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  1. 19 hours ago, slutpride said:

    Again with the fucking album counting...  Some people just love setting themselves up for disappointment. 

    Exactly - I thought that too . We’ve not even had an album announcement yet for the reissues - her team are hardly consistent when it comes to quality control and yet people are so het up on the numbers in an announcement nearly a year old🙄

  2. 54 minutes ago, Prayer said:

    The 2003 remastered albums Box Set. That would have been huge (for the fans at least).

    But that wasn't abandoned by her, Warner didn't want to go on with it after "American Life" flopping.

    Also, I remember the original "American Life" video was going to be released as a DVD-single or on DVD on the special edition of the album, but of course that was abandoned.

    This was the most disappointing for me and any RIT dvds that never made it to the general public - I would love to know what was going to be in this box set - the fact they unearthed a song from BS no one has ever heard of really excites me for these album re-issues whenever we get an announcement 🥺🙄

  3. 6 hours ago, madgefan said:

    I almost had tears in my eyes when I found out it was chosen as Closing Theme for the Madame X Tour film. The song still hasn't been added to any streaming service and that is just unfair!

    I listen to CB more than any other song f Madame X which seems odd but I just love the vibe to it.  Whenever I go to a Greek island I just play it to death when I’m by the sea or sand 🥰

  4. 40 minutes ago, Levon said:

    As a work of art, MX certainly succeeded, but as a pop album, too many parts didn't fit together and could have been better shaped by a more suitable producer. Dark Ballet could have been an epic masterpiece like Bohemian Rapsody, but turned into a curious sound collage without any form.

    Especially some remixes of I Rise, Crave, Medellin, God Control, I Don't Search or Come Alive I found superior to the album productions. They showed that many songs had the potential to be hits and that the album could have been constructed in a more commercial and catchy / radio-friendly way. But unfortunately that wasn't Madonna's intention.

    thats exactly how i feel too - too much vocoder too but i did like bonus tracks ciao bella and funana aswell and i also liked the fact how much work she put into the videos too so bravo to that M xxx

  5. Mmmm... a tour based on remixes weve had for decades sounds terrible to me-i think she needs to get this damn movie out first so she can then focus on the warner re-issues which once again seem to be derailed ... just give me a true blue and lap super deluxe box with demos and remastered videos and ill be happy :) xx

  6. This is great news and publicity for the biopic - im still nervous about M directing it though. i just feel like movie wise, whatever she puts her name too is just damned from the start and of course i would love to be proved wrong but we've been here many many times before .....

    i just started watching ozark and i think JG is a great actress but so was Andrea Riseborough who was unfairly ignored from any awards for her amazing performance in WE. Sure the film wasnt great but she was mesmerizing in that

    i just hope M can finally get this project off the ground as it seems to be taking fucking forever to start ....

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