but not both".
  15. Does anyone have the original file of this??