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  1. I don’t get how she is allowed to perform it over a 100 shows but can’t have it on the dvd ??
  2. That would be amazing but her and Alek have been saying for a long time now that footage is either lost or it wasn’t filmed ( depending on whom you believe) 🥺 it would just be nice to get some kind of update- anything is better than total silence imo - I’m so bored of these cruddy frozen remixes which lets be honest hasn’t exactly enticed fans back in their droves 🙄
  3. Why is she still milking this turd of a remix 🥺 it’s not even good imo - why can’t she revive rescue me or a falling Free remix -actual good songs that never had a video and should have 🥴
  4. So did M personally curate all 5 tracks here then and the artwork 🥴 well done If she did as I know she loves these 2 songs ( NOT ! ) 😂
  5. Hopefully it’s the lap demos featuring some foetus rapper no one has heard of 😂
  6. yeah he probably cant say anything about it but it cant hurt to ask him - i would ask : whats the first planned release and are they doing this in chronilogical order or based on best selling albums first ? are we getting the demos from the 80s especially the LAP and warning signs ? is her videography planned on being remastered from the original reels ? i doubt he will reply though :((
  7. I searched Kevin Gore (The person at warner who is looking after this project) and he is on LinkedIn but sadly i cant message him to ask him what the friggin delay is on this campaign as its been far too long ...
  8. sorry that doesnt count in my book - its not a box set and all the material in it has been released before - i seriously doubt she "curated " this release seeing as she despises the whole wtg era especially the movie (Which i love )
  9. Are these going to streaming as would love to get the wtg dub finally in digital lossless -😉
  10. Exactly- she is so out of touch with what her die hard fans want 🥺
  11. By the time she gets round to announcing the re-issues I’ll probably be dead 🥺😭
  12. Thanks @Jackie and to @Fighter for putting up with all our love and bitching 😘 let’s hope the next Madonna era is a great one 😍😍
  13. She’s probably too old to collaborate again with M now ?
  14. why is everyone so obsessed with its that girl and shes breathless lately ??? :)

  15. Sorry but a vinyl release is no good for me at this digital point in my life - it’s a nice looking item though ?
  16. I Was half expecting a vocoder effect on her voice with a trap beat ?
  17. Whenever I see rich celebrities in their perfect luxury homes talking about the Ukraine it always feels inauthentic to me - is she going to donate any of her £800 million or invite a Ukraine family to stay in her New York mansion - this was a nice video though and they sound great together ?
  18. So GM has announce older reissue for July and Prince another release for PR concert blu ray for June - hint hint M ? ???
  19. Still no news ? this thread created august 2021 and all we have is a cruddy trap remix of frozen ?
  20. why cant she revive rescue me and actually film a video for too that ? (minus the guest crapper )
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