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  1. Seeing as we have all demos from erotica now I would prefer lap or tb - I’m dying to hear any unreleased demos from those eras the most plus im hoping for an unreleased wtg tour concert ( dream would be either Paris or London ) and yes baby I will keep 😁🥴
  2. Actually M said “ I hope he’s not there when I get there “
  3. Don’t know why she would include this song over spotlight or the other YCD edits - I don’t even class physical attraction a dance song anyway ? I love it for sure though 🥰
  4. I dont live too far from london and have never been to one of these events before ? im 46 though - does that make too old for this kind of thing though ??
  5. The people hating on Mdna - are they still buying the holographic cover though 🙄
  6. so is her mantra now " vaginas are here to disturb the peace " ! see a lot of comments about wanting new music but seeing as she cant even chart in the singles market albums sales have been steady decline and drop off the charts after a few weeks her popularity is at an all time now and no spotify/tiktok numbers do not count imo where is her incentive to record new music again plus i dont see it happening with this warners deal now someone start a rumour she is recording with pat leonard for the biopic ......
  7. It’s a cute collection but I’m a lot more interested to see what she comes up with the first album re issue to see what unreleased songs in the archives we will get - I find it hard to excited over stuff we mostly already have - I could make these compilation CDs on my laptop …
  8. This announcement has certainly disturbed the peace today !!! Thanks M xxx...
  9. i agree this is a bit of a lazy release for hardcore fans but it might tempt new ones as she has made some of the best dance music over the last 40 years - shes never going to satisfy everyone lets be honest but the more people buy the multi formats the more chances we get better unreleased stuff in the future i want to see unreleased concerts, demos, remixes and of course her videography remastered from the original reels at some point...
  10. The vinyl bitches are having a meltdown today ! i will buy the 3 cd and it will be nice to have all these great remixes in one package . im kind of bummed the oyh remix edit aint on here(they mention video edit but it could be a typo as thats not even a remix ? ) curious about the KIT alternate single remix too as thats one of my fave pettibone remixes (shame rescue me never hit number 1 too :( ) this is a nice taster but i dont think this means we will get an album of unreleased demos by the end of the year then which is what i was hoping the most since the announcement last august unless they put something out late november maybe ? not too sure about the artwork too - looks too much like celebration to me ??? ....
  11. Nah that would be a compilation of just frozen shitsick remixes with more unknown foetus rappers 🤢🙄 with candy shop or BIM as a b side
  12. It would just be nice to get some kind of update ? Whether these have been delayed or not - it’s odd how both her team ( whoever the fuck that is now ) and Kevin gore from Warner’s have not uttered a single word ???
  13. Who knows at this point- some say it’s delayed because of record plant delays , some say nothing is coming until October , who knows if another song will be revived on tiktok . At this point I would like ANYTHING announced !!!
  14. The only thing that will take this sour taste of a performance out my mouth would be an announcement from Warner’s 🥺☺️ like a prayer box set with Demos and remastered videos from the reels any blond ambition show 🙁
  15. Oh dear ... where to start with this car crash of a "performance" - can i also say how bad Maluma is too -? i mean of course M will be crucified anyway and it was a very tired, flabby performance from her anyway. They both looked tired to me and why does Maluma look so ugly now too and his clothes were worse than M but no one is going to slag him off are they she looked tired, uncomfortable(especially when they bust out the much younger dancers during Medellin) and what killed it for me wasnt the awful lip synching (standard M now ) but the TWERKING !!!! - she could barely even stand up and Maluma looked like he was waiting for her to fall over a few times(maybe she was drunk ? ) dont think this performance is going to bring her a new audience. lets just get those re-issues out NOW WARNERS before she has NO FAN BASE ANYMORE
  16. Not watched this yet but scared too seeing all the comments 🥺 is it really that cringe ? I guess it’s done no favours in boosting her already in the sewer profile 😭
  17. Never thought I would be so glad to hear Medellin again after being saturated with god awful frozen remixes that last few months 🤢
  18. Didn’t someone say it was apparently shot on film though so it’s possible - to me her first release for the reissues should be expanded versions of the first album and like a virgin plus a blu ray of the full VT , full live aid performance and all videos and live performances ( including physical attraction and dress you up from Keith haring garage ) but I doubt that will happen 🥺
  19. I bet she cringes at this tour but imo it’s way better than the Madame X tour from a sound/live production perspective. I really can’t see her “curating “ this if we ever get it in full or HD 🙄😭
  20. No love on Spotify for rescue me then ?their loss then 😂🥺😍
  21. maybe its M but her vocal has been pitched ? her first vocoder effect
  22. Sean penn is single now ….
  23. The whole thing with rights is bull crap to me for 2 reasons : m is worth over £700 million so surely she can afford what about these songs which all featured on previous tours billie Jean ( VT) I can’t help myself and Perry mason theme (wtg tour) family affair ( BA) just my imagination/ everybody is star (GS) the list goes on for other tours ….
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