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  1. From what I understood I think we are still getting the full show… but minus speeches.. hopefully I’m right. At least we know we are getting the best songs. Probably she got rid of the public interactions and the covers… just speculating 🤔. She already talked about how the álbum was made and every song in the world of Madame X documentary.
  2. She only filmed dress rehearsals before, she did it for truth or dare, confessions and rebel heart.. Also, the MDNA was filmed in Paris for the dvd, she didn’t like it… and pretty much Miami was the reshoot. Also they filmed 2 full shows without audience in Lisbon last year for Madame X (my friend was part of the crew on this) Call it Netflix, Amazon, Hulu… Our point is, somebody is paying for this, and I really doubt it is her.
  3. The Whole era was messy, but the show was so beautiful…
  4. I always imagined Ciao Bella for this. Haha
  5. They are alL in LA. Ricardo and Lola were together today in LA. Madonna was doing the edit in LA. Also, we all know that she left Lisbon for good. Now I don’t believe in that Brazilian account. Back to waiting . Weird she didn’t post anything today.
  6. This video might be old tho. In her previous post editing the show she was taking those acrylic nails 💅🏻 off.
  7. Wasn’t she editing the show in LA?
  8. The truth is, we literally know nothing. We’ll see when the time comes what was included. For now, I’m only hoping we get a release date before the month ends.
  9. I think we will have the full show with some behind the scenes in between. Just like Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour or Ariana Grande concert film. It doesn’t mean we won’t get the full thing. If you get rid of most of the speeches you’re able to fit some behind the scenes footage in between songs.
  10. We got Netflix and we’re still complaining. Lol
  11. It all looks like they talked before they were allow to! Lol
  12. Netflix usually label concerts as documentaries. They did the same for Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, it doesn’t mean we will not get the full show. Besides, Madonna never hinted anything regarding a documentary.
  13. Do we recognize the people in the room watching the show? I only see her kids, bf, and Nuno Xico. Don’t know about the rest.
  14. I mean, it’s clearly not a tv, it’s a projector to her wall. I hope it comes out soon! At least we know she’s done. And that video might be from yesterday or Saturday.
  15. At least now she’s posting about it almost everyday. Which means she’s having some sense of urgency on finishing it.
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