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  1. I think considering how long she spent hyping this project up to then release in what looks like sub par quality just doesn’t cut it with me and other fans that’s all - yes this might be a blip with just this song but why release it then ? It certainly isn’t a very good start for this multi year project - they better not fuck up the lap demos or warning signs , assuming we will get them this decade 🙄🥴
  2. I would rather they just use the original lossless files then and no sound boosting remastering then - Nero express does that on my laptop 🥴😭🙄
  3. Imagine the meltdowns on here if the rest of this release is “ remastered “ this way - especially all the vinyl bitches who have paid a fortune for this 😭 that’s why I just stick with the original cd lossless files for the best purest quality
  4. So judging by the comments here - stick with the original promo edit from 1992 then ? This is why I always keep the original rips as I just don’t trust peoples “ remastering bull shit “ if Mike dean can’t remaster properly then no one can 😳🙄
  5. I would prefer a remixed dvd to this - her tours should be experienced in full length form - not highlights imo I was wondering the other day if we will get remastered tv live performances for the upcoming reissues I know she is very proud of sooner or later from the oscars but would it cost too much to obtain the rights to her tv performances ?
  6. I can’t wait to hear what they have done with the KIT pettibone mix - I love that - I hope it’s not a really badly edited mix 🥺
  7. I would say she mostly chose the best remixes except for ; open your heart ( dunno why she went for the video version seeing as it’s not a remix ) GI2M - should be the oakenfold one erotica - I would have chosen either Ken Lou or orbit mix I didn’t care for most mixes post GI2M so not bothered about those choices to be honest i would have loved a jellybean 7” mix of LAV and material girl too - again I don’t know why she chose album versions for those ( same as physical attraction which I still don’t count as a straight up dance song )
  8. All I want from erotica is remastered from original film reels of bad girl and rain music videos - I don’t think there are any more unreleased songs or remixes ( except the Daniel Abrahams remix of bye bye baby ) I would like a more tighter edit of Shame though 👍😁
  9. Plus they were actually great songs - people can critique her recent single covers as rubbish but they match the songs ( mostly ) you can’t polish a turd - most singles post hard Candy fall into this category imo
  10. Here we do again with the boners for fever edit one and two mix 🍆🍆🍆🍆😂
  11. Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves- we still have no news on a first album reissue and the content and you guys are worried about the artwork 😱🙄
  12. All this talk about the artwork etc - imagine the bitching on here if these haven’t been “ remastered “ ( whatever the fuck that means nowadays ) or bad editing ( a la celebration) i could care less about packaging ( I do despise cardboard digi-Paks though) and care more about the actual music quality on this release it also would have been a good time to finally put out an accompanying dvd of the remix videos ? Has no one thought of that ? 😭
  13. Im not surprised at all - they were very derivative and bland - all that’s going to score chart success now is the re-issue campaign now in the album charts so I’m happy and just accept it now - unless she does a duet with taylor , drake, Adele or Ed Sheehan
  14. This frozen sickick era feels like it’s lasted as long as Madame x era 😐🥱😴 now I just need shoful to bitch at me for being mean to his love for this album 😂😂😂
  15. Kind of bummed she still isn’t talking about AFTER frozen and the remix collection 🥺 you know that multi million dollar reissue campaign with Warner’s 😭😭
  16. So in theory my 3 fave artists are all putting out special editions this year 😘😘 Prince, MJ and M ( hopefully)
  17. Still waiting for the MJ estate to release the remastered thriller video on blu ray that was shown in 3D a few years ago - his videography like Ms is unparalleled and clearly needs a remaster overhaul too - don’t see what other demos hey could roll out for thriller seeing as the previous 2 releases mined all of those ?
  18. I was wondering that too ? Like this remix and hope it’s an unreleased one
  19. for the record I don’t hate the album - it has a couple of good songs and I don’t comment on every Madame x topic - you’re the one being mean now . Why so defensive about this album ? Did you buy stock in it or something? 🤨
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