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  1. I can’t upload because it’s too heavy guys. Go to my Instagram @al4realz I’ll try to post it there, Madonna is not here yet, or at least that’s what it looks like. We’re waiting outside in the rain for her.
  2. Actually yes. Haha my TV sucks playing 1080p. also judging the quality on the Times Square screen right now, that thing is coming in 4K.
  3. The long trailer, even longer than the one we got today it’s being shown here in Times Square. Guys, it looks amazing… the colors, everything.
  4. Paramount has 4K HDR and Dolby Vision in all of their new content. I believe there’s a big chance that Madame X comes in at least 4K.
  5. So apparently she will be premiering Madame X next week here in NYC.
  6. I honestly thing they just put a filter in the first trailer from last month. And just removed it from the new teaser. I really doubt she changed the colors of the whole film, that takes a lot of time.
  7. It also shows Medellin, so unless they cut the Portuguese covers we should be fine with the whole thing.
  8. So.. let's solve this mystery. I read this from Madonna's instagram post when she was meeting with MTV and Paramount. And according to that TMZ article, it seems to me that's exactly what they are doing, they planned for this promo and probably will be shown next week in the VMAs.
  9. HAHA that’s what I thought. but mark those words, we might see that vintage car soon, Or in 10 years for the biopic.
  10. I have only read… “… Vintage 1980s car, a passenger is seen inside…. Madonna’a voice is heard” What the hell is this about?? That’s what it says in the capital letters at the beginning.
  11. If you had to cut one song from the show final release.. which one would you pick?
  12. I’m sorry but im not saying Drownedmadonna is lying. I’m saying that the article is indeed recycled from other websites since they beginning of the Netflix rumors, there’s no evidence on ANY of the edition process, trailer or any Madonna post that this is going to be a documentary. Maybe it will have some behind-the-scenes at the end, or in the beginning. I’m positive we’re getting the full show.
  13. I think there’s a little of misinformation. Because I remember the same exact words when they spread the rumors about Netflix. Not sure if you guys remember. I think they’re just doing copy&paste. Madonna set to release Netflix documentary with footage from Madame X tour https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2355673/madonna-netflix-documentary-madame-x/amp/
  14. My shows in New York were live. Come Alive has backing vocals in the chorus and bridges, same with Crave and God Control. But the rest of show was live. I remember she fucked up some words during Batuka and there was no backing track.
  15. It’s a “teaser” people. I’m sure an official trailer will be coming after this. We can’t assume what’s included and what’s not included from 40 seconds.
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